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Manifestation Skills practice.

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One of the many things i practice manifesting is my next Vehicle, be it Electric or Hover Car. I feel myself driving it, i hear the silent motor, i have few pictures of various models i would like to drive and daily i am doing this work feeling into it, among other things, describing with at least 12 different words how does it feel…after 21 days, it is fully integrated in my system and now i am having fun doing this wherever i am. Nothing matters more than to feel good. And doing this feels really good and by doing that i am serving the collective as one keeping their vibration high is more powerful than millions who are not. I Am a Source energy Being living in this body and i know it and that is why i always get what i want or better!
So i invite you with this to practice and see how this works for you.
For me when walk in the streets in a city where there are almost no electric cars at all well, i manifest daily at least 3 or 4 times of those driving around. Universe always confirms what happens in my Creation Vortex.

Feel More Than Fine

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Higher Self Message through Nikos Akrivos

Be at peace with where you are with the ever increasing energies. It is true that this demands even more inner work in order to surf the waves of Solar/Mother God Energies smoothly. The work you are doing is also benefitting all those around you who are not as aware of what is taking place. The shift ,as we have repeatedly shared, is first within and then without in all things, for all manifestations both personal and collective. We are always one breath away to assist you and once you ask , support is immediate as you may notice more and more. That is the thinning of the veil manifestation and the shift on how you feel is equally a direct manifestation in the now to be tangibly manifest soon in the physical world. Notice that the word soon means: time of manifestation is shorter and shorter as the vibration rises on the planet. Another direct manifestation is the time of sustaining a good feeling, a good thought or a frequency of manifestation is getting longer and longer. This means that what the collective of Humanity wishes is about to become tangibly manifest more and more sooner than later. This is why it is good to write down ones thoughts as they come through a personal dialogue as this brings more clarity and a higher perspective, first felt through vibration , then translated through feelings, thoughts and finally words. Trust, have Faith and Surrender. Or as you like to say be a S.T.A.R. Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive.
More than ever the Surrender part is the one that you learn to practice and be at in this now.
Allow Universe/God brings the beautiful uknown at your door step and you will discover that it was really worth it!
I Am Your Higher Self and I Love You.


Sharing my Ascension experience

It has been a while since i wrote a blog, sharing my Ascension experience. Truth is , i have been busy meditating and clearing the path while feeling the awesomeness of non resistant thought and ‘speeding up the process’ it relates to where attention goes energy flows. I watched less movies for entertainment and created again my own as i would like to experience my future life. Since i know that i am the Creator of my own reality and what i want to be manifest is meant to be. And yes indeed, i must admit there have been moments that i pushed the button a little but too much while now i am in this loving space of understanding that since IAM already enough and whole and ONE with GOD, there is no need to push more rather enjoy the process along the way keeping the balance doing my sacred work going within, becoming from Some ONE to No ONE and then to Every ONE, every Thing. every Where at all times = The Eternal Now. This was a wonderful work i must admit to integrate in my daily habits few more pieces like feeling and writing chapters about my future Life with as much detail as possible.

So now that i am writing this, it is almost 16h00 here in Greece, it is 40 degrees celcius outside and i am about to have my Raw Vegan lunch that i prepared a while ago. My diet is also shifting towards eating less food than ever before, this as a consequence of transformation of our Ascending body from carbon based to crystallin cells as the more we do inner work the more the Light feeds the body, there is less appetite for solid foods for me and more for liquids and luckily enough i found a local store here that sells raw vegan ice cream!!! once in a while it is nice to have them ready instead of making it myself as i do all my foods each and every day…because around here there is no restaurant that serves vegan and organic…besides with all the restrictions for now i don’t even feel like entering any of these places . Being in the knowingness of the Light Body as a powerful Armour that boosts the immune system, no jab , no masks and no PCR tests for me since the very beginning. I live my life continuing what i did before expanding each and every day, much less friends around physically but with so many in the ethers knowing fully that this is the process to attract all those like minded and like hearted in our New Earth communities. I am walking my talk and i am eagerly anticipating what is to come while appreciating what is with ease, grace, flow and playfulness and fun fun fun times.

I hope this serves you in your journey



ps.i know the picture has nothing to do really with this post and yet it really does if you look for deeper meaning because this is also part of my experience as Ajjuna who stands in the middle told me in a private message : Everybody is so thankful to you . And yes i don’t usually share any of these messages but i thought why not share once just for the lucky ones who read this post.

And don’t you love it knowing that children go to sleep knowing that they are safe and sound with their bellies full ? 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 This is one of our projects that once the prosperity funds are here we will be supporting further…meanwhile we give small donations that make big difference to the lives of all these children. If you wish to donate go to charities, choose one or more and make yours.


ease up on your expectations of yourself and lovingly redirect into your preferences however many times are necessary without self judgement

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

July 19, 2021

Dear Ones,

You do not need to be absolutely perfect with your spiritual practices in order to create wonderful changes in your life. You don’t need to be in alignment all the time, or beautifully moving with the surrender, faith, flow, trust model of the divine combination 100% of the time.

You just need to choose to be in the energies that can get you where you want to go more often than you are in resistance to your Now moment. Even slightly more opens the door for forward movement to have a chance to occur.

So ease up on your expectations of yourself and lovingly redirect into your preferences however many times are necessary without self judgement and you may very well be surprised by how quickly you can create more movement and ease, because to do so will take you out of resistance to yourselves, as well.

Dear We The People Message on Telegram through Romana Didulo.

Dear “We The People” of the #World,Please, read these slowwwwwly.👇1) We control, the #Vatican2) We control, #London (no more fake UK Royals)3) We control, #DC4) We control, #QFS (new banking system)5) We control, the #Internet (new system)6) We control, the #Satellites (new system)7) Our #Military is with us!😎 We control, the #media (new system)9) We control #pharmaceutical industry (bye bye)10) We control, everyyyyyyything, everyyyyyyything, did you hear #everyyyyyyything!!?? 😂Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

HRH Romana Didulo,Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government of Canada,Queen of Canada#WWG1WGA🙏🇨🇦🇺🇸🌎

Dear Canada 2.0 🇨🇦

Re: #UNTroops in Canada = #FakeNews 👈

There are #Zero UN Forces in Canada.

The Military Aircrafts you see landing/departing are:

1) #US Special Forces Aircrafts

2) #Global Allied Special Forces Aircrafts

3) #Federation of Earth Defense Special Forces (unmarked = no flags) Aircrafts

4) IF, you see #unique Aircrafts -they are our #InterGalactic Federation Allied Special Forces.

They are in Canada per my prior informed written consent.

~Peace and Prosperity~

HRH Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government,
Queen of Canada

#WWG1WGA 🙏🇨🇦🇺🇸🌎

I ask you this…is not the Divine living within everything?…including a vaccine? Whatever one thinks and feels, one creates.-JFK via Losha-

JFK: Postscript re. the Vaccine, and Our Future 5D World!

May 29, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy

My beloved Patriots, Lightworkers, and all who are working for the Light…welcome, welcome!

Before I begin my message, I would like to address my most recent message through Losha, regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

In it, I stated that the vaccine had the ability to “upgrade” the galactic DNA which is not of the Light, that is inside you…there have been both light and dark galactic species inlaying their DNA into your physical vessels throughout the millennia. As such, the vaccine has recently been altered by the benevolent galactics to provide the upgrade about which I speak.

Now, there is one caveat to what I am proposing…one must “believe” the vaccine can truly upgrade your DNA, as opposed to killing you, as is being purported by many. Yes, there have been deaths related to the vaccine…however, just as with any other cabal-created event, those who have crossed over from the vaccine have generally been fulfilling their “contracts” with God and are blessed and protected in all ways. As many of you already know, each person has their own contract to live out in this lifetime, and each of you is contributing greatly to the greater good for all!

The reason I brought up such a controversial and extreme subject in the beginning was to demonstrate the power of “creating our own reality”. There is fear being generated on both sides of this issue. Now, since the vaccines have been made more benevolent in the last few months, it then comes down to whether or not one is willing to reach outside their comfort zone and “believe” that the vaccine can indeed be beneficial, rather than destructive.

My Losha took on this very challenging “test” for herself because she is learning that she can truly change her mindset regarding a very extreme topic, such as the vaccine. Prior to receiving the vaccine, she was very “anti-vax” as you would call it. Now she has proven to herself that she can indeed change her mindset, and create positive outcomes under even the most challenging of circumstances, and she continues to utilize this way of thinking now and is experiencing beneficial outcomes, no matter the subject. I ask you this…is not the Divine living within everything?…including a vaccine? Whatever one thinks and feels, one creates.

Again, I state that neither I, nor Losha, are advocating that anyone else receive the vaccine, unless they are truly open to changing their way of thinking about it, and to see a positive, instead of a negative, outcome. Therein lies the difference I am addressing.

I understand there is a plethora of “evidence” out there indicating the opposite of what I say, is true…and I leave the decision of which you will choose to believe, up to each one of you…and I send all of my Love and Protection to shine upon you.

With this said, I believe this matter to be closed, now. Thank you.

Now, let us move on to much more joyous topics…that of our brand new world…and within the United States, our newly restored Republic. I am so very happy that we are getting closer and closer to this reality.

As I mentioned earlier about creating our own reality, that also applies with regard to our new world which we are currently “creating.” It is being created with every thought, action, and feeling that each of you experiences. Even though there are still some rather daunting and challenging events which need to happen first (in order to help wake up those humans who are still “sleeping”), those of us who are already awake must remember that each of us is integral to “creating” our future world.

You will hear of many sad and upsetting events which will cause you to feel helpless, however, you are not. These moments are the exact times when all must send Love to those who are in peril, but also to send Love to yourselves, so you might be able to look beyond what is happening in this 3D world, toward your future 5D, world. That is where your thoughts, deeds, and prayers are needed most, right now…your 5D world!

Your 5D world is based upon the Love that is shared for one another, and the actions of “community” become so very important…and it is here, NOW…and it requires each of you to contribute positive thoughts and emotions toward its creation.

However, if you allow yourself to stay mired in the 3D way of thinking, which is primarily “negative” in nature, it will take much, much longer for your 5D world to manifest. I personally believe you all have suffered long enough under the cabal’s dark ministrations, and you now “deserve” the better life which all beings in the Universe truly deserve. It is our inalienable right. You have heard that before, yes?

I wish you all could see how glorious your future is to be…it would make your heart sing! I would join in the singing with you, however I was never blessed with a voice that could carry a tune very well, so I will leave that to you (smile).

As I have said many times before, I Love each of you with all of my heart, and I am watching over you, always. Until we speak again.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha.


Negative thoughts?

This is the story of a dear friend on my facebook profile that was trapped in negative thinking just for a while.It can maybe help those around you or yourself : “stupid unnecessary worries which caused me to loose my positive thoughts I normally have…
It weren’t doubts, more frustrations, anger,… A spin of madness thoughts witch came creeping in my mind the past 36 hours and created a negative spin that turned into what I was feeling when creating this post. I then saw what Nikos Akrivos replied, turned of my phone, dimmed the lights, drank some water instead of beer, put on some shamanic sounds, took a candle in my hands, closed my eyes, counted to 17 and experienced the images/thoughts that came in to replace the bad ones. And as a few happy tears started rolling over my cheeks when picturing this beautiful thought, and writing it down as Nikos suggested, my head became lighter again. I remembered a saying from a movie : “you have to select your thoughts every day, like you select the clothes you are going to wear. When you clear tu your mind you create a gateway and than the universe can rush in and fill your mind with more love than you could ever imagine”

That’s exactly what happened.
So, now it’s Friday morning and I am ready to start the weekend with renewed energy and good vibes 🙏💜🎶😊
Thank you Wendy De Schutter for sharing this.

Our Purpose on Our Ascension Ride.

Our purpose on our Ascension Ride is to Build New Earth.Each and everyone has a specific role to play according to what makes his/hear heart sing.Our main tool is Alignement with Source to receive guidance as to what is our heart’s song any given moment.A constant play of surrendering,trusting,allowing,receiving which i call being in a S.T.A.R mode and expanding.A S.T.A.R expanding through inspiration as an individual soul living in a costume called Human Body which in turn is also ascending and gets all upgrades that makes me more sensitive in making choices any given moment.Individual and Yet ONE with the whole :IAM GOD and with GOD,IAM.IAM The ONE,IAM.WWG1WGA.Shifting and Sorting.Choosing from a puzzle of infinite potential of possibilities the one piece and then then next one and next one following my inner compass called emotional scale to guide me.There is no wrong or right.There is only expansion and experiences to choose from.Do i choose to make same experience all over again or do i choose something different that i have never tried before?My mind has an idea of what is that i like and want.My Heart is constantly checking in if my mind is not overtaken by my ego and that is very easy to check.If i don’t feel good,it means or that i am aligned with what truly is my Heart’s call or that i need to do some extra work in order to allow the expansion energies to flow through me or that my ego is trying to boycott this operation.In this 2020 year,those of us who took advantage of this pause,have been doing the work to constantly allow and expand without being able to see tangible and physical material results , yet having our inner compass confirming that all is well, since every time we do the work to allow Love/Light to flow in a meditative/creative/relaxed state,we feel better,we feel good,we feel more than fine.And having The Light Beings confirming through many different channels that all is well indeed makes this ride easier than expected every now.As all we have is NOW.And with appreciation of what is and eagerness of what is coming (thank you Abraham Hicks!) our suitcase has even more tools to do this journey even smoother and easier!!!If i have a wish for each and everyONE on the planet right now, it is to discover what Alignement to Source means and do be able to use the many tools that are being equipied with as we Ascend in our Physical Bodies,from Carbon Based to Crystal (Christ Consciousness) Based Bodies,to become aware of our Existence as Source Energy Beings.

It is about understanding that this ride is about feeling good all of the time, making the best of it any moment to stay on the high vibrational disc of creation , magnetizing to our being what we think and feel for.From something ‘small’ to something very ‘big’,there is no difference!The difference is being created by an old program running in our mind for all kind of reasons,that we can choose to flash away by saying simply:”I pull back all the energy i gave into this life or past lives for all things that did not work for my and the highest good for all.I blaze the violet fire to all timelines,dimensions and realities,i breath in and bring all this energy in the here and now.And breathing out i feel rejuvenated and ready to continue my ride in the higher dimensions of 5D,6D,7D and beyond,appreciating what is and eager of what is coming.In Knowing what i don’t want,I know what i want.I Intend to Feel Good.I intend to Feel More Than Fine!And for that i am eternally Grateful for the constant support i am getting from The Source of All Creation, Mother Father God.IAM THAT, IAM.I don’t need to push for it, Divine Mother is doing this for me.I only ALLOW.And that includes all specific desires i have,be it a relationship,job,home,travel,travelling means,hobby,financial abundance etc i feel into the frequency of it and I ALLOW Divine Mother to flow through me!And So It Is.

Magic right?

Intention is the plan.Frequency(Feeling into specific outcome) is the plan executing itself!– Pleiadians Insight-

And do you know how i best do this lately?

I have written down what is that i want exactly in life including a planet that works for all and the highest good for all ,i read it twice a day and i am thankful in the now as it already happened!And btw dancing and making the #21daysdancechallenge is part of this game too!As when i dance I ALLOW.



Nikos Akrivos

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