The Andromedans – Galactic Federation of Light

The Andromedans are our galactic brothers and sisters and they have a message with an affirmation for humanity:
Greetings, love and consciousness we, the Andromedans extend to you in support of your ascension and the
valuable period of evolution you are moving through at this time. We have spoken in our previous
communication with you about the chaos which is developing or which you may becoming aware of within
your being and reality. We shared that the chaos has a purpose of awakening a light explosion within your
being creating a powerful healing and awakening of divine consciousness for you to explore in your current
reality. The Arcturians shared in their communication with you that we, the Andromedans, are selecting
evolved souls who are awake and aware at this time to anchor supreme love through their beings into the
Earth to influence and support all of humanity to shift into a vibration of love. With the information of our
previous communications in mind we wish to share additional information to support you at this major period
of your growth.
In order for the light of your soul and the Creator to explode from within your being into a beacon of light there
is a need to be aware of the lesson your soul has come to the Earth to achieve and overcome. This lesson,
challenge or hurdle has the purpose of creating unison between your soul and every reality of your being, for
example, your body, auric field, reality, mind and emotions. Often this lesson, challenge or hurdle feels like a
limitation, something you are being denied. Even though you may have placed effort and focus upon healing
or transforming this area, it may still feel out of your reach. It may also be the cause or be manifesting as
chaos in your current reality.
Any form of chaos is required to be approached from a space of love, even amusement and non-attachment if
possible. There is no need to activate drama or negative feelings within in response to small experiences of
chaos manifesting within your reality. Allow yourself to enjoy being observant with the knowingness that the
chaos is proof that you are moving forth to experience light exploding from within your being. For greater
experiences of chaos, you are not required to act or react in a certain way, simply to hold love, forgiveness,
faith and trust, for yourself especially.
Your physical body is your greatest companion for your soul as is your reality, however your physical body is in
tune, sensitive to and aware of your soul, with the ability to embody your soul. This is the greatest purpose at
this time. Many of you may know and experience your soul regularly however the chaos is forming in order to
enhance the bond between your physical body and your soul. If you are aware of the single challenge or hurdle
in your life which you so wish to experience, then you may realise that to aid its manifestation there is a need
to either feel the presence of your soul allowing the soul to connect with your physical body. Maybe you have
already achieved this so there may be a need to allow the soul and physical body to work in harmony to aid
manifestations in your physical reality. Therefore, there is a need to contemplate whether you are being
invited to enhance your awareness of your soul in your physical body or in projections into your physical
reality. If you are experiencing physical pain, then it is most likely there is a need to focus upon the
embodiment of your soul into your physical body. You may or may not already feel the presence of your soul
within your heart and emotions however there is a need to feel your soul tingling or vibrating within your
physical body, allowing the soul to make necessary shifts and adjustments, through which greater
embodiment will be experienced. If you are experiencing difficulties in your physical reality or your challenge is
the manifestation of a situation in your everyday life, then you can recognise there is a need to express the
soul working in harmony with the body to more fully anchor these sacred vibrations into your physical reality.
This latter request symbolises that you have already integrated your soul with your physical body however the
energies are not yet merging with your outer reality.
The greatest restriction to your soul’s expansion and embodiment is fear. While the soul can overcome and
dissolve fear with ease. If fear has been ingrained and has created repeated energetic patterns which exists
almost like programming within the body, then this is more challenging for the soul to dissolve because it
requires a balanced focused between many aspects of your being. When fear has become a repeated
pattern programmed within your physical body, mental body or emotional body then it can be released
through repetition of spiritual practices to move through the layers of fear creating healing.
Many people upon the Earth are becoming frustrated as they feel their desired experience or outcome is not
manifesting. This frustration is a part of the healing process between your soul and your physical body, and
your soul and your physical reality. Your soul is required to first manifest into the physical body and then into
the physical reality through the physical body. Your frustration is like the storm of chaos rising from within you.
In a storm you would find shelter and rest, during your inner storm of chaos you are invited to find shelter in the
love of your heart chakra, and to rest there. This is all that is required to bring everything into balance as well
as to become aware of the integrated balance of the soul, your physical body and physical reality. Do you
believe us, the Andromedans, that resting in your heart chakra is all that you are invited to achieve in this
moment to heal yourself and reality? Your levels of belief may be low at this time, you may have tried so many
different practices and yet nothing seems to support or help you in overcoming your hurdle. It may be that
more than ever this hurdle feels impossible to overcome. We understand this as a process of moving into the
evolution and embodiment of love. Never give up, although allow yourself to consciously find new pathways or
perspectives to support you.
We, the Andromedans wish to share with you some insights to support you at this time:
First understand that your physical body is your soul’s companion, therefore your physical body wants
to work in harmony with your soul and manifest into your physical reality. Fear is the major limitation of
this occurring. We invite you to affirm, ‘My body is my soul’s companion,’ you may also add to the
affirmation, ‘the harmony of my soul is experienced in my body.’
Secondly we wish for you to call us, the Andromedans, forth to rewire, repair and restore your physical
body’s ability to receive the light, love, consciousness, healing and sacred vibrations of your soul with
ease and perfection.
‘I invite the Andromedans forth to enhance my physical body’s ability to receive, experience and embody 
my soul. I invite the Andromedans to support my physical body in rewiring, reforming, restoring and 
repairing the divine flow of my soul into my physical body, so I may experience the manifestation of my 
soul within my physical body, resulting in the shifts and healing I desire. Now is the time for my healing and 
renewal, I open myself fully to experience the greater unification of my soul and physical body. Thank you.’
Thirdly, we wish for you to call upon us to rewire, repair and restore the flow of your soul and your
physical body’s projection of your soul into your physical reality.
‘I invite the Andromedans to support the merging of my soul and physical body to cleanse, heal and 
enhance my physical body and soul’s harmonious expression of the truth of the Creator.  May my desired 
experiences manifest into my physical reality and daily life now for me to experience with joy, delight and 
gratitude. I open myself fully to experience the greater unification of my soul and physical body in order to 
manifest my soul in my physical reality with beauty, abundance and bliss. Thank you.’
Fourthly, we invite you to call upon us, the Andromedans, to erase all fear, frustration, hopelessness,
anger, lack, feeling unsupported and separated from the divine.
‘Andromedans, with your high vibrational light and consciousness, I invite you to move through my being 
erasing all fears that are hindering my reality, creating chaos within my being and daily life. My fear may 
manifest as frustration, hopelessness, anger, lack, feeling unsupported and separated from the divine. I 
honour the fear within me for being present, however I know it is time for my evolution and next ascension 
shift to take place, this is what I now lovingly command to take place with ease, perfection and the complete 
experience of love. And so it is. Thank you.’
With our light embracing you it will be as if the fear is drawn out of your being and dissolved in our light.
All of our practices will support you and guide you further into the experience of your light explosion within,
however know that the simplest of practices are also relevant such as remaining in your heart space, focusing
upon love emanating from your being, even if you feel you are emanating your love against a storm which is
trying to unfold you.
At this time your trust is being questioned because of all the energies anchoring into the Earth and evolving
from within your being. You are being asked, ‘Do you trust in the power of the love within your being to heal or
create anything you desire to experience?’ If you do trust, then the answer is easy. It is natural to not trust
completely especially if you are not aware of any evidence of the power of the love of your soul and the
Creator in your reality, however we are all moving into a period where everyone does trust in love and love
fulfils all.
We are present now to support your healing and to aid the next stage of your evolution which will begin with an
explosion of light within you.
In compassion and love,
Channelled through Natalie Glasson –  18th December 2015 – Original Source – Sacred School of OmNa Na

Andromedans Channeled Message

Sheldan Nidle is doing  webinars informing us about more about our galactic family through his website:

World Debt Cancellation/Cabal Arrests/N.E.S.A.R.A./Starships

December 16 2015

6:30 AM Mtn

It is important to know that all currencies have been confirmed for a global reset and will soon be enacted for the public to know and be aware of through education programs that are set in place.  Pivotal announcements will soon be made where funds will be reimbursed and distributed to each nation of the world to restore balance and eradicate poverty within every aspect and structure of society.  These funds will also be used to allow a cancellation of any and all debt owed to the reserve bank by the people and the government’s of the world.  All debt will be declared null and void.

All the Gold that was stolen and kept in underground bunkers, kept secret by the u.s.a has been returned to its rightful owners which are the ancient Asian Royal Dragon Families. As we proceed unto signatory matters for funds to be released into every major banking institute through the central bank, this will then be made public knowledge to humanity. For now, those who are aware of such account’s will need to keep it under their discretion in terms of claiming any of the funds at local banks.  You will be assisted and issued a sufficient payment from these funds to allow for an easier life without worries or stress of money. Then, those focusing on ascension can solely focus on their spiritual growth in elevation, and healing the Earth further as she shifts more into the higher realms.

The cabal have lost all power over humanity, in which some will be contained, with some given amnesty. These cabal have attempted, by all means, to stop and block these funds from public knowledge, now being enacted to free humanity from a monetary economic system based on debt slavery. They have sprayed chemtrails in the air to poison humanity and depopulate the earth… starting a chemical nuclear biological war, also attempting in many instances to start a civil war against nations and its peoples. They have failed in all these attempts, indeed. We of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light have always been 50 steps ahead. We have planned this under the the Company of Heaven for thousands of years. We were, indeed, well prepared for just about anything they had planned in their own fall and demise.

Know that global contact with who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light will follow right after announcements of abundance and prosperity distributions through the N.E.S.A.R.A program to the global Earth community of surface humanity. We stay positioned with over 2050.000.000 star ships prepared for decloaking in this now moment. The inner Earth inhabitants will commence to reintroduce themselves to the surface world. Many accounts will be shared with humanity on this auspicious Event of the Ages where many goverments are preparing for shut down in this Now. You will notice many high profile officials being arrested; and many of them declaring resignations of seat from their positions of power, including high court judges and those of Congress. All wars in the Middle East, South and North Africa will soon cease, in effect, as all guns, military war machines, marine vessels ect will be disabled All in this Now.

Cybernetics and Angelic Channeling.

The future is already here fusioning Technology and Channeling of Angelic Energy helping  individuals in achieving  Well Being with a 1:1 follow up retreats of a duration from 1 to 6 weeks.

Every case is being studied separately.

Jasmin and Nikos combine Inca & Mayan Shamanic Knowledge, Reiki ,Chi Gong,Angelic Channeling,Technology and High Vibration Diet Program.

Cabinet is located in Cologne,Germany.

For  appointment please send  email:



The Art of Ascension/Prosperity Programs/Free Energy


”If you really want to create Abundance for Yourself, start Blessing everyone with Infinite Abundance, start perceiving everything as Symbols of Abundance. The meanings you give to everything, is what creates your vibrational environment. The more positive you are, the more positive your reality will be.” Archangel Uriel.

Last night i had a such a beautiful dream that i like to share with you:I witnessed planet earth being surrounded by an intense violet flamme as intended by St.Germain and with the help of Archangels,Ascended Masters,Unicorns,Dolphins and the Unified Field of All Light workers the planet was removed from the space it used to occupy to another parallel reality where there is no more control over our lives from any outsider forces as  we have realised that if we look for the sun in our hearts the sun will always find us .Everything that we have witnessed in  past lives was a reflection of our self.We have learned that forgiveness to ourself and others stops the wheel of karma and that self love is the key for peace and for achieving ascension.

And you? which planet you choose to live on?The old one that you are witnessing today all around you or the new one that i just described in my dream?

While photons from the central galactic sun keep on bombarding everything on earth,called also gamma radiation,it is primordial for every human   on the surface of the planet to integrate in their daily lives few very simple habits that can create the difference in ascending to  New Earth Realities.

One simple way to guide you to the truth and right choices is by following your internal radar called feeling.What makes you feel more than fine?This touches all areas starting from your food  and drinks choices to things you choose to think of.Stopping  for few days eating meat or drink alcool can be a great booster in helping  you having more awareness of your feeling called also the power of being present in the now.Choose to think thoughts that make you smile and happy  and do things that you feel excited with where time flies by.

Daily Discipline in practising Meditation in your preferred area,call it Yoga,Reiki,Chi Gong,Tai Chi,Danse which combine breathing and moving.

Participating in synchronistic  global weekly meditations with everybody on the planet is the most effective way of all:This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of compression breakthrough. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the timing of the Event. – See more at:


More detailed observations between the light and dark forces find on this blog:

So why not get out your galactic vacuum cleaner,the violet flamme, in a worldwide co-ordinated effort via St. Germain from

”I, St. Germain, will be sending Violet Light and enveloping the entire planet at the top of the hours in your time zone of 6:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 12:00 Noon, 3:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., and 12:00 a.m. each day for the next three weeks. Let it be one or more of those times that you choose to join with me and the Legions of Light who are in service to this cause. The Ascended Master realms have joined with me in this effort and so we have the entire team of Heaven working to transmute the chaos that has shown its face on your world”

Ascended Master Hilarion asks us to continue further with this meditation for the weeks continue towards 2016.


Mira From The Pleiadian High Council Via Valerie Donner:”These are chaotic times. They will continue intensely for the next couple of years and then they will level out”

Free Energy Devices are now available through The Keshe Foundation of very affordable prices for everybody for our homes and electric cars.(800 €).”The Keshe Foundation is advising that systems manufactured, from the Foundation, as well as those that built systems at home, are in perfect working order”


On Prosperity Programs,Finland’s Free Money System is becoming reality:

Finland is considering giving every citizen a basic income


Feel More Than Fine



Message from GOD


Beloved ones we are the energies that are referenced to you as GOD and we come to illuminate that which is now releasing its grip within the human race.  

For eternity the human race has been bound from within, chained to a reality and a darkness that has sought to present itself as LIGHT and LOVE.  This optical illusion has shattered the hearts of all within the human race and it is this optical illusion that is now dissolved in order that clarity is regained and that those who have sought to defend darkness can see the darkness itself.

ALL is not as it appears to the naked human eye at this time, the mirage that has cast a spell upon the outer waking reality will now dissolve fully. For those who are lost in the mirage the coming linear few weeks and months will be challenging as the mirage has a high price for viewing. 

In order to help release the bonds that are in place within the human vehicle we place the following coding:

111 222 333

We ask for all to open their heart space fully for darkness cannot permeate that which is given to GOD in TRUTH. The shackles that have bound the children of GOD are now released fully in order that the book of Revelations can complete and the new earth can be birthed in full. 

We ask all to understand that darkness is a curse, darkness is bondage and in order to move out of bondage the release must be asked for through Christ. For it is Christ who returns in order to free the human race and to LIGHT the way home to GOD in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

Dancing Mayan Workshop with Dj Nikos at Healing Ibiza,Atzaro.

Dj Nikos or Nikos Akrivos  is a Channel of 22 Angels and with his Dancing Mayan Workhop he shares  how  To Center ,Ground and Protect our Auric Field using  Ancien Mayan Knowledge and Pleiadian Wisdom alterning with active mediation,concert in silence  and dancing session using music attuned on the natural frequency of 432 Hz and Miracle Frequency of 528 Hz.

Enjoy few moments of the end of his workshop at Healing Ibiza Atzaro , May 10th 2015.



Self Cleaning Energies/Centering/Grounding

Daily Practise  to SELF Center & Ground & Clean The Aura.

It is the first thing i do as soon as i wake up from bed.

Place your hands in meditation position,say Thank you to Your Self ,Your Angels/Higher Self/God,Goddess for Being Here and Now.

Visualize energy coming from the center of The Earth into your heart.Take your time and feel little by little YOUR connection with Mother Earth.Take Your Shoes off for a better connection.

When you feel you are present with this energy,focus your attention to the energy coming from our Sun to the Crown of your head and then to you Heart.Take your time.

When you are ready place your hands in various places as shown in these pictures.Visualize energy going from your heart to each position you place your hands.Take your time from 1-3′ for each position.

Visualize energy going from the center of each one of your cells around each one of your cells all over your body.

See you body being covered with White Blue Golden Light.

Bring back your hands in meditation position and BE THANKFUL.



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Release The Champion In You.


Author:Nikos Akrivos,

Holistic Life Coach & Musician

Crowdfunding East Community Amsterdam -Support & Get Rewarded

A lovely team of 20  people are coming together to  be trained for Social Entrepreneurship with the immediate task as practise to support  local social initiatives in Amsterdam .

To make all this possible, they have launched a Crowdfunding Campaign for which they need to  collect €20.000 before the 13th of April.

Support their campaign and  get  rewarded for your donation. with Festival tickets, A weekend in Amsterdam,A  Belly Dance Workshop, Dinners, and so on!

The rewards for the donations are presented here.

Contact in


7 Ways to Feel More Than Fine.

Self Love is The Key.

1.Start your day by Being Grateful  for Being Here and Now and for

Being able to spend another lovely day on Planet Earth.

2.Make a strong affirmation of your I Am Presence by using the power of  your emotions :

I Am Peace,I Am Love,I Am Joy,I Am Healthy,I Am Abundant.

3.Breath Fresh Air,Stay Grounded by walking barefoot in nature for few minutes or by visualizing roots growing from your feet into the ground and Practise DAILY and with DISCIPLINE Physical  Exercices for few minutes without forgetting to  combine with Stretching, Meditation & Energy Cleaning like for example Pilates,Yoga and Rei-ki or Qui Gong.


4.Start Breakfast with   Warm Water and Lemon to wake up your intestines smoothly and a Glass of Organic Fresh Juice to clean your Pineal Gland.

5.Become  Raw Vegan.

Google recipes, have fun discovering delicious tastes and spend less money too!

By choosing to eat High Vibrations Foods that are not cooked you are also contributing in the happiness of all animals and for a healthy Mother Earth.

6.Life is a joke,nothing should be taken too seriously.

Filter what you choose to watch and remember to have few loughs during your day if not all day long.

7.Be in Your Bed the latest at 22h,even if you don’t feel like sleeping.

Sleeping between 22h and 02h, helps to balance and restore your interior organs and getting into the cycles of Lucid Dreaming for manifesting better reality in Your Life.


Nikos Akrivos
Holistic Life Coach



One Way to Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos is both DJ, music producer and healer and brings the best of each to his “Feel More than Fine” evens

By Cat Milton, Ibiza Spotlight 

Ibiza is famed for her ‘alternative‘ side. Hippies and a multitude of religions and beliefs all find their place on the island and have done for decades.

Gathering with a complete lack of any formality in a yoga space, within the campsite at Es Canar, I walked into an extraordinary evening – an ‘alternative’ evening.

Here it was that I met Nikos, DJ, music producer and healer – the driving force behind Feel More Than Fine. On this occasion Richart Llover had joined him – the man renowned for painting peoples Auras. Combining music therapy (sounds which they say directly impacts on your DNA) with exercise, visualisation and reiki, quite an ‘alternative’ workshop started to take place.

The first thing that caught my attention was how many children gathered. Youngsters, normally full of exuberant energy came on to the mats, settled and followed Nikos guiding voice as the sun slowly started to set behind us. There was no announcement. They simply arrived. The second observation was that this event attracted people from all walks of life. Everyone was welcome and regardless of background, they came.

After a ‘ten minute warm-up’ Nikos invited everyone to lie back and relax with the music. Then calmly, generously, he moved from one person to another, treating each to a reiki session.

Feel More Than Fine eu

Richart too quietly rose from his position and with paints in hand, lightly, tenderly, started to paint the energies he felt on those gathered for the Healing Session. Across foreheads, chests and down arms, patterns and colours grew. (one of the audience told me afterwards that the sensation was surprisingly relaxing and there was a distinct sense of energies moving)

On the music played and even I, with DSLR and iPad, your modern day photo-journalist, found myself happy to just ‘chill-out’.

The environment wasn’t quiet – a campsite on the edge of Cala Martina beach on a gloriously warm evening. Children called out between tents, music elsewhere played, people laughed on the sand but somehow none of it interfered.

People came and went. Mothers came to find their children and with a quiet summoning, beckoned them off the mats. More people arrived, finding space, lying down and just letting go.

I am, first and foremost a cynic. I am relatively logical, highly analytical and if I had the energy could probably explain away all that took place but frankly, I feel no need. Regardless of the ‘why’s and cynicism, it was clear that those relaxing, experiencing the painting, the reiki, the music, were gaining from it – be it a sense of rest and peacefulness or just some much needed time out. The children were calm and smiling, and this was reflected in the adults who had arrived, looking a little rushed and now were blatantly contently peaceful, still, as the gathering came to an end.

So, if you’re free and fancy doing something a little different for a couple of hours as the sun sets, check out

Feel More than Fine

Dance like a Mayan , Energy-clear Inca-style Workshop










Nikos  & Jasmin  have developed this wonderful workshop combining ancient Mayan and Inca knowledge, music, dancing and energy cleaning without using any plants.

Jasmin is Inca Shaman and Channeler of 11 Angels ~ with her technique she helps to digest entities that are trapped in the auric field.

Nikos is a Holistic Life Coach, Musician and Channeler of 22 Angels ~ he will be playing rhythmic meditative music and teaching  Breathing Exercices and Mayan Movements that create a protective shield around the body ,ground us and help to Heal Mother Earth.

All this is done in a playful atmosphere.

Brussels:January 24th & 25th / 2015

Amsterdam : January 31st and February 1st

Ibiza:Healing Ibiza Atzaro May 10th

at Happiness Space 15h30-16h45














Love Frequency

Lisa Chadderton talks to Ibiza DJ, Producer and Holistic Life Coach Nikos Akrivos about the power of reiki and music and the significance of 21.12.2012.

Greek native but true Ibiza spirit Nikos Akrivos is the creator of the ‘Feel More than Fine’ project – dedicating himself to helping others achieve happiness and raise their vibration. Amongst other things he hosts creative non-alcohol events incorporating fashion, music and feeling more than fine! He’s a well respected DJ, producer, dancer and fashion designer. A popular visitor to the Garden of Light Ibiza, he shares our passion for Reiki and for finding new ways to live in this exciting time. Nikos shared his views with us on all of these passions and of the significance of today’s date – 21st December 2012….enjoy!

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is channelling Universal Energy. When we practice Reiki, we become aware of the flow of energy in our body through our breath and we learn to channel it to our heart and from the heart to our hands. Like any meditative discipline, to really know how it works you have to practice long enough to feel it so you can believe it. We all have it in us and I was always a believer even when I was not feeling it. We are never alone, our Spiritual Guides, Angels, Jesus, Buddha, the Universe or name it how you like, are the ones who are doing the job. We just learn to be a channel.

How did you discover Reiki?

A very close friend suggested it to me and I tried it out.

How has learning Reiki changed your life?

I became aware of the importance of staying grounded and of self love. This brought an amazing series of synchronicities into my life, enough to know today that all I have to do is to surrender to it and to be present every moment with a big smile, as there is no reason to worry about anything. When any form of fear left the building (my body!), there is only place for a more than fine lifestyle!

What sort of effects do you see on clients that come to you for Reiki?

I don’t like so much the term client, I prefer to say my brothers and sisters. The ones who experienced it usually come sad and leave with a smiling face and an open heart as a few “keys” are transfered to them through my being.

When did you start incorporating Reiki into your DJing and why?

I started with it a year ago as soon as I felt I had mastered Reiki, as I know that there are many lessons yet to be learned for the rest of my life.

Music is the most powerful tool that can be used to help raise the vibration on a massive scale in the rapid process of evolution. I’ve been dreaming all my life to be able to help humanity reach the next level of evolution in a fun way. At the same time, I am aware that most of us have to go through suffering to get the beauty of what is really happening right now.

My imagination has reached a level to believe today that when I DJ, I am truly helping people to be more aware of the amazing instrument they all have, their body-mind-spirit complex. With the use of only water and fruit juices we can get into an altered state of consciousness where we can discover who we really are in a natural way. This gives a great satisfaction to our being as we reconnect with our soul and we learn more from it every time the experience happens.

This is actually the reason I became a DJ.

How can music and sound heal?

Music/sound is atoms travelling into the air to create a wave, like a wave in the sea, that will be captured by our ear to be heard and by our body to be felt.

Atoms vibrating at a certain frequency reaching the atoms of our body to vibrate at the same frequency…if the frequency is right we have a pleasant warm feeling in our belly and that is already a sign that the music is “healing”. However, ”healing” is not a term I like to use as none of us are sick, we are just not aware of the changes that are taking place in our body right now in a geometrical speed as we arrive at the 21st December 2012. Today’s date is supposed to be the climax of this change that happens every 26,000 years, following the Mayan calendar and many other predictions that resonate as the truth in my heart.

Generally all music is made with love, if the intention at the moment of creation is to “heal” it becomes healing. So it’s as simple as that!

Please tell us about how you create your music so that it can have healing power and can you tell us a little about healing frequencies?

I find my inspiration and ideas always by being in touch with nature and with the help of few good friends that are professionals in sound engineering and we find a way to agree with each other about the final product. My music has healing power because I believe, so for those who also believe…it will be so!

There is a lot of work that has been done on it from scientists that test the reaction of frequencies on the DNA. There are two theories, one is talking about the 432 HZ frequencies and the other one about the love frequency, 528HZ. I’ve been testing both and to be honest I can’t really say something sure about it except from the fact that it has really helped me understand how vibration works in its core.

I believe that they both work on differnent levels, one is for regenerating cells (528) and the other one (432) to help consciousness following the Fibonacci numbers in nature.

What is the potential for DJs and Musicians to affect world change through music and performance?

As soon as all musicians, performers and DJ’s understand the importance of taking care of their body-mind-spirit complexes and staying centred, when they play in an environment where the audience is being served what is truly healthy for them – the world can change for the better in only a few moments!

It is a question of vibration, intention and awareness.

Should everybody learn Reiki?

Yes, everybody should know how to stay centered,grounded and clean the energy centres in the same way we brush our teeth and take a shower every day.

What drew you to the island of Ibiza and how is living in Ibiza in 2012?

I came to Ibiza 16 years ago performing as dancer in all of the main clubs for a few years. What drew me here was the love for expressing myself through electronic music, in an environement where I was not judged about my appearance.


I spent summer 2012 living at Camping La Playa in Es Canar, mainly helping people with Reiki and my knowledge, having a great time and DJing in few places, keeping in the back of my head that unconditional love knows no boundaries and the island embraced me as always!

After 16 summers, it is Home to me, living in Ibiza in 2012 is more than fine!

What things make you feel more than fine?

Celebrating life, creating music and clothes, giving or receiving any kind of energy treatments and massage, making love, clowns and comedians, dancing and everything that brings a smile to your and my face!

What does the 21st December 2012 mean to you?

It’s good news! It marks the birth of the New Earth and the rebirth of humans from Homo Sapiens to Homo Consciousness. In a more scientific way, somewhere between 21st, 22nd and 23rd December 2012 our planet reaches its maximum vibration, a phenomenon that happens every +/- 26,000 years and has to do with huge quantity of light that left the centre of milky way long time ago.

The rise of vibration has a positive effect on our body-mind-spirit complex we all need learn to be grounded and focus our intention to BE LOVE,BE PEACE,BE JOY in the present moment. We are in control of our reality and what we think will manifest now almost instantly as this is a result of our evolution as a species.

To be grounded all we need to do is, from today and in the coming months, inhale and visualise energy coming from the centre of the Earth and from the centre of the Universe to our heart, feel the loving energy all around us and love ourself enough to become our own master, by focusing our intention on the things that makes us smile in our life which I call:Feel More Than Fine!

How will you be spending this special day 21st December 2012?

I will be spending this day as usual – taking a long walk or run into the forest, preparing more than fine meals, dancing and making music:

If you would like to check out Nikos’s ‘Feel More than Fine’ album it is available on Beatport.




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Join our Tribe for a Free and Awesome life!


Mother Earth is entering slowly in the higher dimensions, and many of us who are joining Her in the course of Her ascension, are feeling the joy of this exciting event!

We are a Tribe of Multitalented Therapeutic Artists sharing The Love and bringing awareness through what we love to do most using various breathing techniques and ancien knowledge including Reiki,Qui Gong,Yoga,Acro Yoga,Inca Shamanic Therapy,Active  & Passive Meditation,Angelic Dance, Touched by Art & Music Therapy.

The Universe is in each one of us and we can affect our environment by consciously sending love to  all that is around us.


Feeling Good is Feeling God.

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