Galactic Contact :”44 Delegations have Met so Far” -AA Michael-

Golden Age of Gaia

In my reading with Archangel Michael on Nov. 26 through Linda Dillon, he gave us a very full discussion of the meetings of the delegations. There have been forty-four separate meetings.

They’re arranged into what we used to think of as “special interest groups.” These groups include astrophysicists, political leaders, spiritual leaders, healers, environmentalists, homemakers, inventors, engineers, communicators, etc.

They’re establishing trust and relationship, sharing knowledge, and reaching comfort levels with each other before going public.

It’s intended that the whole spectrum of groups goes public at the same time in 2020.

Pretty darned exciting! This is what we’ve all been waiting for!

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 26, 2019.

Steve Beckow: Can you give us more of the specifics of what was transacted and accomplished by the delegations so far? I’m looking for a little more detail to be able to talk about this subject.

Archangel Michael: Well, as you know, these are highly protected and confidential. For the majority – we are willing to talk about this – of them, think of it as, sort of a, primarily a meet-and-greet.

Now you would think that the delegations first and foremost – the grander purpose of the delegations, the collective soul purpose of the delegations – is the benevolent, expansive, cooperative, collegial welcoming and presence of your star family upon the planet. So, that is the starting point.

If, for example – and I say “example,” not truth – if for example, you opened your door to your home and several of your star family stepped in, you would not immediately say to them, “Where is my replicator?” “Can I have a ride in your ship?” … “Give me, give me, give me, give me.”

And, of course, they would not say “hand over your apartment. You take the closet and we’re going to camp out here.” So many of the 44 – now 44 – meetings that have taken place have been getting to know you because there is the shock factor.

Now even when you are dealing with – and we love using the example because they do – of astrophysicists, for example, even when the most advanced astrophysicist knows there is life on other planets, to have that face-to-face, being-to-being encounter is still somewhat of a shock.

Steve: I’m sure it is.

AAM: So rather than getting down to brass tacks, as it were, there have been engagements in literally establishing trust and comfort levels. Now on the part of your star family, of course, there is already a great trust and comfort level because they have the advantage of basically not only setting up the meetings but also knowing what those that they choose to pay attention to are really up to. So it is not a completely-level playing field.

So what has been happening in these meetings has been an establishment of mutuality.

So there has been some difference in the meetings. So, for example, with the astrophysicists there have been discussions about certain theorems, equations, information that are being shared. Not in a utilitarian way but in a way of we have learned this and this is our wisdom, our knowledge, our understanding of, for example, black holes. So that would be the type of very gentle approach that we are taking in that.

Now when we meet with, for example, political (small p) individuals, we give them insights around the galactic councils and what those forums look like.

When we have all (because we are in attendance as well. No, not seen but certainly in attendance), when there are meetings say of healers … and this has been an interesting combination because there have been what you think of as esoteric healers, energy healers, world-class surgeons, family physicians … so it has been a cross-section, we share information about the star approach to healing and modalities and approaches that have been proven to work for millennia… So that has been the exchange.

But also what is being accomplished, for example, is the closer knitting, integration of those who are engaged in what we would call the healing professions.

What has happened and what the star commanders have designed the various meetings is as it were meet-and-greet but also around various areas of interest.

Steve: Now you said there was 44 delegations so far. Are these delegations all organized in the way you just said… Some are for healers, some are for political people, some are for astrophysicists?

AAM: Yes, thus far, yes.

Steve: Are there any other groupings that you can share with us? Were there spiritual leaders?

AAM: There are spiritual leaders. There are what you can think of as inventors, engineers, the Halions are very engaged in these delegation meetings. Just as the healers of Trelana are very engaged with the healing professions. So, yes, there are various categories.

Steve: Okay, can you give us a few more examples of the various categories?

AAM: One category that you will find quite interesting and perhaps unexpected is what you would think of as homemakers, parents, families. In fact these have been some of the most joyous meetings because there is not so much expectation and there is a greater willingness to engage.

We mean both male and female by the way.… There has been a lively exchange on the meaning of family, how families are constructed, the meaning of lineage and what that implies, approaches to parenting.… So that has been a very lively sector.

There has been another sector that has been interested in water and oceans.

Steve: Wow! And what did the Galactics communicate in that section?

AAM: As you will well no, (or perhaps you do not remember) many of the portals, the landing portals are located in these large bodies of water.

Steve: Like the Gulf of Aden – that kind of thing?

AAM: Correct. And so there has been discussions about that and how water or an oceanic atmosphere can actually contain and be shielded from a human [inaudible], shall we say.… But the bulk of the discussion has been about climate change and about the cleaning up of everything from the oceans to the mountain streams.

Steve: Any others that stand out?

AAM: Yes there have also been… Perhaps you do not know this but long ago Gabrielle has told this channel that many of the extinct species will be returning to Earth.

And you have seen here and there sightings of species that have been spotted of late that were believed to be extinct. So there have been meetings around that as well.

So the focus of most of these, aside from just establishing the comfort and trust issues, is also, shall we say, the sharing of good news.

And the quiet, quiet demonstrations (because the point is to build the trust) the quiet demonstrations of how the star beings can, will, are assisting humanity. Not in an intrusive way but in a way that is collegial.

Steve: … And these meetings are ongoing? It’s not just a one-off, right?

AAM: Oh no, they cannot possibly be a one-off. As we have said now there have been 44 such meetings and three of them have been repeats.

This is about building relationships. You do not ask, for example, a homemaker, a stay-at-home wife, mother from Kansas to go on national TV, “I know about star beings” without establishing a secure baseline.

Steve: In other words they will go on into the future, ongoingly.

AAM: Oh yes. These are… Think of them as the joint committees to establish what comes next. And it is of such a nature and it is across such a wide bandwidth… And that is another area by the way, is communications and not just Earth communications but interstellar communications and that will be a massive jump for the entire planet.

Steve: Well, I’m sure. At what point does this go public? What are the criteria?

AAM: Well, the criterion is the political climate, shall we say. Grener has established baselines for the comfort level and the readiness of the various groups because part of this (and it is a massive work-around, as you know) has been to have all the groups come forth at the same time.

Steve: Okay… Wow what an event that would be!

AAM: It will be undeniable and that is the point.

Steve: Is that years away?

AAM: No. The projection, the hope on their part is for this to be most firmly situated so that it can take place in 2020.

Steve: Is anything you have said about it so far, not for publication?

AAM: You may publish it all!

Steve: Wow, that’s good news Lord!

AAM: It is very exciting because it is truly not just about your star family coming to Earth. It is about the humans who are truly an angelic love race taking their place with their brothers and sisters of the galaxies.