Archangel Ariel: The King Incarnation

by Jahn J Kassl, December 1, 2021,

Translated into English by EraofLight from the source:

Editor’s note ~ Because this is a translated piece, any editing could potentially alter meaning, so it remains exactly as posted. The message is a good one.

Where the journey goes

Awaken and look into the depth of your soul! Realize who you are and who you will be forever ~ divine consciousness manifesting unconditional love for all life on Earth.

Beloved people,

The days are demanding everything from you! Where is the journey of humanity going, and how will this game end?

Restlessness and uncertainty are spreading and more and more people are losing their grip on the world and their orientation.

Especially those people who have no inner connection to themselves and to their eternal soul are now getting caught in the whirlpool of disinformation, confusion and deception. They are not able to see what is, and they are not able to see through what is being played. Thus these people remain the plaything of those forces, which strike the last blow.

Many people will leave the earth

Many people are taken from the earth and will leave this earth.

The unity of all people can only be achieved with people who are ripe for it – and so it happens now that the oppressed have to leave this earth with the oppressors.

What is praised as a blessing brings death, what is dressed in a promise of salvation brings the disease. Many succumb and will succumb to the gene therapy of Corona vaccination.

The warnings are thrown to the wind and the danger that comes from it cannot be seen by these immature souls.

So it happens that people end or shorten their lives with this choice. It is the people who are not ready for the change that follows.

Much the same was decided on the soul level. For each person chooses for himself when to end a life on earth and when to attain mastery – and for mastery, that is, the moment when a person decides to live the last of his lives, the kingly life on earth, only a few are ever ready.

So do not worry when many people leave this earth. It happens in harmony and in knowledge with one’s own soul plan.

Each soul chooses and decides before its life as a human being, which experiences are to be made and which abilities are to be acquired, and each soul knows when and how to end a life.

Effort of tested souls

Everything and everyone is taken care of. As change takes place on Earth, many entities from the subtle realms look to you with admiration and recognition.

You are the ones you have been waiting for and you are the ones who are leaving the old behind and realizing the new life with people who meet in peace and appreciation.

This effort requires mature and tested souls. A young soul with little experience on this earth would have a hard time finding its way even under optimal 3D conditions. Such a soul is overtaxed with what now shows itself on this earth.

So it happens now that some awake and the others slip into a deep sleep:

  • Those who cannot guess and see the evilness behind the subject of Corona are meant.
  • Those who refuse any clarification and believe the lies presented to them, those are meant.
  • And meant are those who have no power of discernment and cannot separate good from evil.

While the circle of this life is closing for these people, the people who are concerned with change are finishing their last circle of life on earth.

The king incarnation

It is the King Incarnation that you are in when you see the meaning and divine order in all the madness of these days. If you do your part to change and maintain the connection with your soul and God – like the most precious thing in your life ~ then you are in your king incarnation.

Evil recedes as soon as you recognize it and put it in its place. Satan no longer has power over you once you see through his wiles and no longer succumb to the art of his seduction.

The truth of this time is that each person will be reminded of his destiny by fate and either make his contribution or be taken from this world.

The time is ripe for mature souls, the time is ripe for those who want to crown their lives and put themselves at the service of the earth as fully conscious human beings.

And you no longer remember the I.

With infinite love,
Archangel Ariel