Can’t sleep?Take it as a good sign.

This post comes from my Facebook wall shared this morning :

Can’t sleep last night?too much energy?feeling angry cause your cycles are being disrupted?no panic, the only constant is change, lol , i think and feel we can all FINALLY agree about this now , right? or maybe instead you are experiencing some digestive problems, maybe you think you ate some food that wasn’t good for you yesterday ?can be! or it can just be that there is such a huge shift happening in you cells and body right now that the ‘symptoms’ are here for all your neihbours to witness.At least now you can agree about something with them , right? Or maybe the other way around? you are so tired that you want to sleep all the time.Or you are so hungry that you eat all the time and can’t feel to get enough while visiting your toilet at least 6 times a day.MMMMM,strANGE what can it be????How about The transformation of your carbon based cells to crystalline based cells ?=Ascension process in your physical body which means you don’t die, you get to keep your body and experience the shift as you experience it in your now , even scientists start now to confirm this FINALLY and about time in their DNA observations . One needs more crystals = minerals in the body means eating more veggies ,more of the green stuff, drinking MORE mineral WATER.That’s what love and light coming from the central galactic SUN does.In spiritual terms :The Tsunami of Mother God is here).
Nikos shut up, i don’t want to hear / read that stuff!
sorry m8, my wall.
One can choose to resist and remain in the same old same old way =struggle (=do too much social media, watch movies , play games for distraction ,eat too much or bring more toxicity to the body with smoke / substances in order to mask the pain or one can choose to celebrate and instead of fighting it and wanting to sleep at all cost of they can’t sleep, take a walk, go for a run while at it, hug a tree or 2, do a dance do some stretching, pilates, yoga or tai chi or all together combined ,play some music, take off the shoes and let the feet touch the green grass even if it is winter and it is cold or wet, to discover the goodness that comes from connecting with nature, with Ascended Mother Earth inhaling the breeze of fresh air purified to vitalise body, mind and spirit.Everything is available and it is for free.And while you are at it, don’t forget the most important of all parts: make a prayer and ask for support to your soul team for assistance , go within and listen what the team has to say for your highest good =the highest good for all.After all you are only becoming aware that you are a member of an Angelic Love Race called The Human becoming Galactic Race .That’s not too bad for good news to rejoice or is it? what’s not too bad and what’s too good to be true news ?what do you prefer? how about #feelmorethanfine news?Just my perspective, one is always free not to read it ,lol.