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The Highest Good For All 432Hz

The Highest Good For All is a message that will reverberate in the airs for this upcoming decade as we enter deeper into the Golden Age/5D Reality of our existence on a Loving and Forgiving Planet Mother Earth.And while we will be extremely busy with the rebuilding of the planet on our respective projects going from Free Energy to Celestial Chambers,building Schools for Children in Senegal and Uganda and Houses for all Homeless in Communities all across Europe there will always be a time to come together and celebrate and dance in a 100% healthy environment being served elixirs and fruit juices and high vibrational foods,that is my dream,that is how i see my/our 5D lives!

And honoring that perspective with every little electron and atom and fiber in my body in this HUman life experience in Joy of expansion is what i came for.As you are too!

I created the lyrics of this track after having an intense conversation with Prince,yes,you read right,Prince and i have been communicating and i asked him to give me inspiration to make the lyrics of this track focused always in bringing attuned sounds on 432HZ the frequency of the spiral of evolution that connects us with the higher dimensions.

We are rising rising
And we keep on dancing
From Human to Galactic
Time to change our tactic.
No time from drama,
instead sing along this mantra:
I am Peace,I Am Love,I Am Light
On a multidimensional flight
I am Freedom,Joy & Prosperity
I am God Being Creator for eternity
Yo yo did you know of your immortality?
I am speaking to you humanity
S . T . A . R.
Surrender,Trust ,Allow and Receive
What your deepest desires are
As You Are a STAR.
The Golden age is here,
living young in a physical body for a 1000 year.
if you like and want it to be so
Your Higher Self knows so.

The Highest Good For All- New Album Out Now.

My New Album is out now on Bandcamp and soon on all major digital stores.All Music is produced on 432Hz and all content is Light Coded to assist you in you Ascension Journey.All track list,including a rainbow meditation to learn to manifest rainbows, listen and buy here