You are simply vibrating and attracting, vibrating and attracting.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/20/2024 • The easier path to love

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Never are you alone, nor are you ever guided into difficult situations by the Divine. You are never being tested, nor do you need to “reach” for your enlightenment. You are simply vibrating and attracting, vibrating and attracting. You are all seeking to be the loving beings that you truly are, and the more you align with love, the more you will attract easier, kinder, and more pleasing realities.

If you find yourself in the midst of a challenge, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are in a low vibration right now. You may have positioned yourself in the place and situation you are in when you were in a different vibration. If the situation around you no longer matches the vibration you are in now, things will change. This is just how the universe works.

For example, suppose you are flying high right now and shocked to find a long-term friendship suddenly falling apart. It doesn’t mean you are vibrating at a low level. It might mean that you are at a higher vibration now and are no longer a match for one another. Suppose you met your friend during a very difficult time in life. The two of you commiserated together, drank together, or complained together. Or perhaps your friend tried to rescue you out of a need to be needed. We have no judgments about any of these things. They are often steps to soothing yourself along a path towards better.

Suppose, however, that over the years, you grow. You become more empowered, happier, and less judgmental. You no longer need anyone to rescue you. When you get together, you are eager to share the good news while your friend is still in a space of worry, complaints, or other habits you’ve outgrown. Or perhaps they’re still trying to find something to fix when you no longer need fixing. Even at a 3D level, you can see that the gap between you has grown. If it is large enough, then sooner or later, you will have to lower your vibration, or they will have to raise theirs if you wish to meet in the 3D vibrational space. If the gap becomes large enough, the laws of the universe will find a way to move you apart.

This is not cruel, dear ones. It is simply the way the universe works. When you are not “on the same wavelength,” it is difficult to connect. Nonetheless, you can always connect in the vibrational frequency of love. Choosing to love someone who is being difficult is a choice to connect with them at the deepest level. When you love, you connect with your deepest self. You connect with your soul. You connect with something deeper in the other than they are currently demonstrating.

If the relationship no longer matters to you, move on to easier ones. However, if the gap has formed between your spouse and your child, you may want to meet at a deeper level. You may want to consciously look at all there is to love about them so as to maintain a connection and even provide an opportunity for their upliftment.

Consider the example of the friendship above. Suppose this friend really mattered to you. You could choose to love them as is. You could choose to love yourself by simply beaming compassion and love to them as they complained. In love, you are aligned with you. In love, you can’t take on anyone’s density. As you flow love and good feelings, you make no room to resonate with unloving words and bad feelings.

Again, this is a choice, and we have no judgment about your choices. You must, dear ones, learn to accept others as they are if you choose to be around them, or you will drive yourselves crazy. The soul accepts everyone as they are because the soul sees the light and truth within them. The soul sees every being reaching for more, no matter how unevolved or unloving their behavior. You can see the light within and still move on. You can choose to love as your soul does while loving your human self enough to do what is kindest for you.

You are not “holier” if you stay in a relationship that no longer resonates with you. You do, however, have the capacity to be in any relationship that you choose if you can find agreement with your own spirit. If you can be in a space of love and compassion, aligned with your soul, you can be in any relationship and still be happy. This does not guarantee the other will behave or even stay, but it does mean that you will feel good no matter what. A funny thing happens, too, in such cases. When people feel true unconditional love—the love that bears witness to their goodness, their caring heart, their talent, and the light hidden beneath their upset, anger, frustration, fear, and pain—they often “step up” and show you better. Again, there are no guarantees about the other’s behavior, but when you are aligned with your loving spirit within, you feel good.

Dear ones, you get to choose where to place yourself on this earth and who to be around, and you get to choose how you show up vibrationally in each situation.

Where you are in 3D today, dear ones, is simply the result of all the choices along your path. How you vibrate now in 5D determines how you will experience your present moment regardless of how you got there.

So, if you like your present situation, enjoy it, love it, appreciate it, and thus more will flow.

If you don’t like your present situation, change it, or change you. Move to a more loving situation or shift to a more loving vibration. Shift your physical reality or shift your focus. As you make these choices, you continue to create a reality with greater and greater love, which, in turn, will always attract better.

In the ideal world, you’d practice a loving vibration so thoroughly that you could “turn it on” anywhere or with anyone. As a result, you’d be able to coax the love out of any situation and constantly attract better.

No one in heavens expects this of you, but we encourage you to constantly practice choosing situations, things, and, above all, thoughts that feel better. We want only the best for you, and however you find the vibration of love—internally or externally—you become closer to allowing yourself an experience of heaven on earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

When you enter into the space of your soul as a sanctuary, you recognise all that your soul wishes to share with you – all the gifts, the blessings, the abundance that your soul wishes to share with you.

Sanctuary of the Soul by Archangel Michael

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Greetings beloved divine beings of light, I come forth with angelic vibrations and I, Archangel Michael, am present to be of service to you. I wish to speak today of your soul as a sanctuary.

Your soul is your essence. It is your truth. It is your connection with the divine, and your soul or aspects of your soul are embodied within your physical body. Your soul therefore knows everything – it has a greater, larger picture of your divine plan and of the Universe of the Creator. It receives wisdom – knowledge from the Creator – and delivers it, with your consent and your choosing, into your physical body and your awareness.

Within your soul there is a sanctuary. Your soul loves you unconditionally. Your soul wishes to give to you everything that you need and require, and remind you of all that is the Creator. Therefore it is a wonderful practice to recognise your soul as a sanctuary within your being and to retreat to this sanctuary as often as possible. Think of it as a space where you can recognise who you truly are and you can also be who you truly are. There are no limitations or boundaries. There is no judgment. Your soul, as a sanctuary, is a deeply nurturing and nourishing space, as well as enlightening and illuminating.

When you enter into the space of your soul as a sanctuary, you recognise all that your soul wishes to share with you – all the gifts, the blessings, the abundance that your soul wishes to share with you. It becomes a space of great connection and communication, but also a space of deep and absolute receiving and realising you are worthy and deserving. Many shifts can take place within your soul, as a sanctuary, which can eliminate many experiences that are no longer needed in your physical reality.

A wonderful practice is to enter or hold the intention of entering into your soul – the sanctuary of your soul – to breathe in the light. You can imagine it. You can know it. You can connect with it.

As you breathe in the light of your soul, allow that sanctuary to surround you. Let it feel like a space that is devoted only to you, for it is – it is a space that is yours.

You can ask your soul to embrace you, wrapping light around you – qualities, vibrations that your soul believes will assist you, almost like a balm or a soothing cream that is placed all around you and seeps into your being. Each quality, each vibration will serve you and help you connect to the understanding that your soul is your sanctuary, allowing numerous shifts to take place within your being. It means that you can always connect with your soul and receive everything that you need, at any given time.

When you feel emotional, when you feel doubtful or hurt, when you feel confused or ungrounded, you can hold the intention of entering into your sanctuary – the sanctuary of your soul – and ask, as you breathe in the light, ask your soul to embrace you like a balm of light in certain qualities that will assist you…assist you in gaining a greater connection with your soul or resolving issues in your being or your reality.

This is your sacred space. It is within your being. It has so much potential, so much nourishment and a great volume of truth. Allow yourself to really take the benefits – to absorb the benefits and the blessings that your soul wishes to bestow upon you and integrate into your entire being and your entire reality.

When you feel the process is complete, you can ask your soul to integrate this light, the vibrations of your sanctuary, into your physical body – into every cell, into your chakras, into your auric field – so that as you’re walking upon the Earth, as you’re achieving, doing, acting and reacting, you are doing so as the sanctuary of your soul. This becomes a very powerful state of being, of calmness, of truth, of peace, of love, of joy – in truth, of everything that is your soul incarnate upon the Earth.

The more you practice entering into your sanctuary, the more you will embody your soul at a physical level.

I am Archangel Michael. I thank you.

You are a unique creator who has changed the world and yourself by being of the Earth in this lifetime…This new world is much less complicated than you imagine…You are creating a new world within a world…Let go and start living, truly living, in your new being on your unique path.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you have been stressed because of the new energies or your fear of the new.

You have free will – something you do not always remember or believe. What outcome do you wish? What creation would make your life more joyful? What part of your creative being are you not using or reviewing?

Your stress-related fears are attached to your inner being and creation skills instead of issues outside your being. It is not what “they” are doing to you. It is what you are doing to you.

Your questions and concerns can only be answered from within. No fairy godmother or magic bean is waiting in the wings to save you – nor will the Universes.

You are the only being who can save you.

Of course, many proclaim that such is not possible, that you cannot do what needs to be done or created without the assistance of someone or something out there.

Your new world is inner-directed instead of outer-directed. Something you forget or deny. For Earth eons, you were taught that you could not control your life or your being, that the Universes, a guru, or someone somewhere is directing your life. A truism when you were of 3D – but you are no longer of 3D.

You are a unique creator who has changed the world and yourself by being of the Earth in this lifetime.

You have all the skills you have granted to others. If this person or that Universal being was willing or interested in your cause – maybe, just maybe – your dreams would be realized. Only to have those dreams dashed more times than not. Producing unfulfilled dreams that were interspersed with an unexpected but so hoped-for dream.

Your dreams are no longer outside your reach. You can now create your dreams and solutions to dilemmas. A Jack in the Beanstalk or Cinderella dream fulfillment that you do not yet believe is possible. So you rant, rave, cry, and moan, expecting someone to care. But everyone in your arena is doing the same because few have actualized their new creation skills. Your expected solution to issues seems always out there somewhere instead of within you.

What fear is tapped with your anger or sadness? Where is that fear located in your body? Go ahead, sense through your body for your inner pain. And once you spot or sense a heavy area, ask what needs to be healed, changed, or removed. Then, do what you sense, feel, see, or hear.

This new world is much less complicated than you imagine. It only seems complicated because you add 3D solutions and fears to simple solutions.

Throughout Earth eons, you were taught that you were incapable of emotional self-care or self-creation. And that wound – and it is a wound – is so deeply entrenched within your being that you cannot comprehend who new you is or what powers you have.

Depending on beings outside of yourself, including Universal beings, is similar to a toddler trying to explain where and why their body hurts to their parent. Even though that parent has more knowledge than the toddler, that parent cannot be inside the toddler’s body; they can only make educated guesses.

Stop looking outside yourself for answers clearly defined within you. But then, many of you believe such is not possible – and so it is not.

Acknowledge your creative abilities and allow others to acknowledge theirs. Perhaps some of your fears or anger are attached to another being. Even that is created by your inner world. So start exploring in ways you were taught were not effective. Perhaps some of those techniques will not be right for you – but others will. Use simple inner scanning devices that you create – an inner X-ray, a sensation, a warmer-than-normal part of your body, or any method that works for you.

You are creating a new world within a world.

But the world you continue to be most comfortable with depends on others telling you what to do and when. A world that no longer exists for you.

It is time to use your new emotional healing skills to determine what you need. And to allow others to do the same. The fears of others are not your fears or your path.

Let go and start living, truly living, in your new being on your unique path. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/13/2024 • Too much?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

The universe is unlimited. No dream or desire is too big, too small, or too frivolous for the Divine. No prayer is ignored. No request falls on deaf ears. The moment you have a loving desire, the Divine and your angels begin to guide you toward it. Your job is to allow us to assist and to be in a vibration high enough to perceive our guidance.

There are many reasons why you don’t receive what you are asking for, and they all have to do with your willingness to be in a receptive state. The Divine is not withholding love. Your angels are not withholding guidance. However, consider this analogy. Even if the pipes provide the water, none will flow unless the faucet is turned on. Even if the love flows eternally, you must open your “faucet” to receive it from the heavens.

Fear and doubt keep you in a vibration that makes it difficult for you to perceive your guidance. One of the biggest reasons you doubt that you will receive what you want is that, at a deeper level, you doubt your own worthiness.

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Prior generations often taught you to set aside your feelings or to put aside your dreams and “get real.” There were those who convinced you that your desires were “not important enough” to warrant Divine attention. Dear ones, many on your path simply did not know any better. As a result, they convinced you that you should not ask for “too much.” This was a subtle way of telling you that you were not worthy for all you desire.

The people who propagated these spiritual untruths didn’t know any better. They weren’t malicious for the most part. They were simply afraid that if you asked for what you wanted, you’d be disappointed, that they’d be unable to assist, or that by following your dreams, you’d be depriving them of their own.

They simply didn’t understand the way the universe works. They didn’t know the laws of vibration. They didn’t know that the Creator can satisfy the essence of all desires so elegantly that everyone ends up happy. Some taught you that you were selfish to ask for more. They didn’t know or understand the unlimited love of the Divine.

There were many who felt they must play God and satisfy your desires,, and when they could not, they convinced you that you were asking for “too much.”

Dear ones, what is “too much?” Is it a certain dollar amount? Or a certain number of prayers per day? Is it too much to ask for more when you already have enough or to ask for more when others have less? How do you define too much? When you think about it, the idea of defining “too much” is absurd when you’re talking about the Divine because the Divine has no limitations. The Divine is infinite.

Instead of worrying about whether or not you are asking for “too much,” we would urge you to simply be honest, and authentic in your prayers. Stop worrying about whether or not you are asking for “too much” and instead ask for what you honestly want. Do you dream of going to the beach even though you just returned from the mountains? Ask for help achieving this. Do you want more money even though you live well? Ask for help manifesting the things you want to add to your life. Do you want more but feel guilty because others have so much less? Do you want to live in peace even thought that dreams seems far away? Dear ones you cannot deprive others by your prayers, no matter how many or how grand. God is infinite.

The Creator is not a human person with limited time and resources. While your parents or your spouse may not have been able to give you the attention you wanted, the Divine can. While your teachers were physically not able to give all the children in the classroom attention, the Divine can pay attention to each of the 8+ billion people on your earth. While people have budgets and constraints, the Divine does not. So, while human beings might have sent you the signal that you could ask for too much from them, the Divine knows no such limitation.

You have heard the phrase, “Ask, and you shall receive.” We would say, “Ask, believe, know you are worthy, and then receive.” When you ask your angels for help, you do not deprive anyone else of their assistance. When you ask the Divine for more, none is taken from another. When you, like an innocent child, happily dream up a list of authentic desires, we delight in your joy and willingness to bring love into form. We get to work trying to guide you!

There is no need to “selflessly” deprive yourself of the creations you truly desire. We want you to be “your authentic self” and be rooted in the true “Self.” Do you want help managing your schedule today? Ask for help. Be willing to believe it can come. Trust the movement of your heart and the unfolding path that guides you through natural and inspired impulses. If you pray for safety and believe enough to receive you will be guided around any challenge or danger. If you pray for abundance and believe enough to receive, you will be guided to joyfully allow it into your life. If you pray for another—to the degree that they are willing to allow good to flow—you will assist them in their creations.

Dear ones, your asking deprives no one. Your desires, when they come from a desire to experience a more loving reality in any form are important to the Divine. You are part of unfolding creation and your desires allow love to flow into this world of form.

So, ask for the help, the hugs, the finances, the things, the feelings, the healings, and the help you desire. Then, let them go. Stop trying to figure out if you deserve it, if it will happen, when, and how, for worrying about how to fulfill your own prayers simply gets in the way. You cannot perceive loving guidance while focused on worry. You cannot hear the whispers of certainty when you feel doubt.

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If you, like the little ones, remembered your worthiness, you’d ask, believe, expect, and anticipate dreams come true. You;d go about your business, enjoying your days, while knowing that the Divine is always with you, and always encouraging you to listen to your heart, and follow the path of joy.

Dear ones, we love you. We celebrate your willingness to call the infinite info various beautiful and loving forms in your lives. You can never ask for too much when your asking is born of love. Be like little children—innocent, honest, and excited about watching your dreams take form.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Acknowledge the joy of learning about the new world you created.

Fearful or Bored?

Dear Ones,

Maybe your new feelings include hyper-anxiety or a disinterest in life. Feelings that indicate you are undergoing the dramatic shifts that we and others of the Universes have long discussed.

Your anxiety is the result of knowing your life is changing and not certain you will be comfortable with the changes. And your boredom is because your being is ready to shift but not yet doing so – like an empty vessel ready to be filled.

Even though you are allowing the miracles of new you to enter your being, doing so feels frightening or confusing. Your anxiety is the result of creating a new you in all its glory. As if you know what will happen but are too impatient to wait until it does.

Of course, you question why you are nervous or frightened if the knowing includes your new world joy. Such is so because you continue to question if you deserve joy, if it is appropriate to be joyful in a world seemingly filled with sadness, or if you want to shift from 3D pain to a joyful life.

Your fears are not about the possibility that something might not happen but the certainty that it will.

So, you ponder how your life and those around you will change. What if your shift is so dramatic you cannot relate to those you love? Or you must move? Or give up something else that is significant to you?

Your fears are probably accurate. If those you are close to refuse to transition or support you in your transition, they will probably no longer be part of your inner circle. At the same time, those close to you are also likely shifting, so they have similar fears or are bored.

It is an emotional time. But one that you can easily surf as long as you remain true to your being. Not everything in your new world will fit together as easily as was probably true in 3D, for no one knows the outcome of this constant shifting.

If you moved to a country with a language you were not familiar with, you would expect to have difficulties until you mastered the language and customs. The same is true for this significant shift. The difference is no one is telling you that such will happen. You know your life is different, but you have no idea if that difference will produce the joy you hope for – or confusion and difficulties.

So, for some, the immediate response is fear. Fear that a once somewhat comfortable life is different without future guarantees. It is so overwhelming for others that they close off everything, creating a dramatic boredom.

This phase concerns how you handle change – the huge shifts affecting you and those you love. Will you worry about it until you can think of nothing else? Or will you slide through it, not paying attention to what was or what is?

Neither action accommodates your needs as you flow into the new.

A flitting butterfly is unlikely to worry about not having enough flowers for the next season. Nor is it likely butterflies might refuse to pollinate flowers because they were too bored to do much of anything.

You, en masse, have settled into those two action plans because you are afraid you cannot complete this final stage of shifting Earth and the beings of Earth from fear to love.

Daily, you learn of new fearful actions or thoughts. The Earth is erupting. And there are wars complete with signs of hate and corruption throughout. Nothing seems clean and loving. So, for some, it is a life you do not wish to connect to. For others, it is the fear that you are not doing enough to shift the Earth and those around you.

This is a confusing phase – a bit like Dorothy before she finds her fellow travelers in The Wizard of Oz. She is frightened and alone, without enough information to return home to Kansas. But as she begins to take control of her emotions, she discovers new friends and the missing puzzle piece of returning home – not through anyone but herself.

You have so many powers you have not claimed, and all you can think of is returning to the safety and security of home. But even if you were to do that, you would not be happy because you have experienced and accepted the new.

You are not in Kansas anymore and never want to be again. And you are not yet comfortable in your new world. You will be – much sooner than you realize. In the meantime, create those pieces you need to reduce your fears or acknowledge the joy of learning about the new world you created.

You are not alone and never have been.

What you are experiencing is 3D knowledge that no longer applies to your new world – and fears of discovering how joyful your new world is. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Pie and Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/06/2024

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you proceed throughout the coming year, remember you are never alone. We are here for you, always attempting to assist you in even the smallest of ways. It is our joy to help you find the path of love, grace, and ease.

You need not prove your worthiness to us. We already know it.

You need not justify your desires or prayers. You came to earth knowing you were here to create.

You need not explain your problems to us to gain our sympathy because, dear ones, we do not see you as helpless or hopeless ever. We see your light, your beauty, and your power. We see your ability to allow creations to flow into your life.

We see the streams of love flowing to you, simply waiting for your reception. We don’t spend any time at all focused on your problems. Instead, we maintain a steady focus on your solutions and your dreams, always attempting to find a way to guide you toward them.

Suppose you had a friend who felt it was their job to commiserate with you. You might say, “I’m having a hard time.” Your friend would say, “Yes, you are, you poor thing. I can’t believe how awful your life has been. No one deserves this… Life is so unfair.” Temporarily, this might soothe you. Temporarily, you might feel a little better because someone has seen your pain. Temporarily, you would feel relief. This is a shift in vibration—a beginning step towards feeling better—and we would not dream of negating the value of love in any form.

However, what if you had another friend, one who emanated love and joy, one who always wanted the best for you, who celebrated your every success and barely paid attention at all to your so-called mistakes? What if this friend was so loving that their positive vibe was contagious? Suppose you went to them and confessed, “I’ve been having a hard time.” They would look upon you with love, compassion, and respect. They might say, ” “I know it has been hard, but there is so much more ahead for you. There is so much love for you now. There is so much guidance. You don’t have to tell me how much you’ve been through. I already know, and I know it’s been so hard, but let’s not look back. Let’s look forward and figure out how to help you have a better, kinder, brighter future. You deserve this. You don’t have to tell me all about your pain. Just let that go now. Let me embrace you and comfort you. I love you. Rest, I’m here. We’ll help you find your way.”

We are that second friend, dear ones. We always try to comfort you, cheer you onward, and offer the kindest inspiration to help you overcome your challenges. We try to distract you from your doubts long enough to give you impulses that will bolster your faith. You simply have to distract yourself from your pain and worries long enough to feel our loving signals. A nap will often do the trick. Watching a movie that distracts you from your fears will help. Focusing on anything that feels good helps you remain open to our love.

We hold you in the highest esteem even when you do not see yourself this way. We don’t waste a moment focusing on your pain and problems. We focus unceasingly on your solutions and dreams. We don’t try to “fix your flaws.” We try to help you see your light, beauty, and grace.

As surely as a loving parent remembers the innocence and goodness of their child, even after that child has been cranky, thrown tantrums, or made “mistakes” in school, we hold steadfast in our understanding of your worth.

Whether your desires are small or large, as long as they are loving, we are working to assist. We can’t help you punish your ex! We can, however, guide you to much kinder relationships to the degree you’re willing to let the past go and focus on what you want. We can’t fix the parents who weren’t loving, but we can help you come to know and feel the love of the one true parent of all creation who loves you so much that you would be in ecstasy if you could surrender to a small fraction of that goodness. We can’t make someone understand you, but we can help you understand yourself so thoroughly that you don’t want to waste your time trying to prove your worth to anyone ever again.

Dear ones, we can help with all things great and small. Allow yourself to look for things to feel good about, for in that vibration of comfort, love, and kindness, you can feel your heart, sense your impulses, and therefore receive our love and guidance.

If you can, stop trying to justify your pain and problems. They’re there. We understand. But it does you little good to focus on the very thing you want to move beyond. Instead, focus on what feels better so you can be open to receiving more of that.

Our love for you is without end. You cannot ask for too much. You are already worthy. Receive dear ones. You don’t have to earn the love that creates you. You just have to relax into it.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

It is time to shift your thoughts from lack to abundance…No more whining, wishing, or hoping. You are fully alive. Now, start living.

model puts on a gray printed t shirt with the superwoman logo
Start Living – You’re a Creator Angel

Dear Ones,
It is time to shift your thoughts from lack to abundance. Many of you contend you have done something similar previously with limited or no results. And such might remain true only because you are afraid to claim your inner power.
You are creator angels.

You created all aspects of this life – including the good and not-so-good parts – as you have done throughout your preparation for this transition. So instead of believing only special humans have creation skills, that you have a binding agreement to be poor or miserable, or you are not worth the effort to change your life, it is beyond time to tap into your creator skills.
Granted, there might be some bumps along your creation road, but those bumps are like hiccups in your current life – short-lived minor irritations. You pretend to be a meek Clark Kent when, in reality, you are capable of becoming Superman or Superwoman whenever you feel like it.
This creator skillset is not limited by your age, gender, community, country, or any other factor that is most often blamed by you and others for not creating your dreams. Throw away your crutches, toss out your fears, and start displaying what you have always been capable of to yourself and others.
In many of your previous lives, both of the earth and in other locations, you successfully played the role of being incapable of transforming your life or situation. That role is over. It is time to shine, sparkle, and laugh.
You can and need to be fully you – the creator angel you have always been.
The role you play now has little to do with what you are capable of or who you are. Stop limiting yourself to fit in, to be safe, or to be with someone. That Clark Kent role is over and has been for some time. You have been afraid to test yourself because you are unsure if your dreams are possible or merely a tease.
Not only are your dreams your new reality, but it is beyond time to display them.
You are creator angels and always have been.
Come out of hiding. Stop pretending you cannot do or be something. What are your dreams? What are you doing to actualize your dreams? Who do you think you need to connect with to do so? And why do you feel that such is true?
You have forgotten who you are. You even added segments many months ago to help you remember your creator angel skills. But you have neglected to use your angel or creator skills, hoping you would not be that different from others if you continued to be who you have been in this lifetime.
Stop being the you that you are most comfortable with. Wrap yourself fully into new you with all of your creator angel skills.
Will your life change? Of course. Will you prefer new you to the you that you are most comfortable with? Probably not at first because you will feel so out of step with who you thought you were.
What part of new you are you not understanding? You are no longer the meek or even the outer-directed influential person of yesterday. You are NEW YOU with all the skills that entails; most notably, you are a creator angel. Now, start creating.
Create big, create small, or create in between. It does not matter. All that matters is awakening to your complete skillset. Not finding the right guru or person who will help you become a new you, but discovering you within yourself.
No more whining, wishing, or hoping. You are fully alive. Now, start living. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 
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Patricia Cota-Robles

January 1, 2024

Dear Ones, 2024 is going to be a glorious New Year. That is true in spite of whatever challenges may arise. Even in the midst of what often seems like extreme adversity, people everywhere are remembering who they are and why they have embodied on Earth during this auspicious time.

We have been told that the awesome shifts that were Cocreated in 2023 paved the way for Lightworkers to be able to Cocreate miracles in 2024. Unfortunately, due to the painful things that are being pushed to the surface in the outer-world to be healed and Transmuted back into Light, many Lightworkers are feeling disheartened and erroneously believing that their efforts to assist in Mother Earth’s Ascension process have been in vain.

You are powerful beyond your knowing and THE NEXT STEP of that profound Truth is being revealed to Humanity by the Company of Heaven NOW.

The Sacred Knowledge from the Heavenly Realms that we at Era of Peace are sharing with Awakening Humanity has been offered free of charge since 1968 to anyone who has the Heart Call to receive it. This incredible Gift from On High is being given to Humanity by our Sisters and Brothers in the Realms of Illumined Truth. They are Sons and Daughters of God just like you and me. However, these Beings of Light have evolved to a much higher level of Consciousness. They are like college professors compared to you and me who are more like kindergarten students in the overall scheme of things.

These Beings are selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God who have “come through the veil to meet us halfway” because of the need of the hour. They are communicating with Humanity now through intuitive Open Heart and Mind Telepathic Communication.

We were always supposed to have access to this assistance and this guidance from On High. However, when we fell into the dense and discordant frequencies of separation and duality aeons ago we lost the ability to reach up in Consciousness into the Realms of Illumined Truth. Since that fateful time, we have been “weeping and wailing through our valley of tears” struggling to accomplish our Divine Plans through trial and error.

Now everything has changed. During the past several decades, the adverse effects of our horrific fall from Grace have been gradually reversed and Transmuted back into Light. This was accomplished through the unified efforts of Awakening Humanity and our Sisters and Brothers in the Heavenly Realms. Through myriad activities of Light, the Veil of Maya which pulsated with Humanity’s grossly mutated human miscreations has been incrementally purified and cleansed.

Now, the Company of Heaven no longer needs “to come through the veil to meet us halfway.” Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her have gradually Ascended up the Spiral of Evolution into frequencies of vibration that are allowing our I AM Presence to take command of our Earthly Bodies. As this occurs, Inner Guidance from our I AM Presence is easily received through our Intuition and Open Heart and Mind Telepathic Communication. This means that by simply asking our I AM Presence to take command of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions this Loving aspect of our own Divinity is able to guide us unerringly.

At long last, the Sacred Knowledge from the Realms of Illumined Truth is available to each and every person who is willing to ask, to listen and to open our heart and mind to the infinite possibilities. It also helps immensely if we daily stay focused on the Light and do whatever it takes to raise our energy, vibration, and Consciousness.

Through our I AM Presence we can also directly communicate with the various Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. We have recently experienced a monumental shift within our System of Worlds. We now have access to NEW Realms of Light and assistance from Beings of Light who were previously far beyond our vibrational reach. These Beings exist in the System of our Grand Central Sun which now embraces Mother Earth and our entire System of Worlds.

These Beings of Light have been patiently waiting for Mother Earth and all Life evolving upon her to reverse the adverse effects of our fall from Grace so that we could reclaim our rightful place in this higher System of Worlds. Now that this has been God Victoriously accomplished these powerful Beings of Light are standing in readiness. They are awaiting our invitation to give them permission to intervene in our lives in positive ways that will greatly assist us in our Ascension process.

This is a brief reminder of the various classifications of the Legions of Light associated with ALL of the Systems of Worlds Mother Earth now abides in including our Grand Central Sun. The Beings of Light, whom I often refer to as the Company of Heaven, consist first and foremost of the all-encompassing Presence of our Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, All That Is.

This is the Divine Presence from which every single atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation is Birthed. It is within this Body of our Father-Mother God that ALL Life Lives, Moves, Breathes and has its Being. The Body of God is the all-encompassing Divine Matrix or the Unified Field that science is beginning to finally recognize.

All of the other Beings of Light are considered Sons and Daughters of our Father-Mother God. These Sons and Daughters of God are known through all Creation by various titles depending on their level of Consciousness and their selfless service to Life.

There are Crowns, Thrones, Principalities, Solar Logos, the Mighty Elohim, Cosmic Beings, Galactic Beings, Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim, and all graded Orders of Angels. There are Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation of Light, and the I AM Presence of every evolving Son and Daughter of God throughout Creation. There are also those associated with the Elemental Kingdom which includes the Directors of the Elements Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether as well as the Sylphs of the Air, the Undines of the Water, the Nature Spirits of the Earth, the Salamanders of the Fire and the Devas and Deva Rajas of the Ether.

ALL of these Beings of Light, including the Legions of Light associated with the NEW System of Worlds we now have access to through our Grand Central Sun, are standing in readiness awaiting Humanity’s Heart Call and our invitation to help us during this wondrous but often tumultuous time. The assistance from these Beings of Light will be given to us in perfect alignment with our Divine Plans and the highest good for all concerned. They will never interfere with our Free Will by intervening in our lives without an invitation and permission from our I AM Presence.

The information that is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth at this time is not intended to dispute our present belief systems or to tell us that what we believe is wrong. We have all been guided by our I AM Presence through the lessons and learning experiences we needed in order to bring us to this point in our evolutionary process. Now it is time for all of us to take THE NEXT STEP.

The Divine Intent of this information is to enhance what we already know. It is designed to give us greater clarity and understanding, so that we will recognize at a much higher level what is happening on Earth and in our personal lives. This will enable each of us to remember who we are and why we are here during this Cosmic Moment.

All of the information that I am sharing through Era of Peace is from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. However, even having said that, I do not ever want you to accept something as Truth just because someone told you it is true. I would like for you to contemplate this information as food for thought. Then, take the information into the Divinity of your Heart Flame and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you the Truth contained in these Celestial sharings. Ask how you can utilize this information to help fulfill your Divine Plan and to accelerate your Ascension process.

Anything that does not resonate as Truth just let it go. If I AM sharing something that is important for you to know in order for you to fulfill your Divine Plan, but it does not resonate as Truth for you just yet, I promise you your I AM Presence will keep presenting that information to you in gentle and Loving ways over and over again until you are able to accept it.

This is a New Beginning and the request to share this information has come from On High. This information is being received through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth and will pave the way for a new level of Awakening within the Heart and Mind of anyone who feels the Heart Call to receive it.

I AM deeply honored to share this information with you and together we will fulfill our Divine Plans and assist the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her as we Cocreate the Immaculate Concept of the newly elevated Patterns of Perfection for the New 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Earth in 2024.

Precious Heart, I want to thank you for volunteering to be born during this auspicious time on Planet Earth. God Bless You for your willingness to BE the OPEN DOOR THAT NO ONE CAN SHUT as the Light of God flows into the Mental and Emotional Strata of this Planet to Bless Humanity and ALL Life evolving on this sweet Earth.


The shift into the full embrace of the System of Worlds associated with our Grand Central Sun has changed everything. This has moved us forward in the Light in ways that cannot be ignored. To acknowledge this profound Truth, we at Era of Peace have been encouraged by our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth to Create a new platform for our Weekly Vlogs that will move us all to the next level of our Ascension process.

We have been sharing the information that is being given to us by the Company of Heaven since 1968. Our Heart commitment was, and will always be, to share this information free of charge so that no one will be prevented from receiving this Gift from On High due to a financial obligation. In deep Humility and Gratitude, we have been able to do this through the generous and Loving financial support Lightworkers have continually given to us over the decades. There are not words that can adequately express what a blessing this has been to all of us at Era of Peace and to the Company of Heaven. God Bless You.

In 2017, we were asked by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to begin sharing this information through multidimensional and multi-sensual Weekly Vlogs. They said the patterns of perfection for the New Earth were flowing into the Mental and Emotional Strata of the Planet and through the Vlogs the Beings of Light would be able to help our I AM Presence to develop our senses. They said the multifaceted aspects of the Vlogs would help us to perceive higher frequencies of colors, expressions of nature, musical tones, fragrances, images, Heart-based words, content and Celestial Visions in more advanced ways then we had experienced so far. 

With the quantum shifts that were God Victoriously accomplished in 2023 including Mother Earth’s Ascension into her New SOLAR Reality which took place during Wesak and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 5th, and our Galaxy’s Ascension into the full embrace of our Grand Central Sun which took place as we passed through the 11:11:11 Portal on November 11, 2023, the Lightwork for Era of Peace has also taken a quantum leap forward in the Light.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are assisting us to develop new Vlogs that will be greatly enhanced in energy, vibration and Consciousness by the Beings of Light from our Grand Central Sun. Vlog 1 in our new series will be available on our website and emailed to those of you who already receive our FREE Weekly Vlogs on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

The Vlogs will be emailed automatically every Tuesday to all of you who have signed up to receive the FREE Weekly Vlogs on our website   This series of Vlogs is titled:


This FREE Monthly Newsletter is also being greatly enhanced in energy, vibration and Consciousness by the Beings of Light from our Grand Central Sun. Those of you who have signed up on our website to receive our Monthly Newsletter will continue to receive it by email on the 1st of every month.

Precious Hearts, 2024 is going to be a time for manifesting miracles. So, focus on the Light and the Patterns of Perfection that you want to Cocreate on the New 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Earth. If you ask you will receive more assistance from the Beings of Light associated with our Grand Central Sun than you have ever imagined.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446, Phone: 520-885-7909
Fax: 520-347-5440

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included.

Era of Peace is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
©2024 Patricia Cota-Robles

Have New Year Filled with Love!


Messages from Ann & the Angels – 12/30/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As your year draws to a close and humanity gives itself permission to release what no longer serves and to look forward with hope and dreams alive, we celebrate with you. We love that you take this time to look within, recalibrate your life, and clarify your desires. We love that you give yourself these markers in your eternal journey. Every moment that you spend attuning to the thoughts that give you joy is a moment closer to having your desires appear in your life.

Resolve this year that you will give yourselves permission to find thoughts and things to feel good about, no matter the circumstances around you. We are not predicting gloom and doom in this statement; we simply observe what you already see everywhere you look—the contrast in your world is becoming more and more evident as hearts awaken, and countless souls begin to bring their truth to the surface.

This is not a tragedy but rather an incredible, rapid evolution of humanity. You are part of an exciting time on your planet. Events in recent years have driven so many inward, diving deep to reconnect with hearts long buried, dreams forgotten, and desires that were once cast by the wayside. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore your feelings. The alignment between your thoughts and your soul is becoming more evident. When you feel good, your thoughts are those of love. When you feel bad, your thoughts diverge from those of the loving spirit within.

Be true to yourselves in the coming year.

You were not designed to please others unless it truly pleases you to do so.

You were not designed to serve others at the expense of your own joy and well-being. Very few in the history of humanity have incarnated with the explicit intention to be martyrs, but those who chose that path, did, did it with glad hearts.

You were not designed to fight or fix people or systems but rather to serve the values and empower the ideologies you believe in.

So, in this time of intensified contrast, give up the fight. Give up trying to make others conform. Give up trying to make yourself conform. Like the roses and lilies, the grasses, trees, and weeds, simply be yourself and trust that the love that lives within all things and all beings wants its expression in diversity.

Diversity of thought, dear ones, leads to creation! If you all had the exact same beliefs and ideas, if you wore the same clothes, listened to the same music, and had the same solutions for the same problems and challenges, quickly, you would become bored and desire the stimulation for growth. In nature, diversity stimulates evolution. In humanity, diversity does the same.

In the coming year, wonder at the differences, seek to understand them if you wish, but remain true to your loving self. There’s no need to get anyone else to agree with you. There’s no need for you to agree with anyone else. Listen rather than argue. Love rather than hate. Be kind to yourself rather than self-deprecating.

It is a year where remaining centered and rooted in love to the best of your ability will yield a bountiful harvest in your life. It is a year when being true to yourself will feel magnificent. It is a year when you will want to listen to your heart and act on its loving impulses so as to take advantage of the opportunities being offered.

Dear ones, we know your world has a lot of turmoil as the eternally ineffective attempts to bully and manipulate one another into compliance go on. Wars can conquer nations and kill bodies, but they don’t change minds or eliminate souls. Political “wars” can inspire chaos, anger, and fear, but even the most “powerful” on your earth will pass into the unseen and learn whether or not their “power” was rooted in love and whether or not history and future generations will see them as brilliantly as they thought they once were or will look upon them with greater clarity and wisdom.

Fear not, dear ones. God is God. Love is love. Love is accessible to you in every breath, in every moment, in every thought, and in every choice. Love is the foundation from which you were created and the destination to which you will return. The more you choose to align with love, the better you will feel and the more magical and brilliant your life will become.

As you celebrate your new year and look forward to the year ahead, replace hope with a resolve to seek and see what is good, beautiful, lasting, and true in life, for in so doing, you will feel the love that seeks to flow into your life at all times.

Love never ends, dear ones. It is there for the taking, an eternal river of life, guiding you, loving you, embracing you, and carrying you forward.

Look back on this year and celebrate your strength, your growth, your loving choices, the people whose lives you touched, and the people whose lives touched yours. Celebrate the challenges overcome and the tenacity of spirit you all exemplified. Celebrate your beautiful meals, beautiful art, and beautiful music. Celebrate the day you stepped in the grass and appreciate its cool softness on the soles of your feet.

Celebrate the strangers who were kind to you and the times you were kind to yourself when others weren’t. Look around your home and celebrate all the little reminders of love. Do you recall the feeling you had when you bought a cherished item or a picture you enjoy to this day? Touch a blanket, a pillow, or a crystal you love and marvel at the exquisite sensations of texture as your touch sends thousands of signals to your brain.

In every moment, in every day, in every situation, you can find something to love. See and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened, and in this case, we mean the door to the never-ending, constantly-expanding, all-giving stream of love that is yours for the taking.

Happy New Year, dear ones. Happy New Moment. Happy New Opportunity to claim the feelings of love that are yours.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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You are changing twenty-four hours a day. At the same time, you are attempting to continue your 3D world demands – it is too much…It is time to ignore what used to be and to create what is now…Let go and come alive…This is a time of inner and outer honesty…What gives you joy and intrigues you NOW?

Let Go And Come Alive

Dear Ones,

Even though you might not notice much difference in your interests, you likely feel exhausted or overwhelmed, unlike what was once true following similar activities or sleep patterns.

You are changing twenty-four hours a day. At the same time, you are attempting to continue your 3D world demands – it is too much.

Even though similar thoughts seem to have been true during previous holiday seasons, this year is different. The activities you participate in and prepare for do not seem to be that much fun. You just want to be home – until you do not. And when you leave your home, you want to be home again. You feel as if you are searching for something that never appears. The activities hold your interest minimally, and interactions feel stilted, uncomfortable, and likely boring.

Nothing seems to jell no matter how often you cry to the Universes or your inner being. You no longer want to comply with the demands of others, yet you feel like an unpleasant person, even to yourself.

You have crossed yet another Rubicon.

It is time to ignore what used to be and to create what is now. But new creations will not be possible until you stop berating yourself for not being right, kind, or good enough. Allow yourself to let go of what was. Freefall into who you have become – and ignore who you feel you should be.

woman wearing yellow dress

Let go and come alive.

Many of you contend that you cannot or will not let go. Creating an unpleasant life for both yourself and those close to you. Your resulting self-anger spills out into your interactions with others. The nervous energy encouraging you to be different must be tamped down for you to ignore it. And so there is a certain point, almost daily, in which the pressure cooker you created within yourself explodes.

Instead of trying to hold yourself together in 3D rightness, allow yourself to be you. Who are you? Instead of who you used to be. You can no longer pretend that you have not evolved. Nor can you pretend that your immediate world is as it was. Trying to do so merely confuses and angers you, as well as any beings who have transitioned.

This is a time of inner and outer honesty. Something you have never before experienced while of the earth. Previously, you had inner thoughts that were not always aligned with your outer actions – but so did everyone. Your holiday movies portrayed your life as you wished it to be. And your interactions forced you into the correct behavior at the correct time. Because those facades have been removed, you are in a quandary attempting to recreate what likely never was. You try to be nice, good, and all the other words that are especially appropriate for this time of year, but doing so only confuses you and often makes you angry.

Where is your joy and sense of fun during this season? Why is everything such an effort? Questions that indicate you are not being true to your new being.

What gives you joy and intrigues you NOW? You seldom answered those questions during your 3D life, for those questions were so tied to your social norms that you did not believe you had many options. Now that social parameters have disappeared, you must discover yourself – not necessarily an easy task. That discovery is often coated with who you should or want to be instead of who you are. Creating discomfort during this supposedly most joyous holiday season.

Only you can answer the question, “What can or should I do differently?”

It is not right for new you if you are angry or uncomfortable with any activity. Your likely response is, “I have to do this because it is expected of me or there is no one else to do it.” We of the Universes must add, “Then create what you need to be comfortable, whether that means not participating in something, creating an activity more in tune with who you have become, or creating the means to reduce or eliminate your need to care for others.

You are learning how to flit into the new without remorse, guilt, or shame – as are others. Creating a new world. But because this holiday season has more shoulds than is expected at any other time of the year, it is not necessarily easy to do so. Be kind to yourself – you are maturing and evolving rapidly. The result of that growth is your current confusion and likely exhaustion. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 12/23/2023 • You are the light

photo of white pine trees

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy, holy holidays to all of you who celebrate, and happy, holy days to all, for all days are holy, all days have the potential to be happy, and all days can be a celebration of the light that you so beautifully focus upon this time of year.

Whether you celebrate the babe in a manger, the miracle of the oil, or simply the return of light after the winter solstice, you are celebrating a light that lives and breathes within you. This is your essence and your truth, and when you align with that light by choice—be it through a kind thought, word, or deed, for yourself or another—you will feel its radiance shining to you and through you.

This light is nothing less than your Creator, beyond form. This light can never be diminished. It cannot be put out. It burns brightly even in the toughest of circumstances, and as you surrender to it, attune to it, it guides you to all you seek.

Can you fathom, dear ones, that the light of the Christ child lives in you? The miraculous light that burns in the darkness lives in you. The light that emanates from your star lives within you. There is only One, and every moment you spend feeling something that feels even remotely like love—be it even comfort or contentment- you are, to some degree, feeling that beautiful love beyond description.

If you celebrate Christmas, imagine that light being lovingly nurtured in your own heart. Mary is that within you that nurtures your light. Joseph is that within you that protects your light. The shepherds are that innocence within you that beholds your ability to live in love with wonder and awe. The kings are those within you who value the light and want to support it. Dear ones, these people were very real historical figures but were also archetypal, and those archetypes live within you.

If you celebrate Hannukah, the light in the lamp that burns without end lives within you. There is no limit to your love. There is no limit to the miracles that can be created as you surrender to love. Nothing can diminish that light nor gain permanent victory “over it,” for this light lives in all.

Love can be ignored. It can be pushed away. You can refuse to feel it by focusing on that which is not loving. Whether or not you experience the absolute, magnificent wonder of you—your true essence—is always a choice, but regardless, that light lives and breathes and burns within you. It calls you to that which feels better. In even a moment of peaceful distraction, good ideas can arise that help you move forward out of a difficult situation. In even a moment of surrender, your answers can come. In even a moment of what many of you call ‘not giving a care’ about whatever you struggle with, you release the struggle and open to what you desire.

This holiday season, imagine that light within you. Imagine that with every beautiful or uplifting or soothing thought you think you are tending to that light, nurturing that love, and allowing yourself to feel its never-ending, nurturing, uplifting, inspiring flow.

You don’t seek better thoughts and feelings to become a good person. You already are. You don’t seek them to pass some test or avoid some judgment. You are not being tested, and no one in the heavens is judging you. You don’t want to feel good to prove to anyone that you’ve achieved spiritual mastery. You want to surrender to anything that helps you feel more love, more joy, more peace, or more soothed—for your own sake because deep in your spirit, you know you deserve to feel that good!

Even in your grief, you can comfort yourself or be kind and allow that light to shine. Even in your confusion, you can be clear about your caring heart. Even in the depths of your pain, you can open the window of your heart a crack by breathing and allowing us to assist you in attuning your vibration to that love.

With every soothing, loving, comforting, kind thought, word, or deed that feels better, you allow yourself to feel that light, and as you feel it, it flows through you into your created world. It begins to light up your 3D path, at first with better feelings, then with better thoughts, and then with things starting to flow easily and miraculously into your life.

The Christ child was not born on a tropical island on a smooth, balmy day. He was born in a dark, cold, and humble manger. The oil in the lamp did not burn in times of peace and glory. It burnt despite conflict and chaos. Your light, too, can certainly shine when it is easy, but how much more miraculous can you and your life become as you shine this light, even when feeling the dark around you? So much more joy is accessible when you surrender to what feels more loving.

Dear ones, if your lives are wonderful, and you gather with family or friends, let that light shine brightly. If you are alone, bereaved, fearful, or upset, take a breath, focus on something soothing, and surrender to love. We are here to love you at all times. The Divine never ceases. Make room in the manger, light the lamp, and allow yourself to travel on the kindest and most joyful path simply by dropping into the moment you are in and asking your inner wisdom, “What feels like love right now?”

You are light. You are love. You are loved. No matter what you say, think, or do, this light remains constant and unchanged. Our wish for you is that you slowly but surely learn the benefit of releasing your upsets in favor of better feelings so this light can illuminate your mind, your heart, your life, and eventually, your world.

Merry Christmas
Happy Hannukah
Peaceful Solstice

We love you without end.
— The Angels

Feeling Good is Feeling God.