Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Your Growth is Your Service

August 8, 2021,

Dear Ones, in order to truly heal the divisions on your planet, you must also heal the divisions within yourselves. This is why we encourage you so often to love and accept yourselves, to welcome any unhealed aspects of self back into the safety of the whole, to find your way to inner peace through the divine combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust, and settle into your true beingness. The energies you hold anchor and support the changes you wish to see on the planet.

This is not to put undue pressure on you, but rather to make you aware of the fact that your growth is your service. Every new discovery, every aha moment, every release creates a ripple across the universe as well as assists your own embodiment process.

Every step you take on your healing journey allows you to stay more balanced, to try new approaches, to have more wisdom, empathy, and understanding for others, to show through your example what is possible, and continues to drive the grand shift you are participating in. No matter how small a step it may have been, it still holds the energy of expansion, growth, and empowered change, which supports both you and the whole.

Again, we say it all begins within. Instead of perpetually berating yourselves, why not approach yourself with the love and kindness that allows all beings to thrive? Instead of troubleshooting yourselves, why not step into simply embracing your true divine nature? Instead of micro-managing yourself, why not give surrender and flow a chance, trusting that if there is anything that needs your attention it will come into your awareness?

You simply cannot move into unity consciousness and practice separation at the same time. Self love, self honour, self empathy, and self acceptance are what will heal your divisions within, which will lay the foundation for the external divisions that are so prevalent on your planet to be beautifully healed, as well.