Eyes Open.

Eyes open, for a split second you feel nothing except the now. You’re awake and all you know is that it’s a new day with endless possibilities. Such a beautiful morning, the sun shining through the windows like a touch of heaven shows you the depth of All That Is. The split second fades and in an instantaneous flash the sun runs away and you feel sick to your stomach. You’ve remembered the past you are stuck in, the endless thought patterns that have manifested the magnet of fear into a miserable existence. You’ve remembered people who have hurt you that you must get revenge on, you remember mistakes you’ve made that make you a bad person. You’ve remembered all the people who have told you about how much power you don’t have, how intelligent you’re not, and how weak love is. Hope is covered up, faith is lost, what’s the point anyway? So what happened? All was well for the split second until you think you remembered who you are. Who is this person you think you are? A created mental projection of a past form that has strung together a programmed mind and a guilty identity not worthy of this life of happiness and love. Your tank is empty and you haven’t even driven anywhere yet! Your unhappy story is more important to you than freedom. What would you have without this story? “Who would I be?” You ask. You would finally be free, you would be nothing, because you are “no thing.” What would happen if you let go? What would happen if you gave up who you think you are? What would happen if you came to realize these feelings of guilt, shame, hatred, and fear were self-manifested and creative? If you woke up one morning not remembering who or what you are or have done in the past, is it even possible to tell yourself that you’re a terrible person or that the world is against you? How can such a thing be possible if it has been wiped from your memory? After a period of confusion and most likely anxiety, you see a dim lit lamp overseeing a hand written letter on a wooden desk. On it you see text written in ink “To the one whom feels lost.” At first you think it couldn’t possibly be about you but after all, you’re the one who is lost because you can’t remember who you are or what you’ve done. The letter states, “Welcome to the first day of your new life! We are so grateful to have a person such as yourself here with us. You are a master of love, you’ve shown the immutable formless perfect love to the entire world. When forgiveness was said to be weak, you showed us strength. When hatred flourished, you showed us that grace cannot lose. When you looked evil in the eye, you showed undeniable love. When the world seemed as if it were burning down, you showed us that inward will always keep us safe and at peace. Knowing that you are a perfect, powerful, and beautiful person, you always stay humble in knowing that so is everyone else around you. You are a creator, you are a healer, you have unlimited power because you have become realized as a part of everyone and everything in the universe. Continue to live your purpose, remember to never be a slave to fear, because fear is illusion, and die every day, only to wake up a new and improved you living in the now. Sincerely, the You that died last night.” Which direction could you possible go besides upward and onward? You have no recollection of the past besides that it happened in the now and that you are a smart, powerful, peaceful, loving, strong, and healing creator connected to everyone and everything in the universe. Could you have been hateful, revengeful, violent, materialistic, and unloving? Well of course, but why wasn’t it mentioned? Because it is completely irrelevant and dissolved in the face of Truth. Furthermore, all of those things whether they happened or not have obviously placed you in the position to gain superior knowledge and use the darkness to manifest light, whether it be a year, a week, a day, or a second, you can and will change if you have vision to see the formless love underneath any and all things. I love you all.


Photo Credit:Nicola Currel