Feel and release your own pain and patterns into the Violet Fire for transmutation and transformation. You can do it. You were born for this.

#14 UPDATE + Why Do Such Terrible Things Happen to Good People in Service? (Archangel Michael answers a reader’s heartfelt question)
A warm hello, it is Christine, and I want to share with you what’s happening here. More than anything else right now, I am excited and focused.
I, along with the other bright ones who live at the cabin, can and do heartily confirm the intel we are all receiving from other Messengers and Channels. I personally am not ever given a timeline, but otherwise – from inner knowing and constant conversations with the Council of Light – I can verify the magnitude of the events now unfolding, which will assuredly result in the release of God’s Prosperity and much more.

My health is under tremendous strain, primarily from transmuting. Also, each time I post a message, I am still hit with frequency weapons and such. Yet please know that although my physical condition is painful and weak, I am strong, clear, peaceful and resolute. I use my will for one thing only: to fulfill our shared Mission of restoring God’s Light on Earth.
We here at our little cabin by the lake are all working around the clock consciously transmuting personal and collective human dross. Every breath is devoted to our Ascension and Earth’s.
The 111 messages assisting us through this transition will all most assuredly be delivered in Archangel Michael’s timing.
Be in joy in the midst of all things. Let’s find each other there.
I love you.Serving alongside you, Christine
If you are reading this, it is your job / your purpose / your Mission to choose God – in any way you can that is meaningful to you – in the midst of all conditions and experiences. Your choices have never been more influential than now, as we all work together creating the converging energies and experiences which are resulting in the breakthrough release of global prosperity and everlasting freedom for one and all.
Please relax and let go of the idea that if you are in difficult conditions – such as bad health, strained finances, upset relationships, mental imbalance, spiritual isolation and such – that you are in any way failing at life.
The more challenging and the harsher the conditions you find yourself experiencing means not that you are a spiritual weakling failing to manifest fantastic living conditions. Rather, you are a mighty spiritual warrior, experiencing intense challenges because it is assured that you will ultimately choose God/Light/Love. This is the action of Ascension.
The conditions on Earth have become dire. You are a System Buster. This means you are here to dissolve a malevolent matrix of control and domination through your choices and actions, resulting in love.
Know this: Whenever you choose and act upon God/Light/Love, you not only transform the experience at hand, but you also cause God’s Healing Light to flood into the entire bandwidth of resonance at which the harsh conditions you are transcending exist.

Fret not. Worry not. If you are NOT suffering it doesn’t mean that you aren’t contributing to the rise in Light through personal Ascension. There are as many meaningful Ascension paths as there are incarnated Souls. One of the themes of these transition messages is assistance for you to free yourself from the bondage-ideas that you are anything but splendid.
Before we answer a question heart-fully asked by many of you, in the Light of this discussion, I bring you a bit of news. Yes, as many of you have perceived, even at this late hour there is still a coordinated effort to subdue frontline LightBearers of every capacity. This movement has been long expected and – although some are still suffering as a result – the resolve of this group of bright souls is steady and strong. Much more important is the fact that your efforts are producing the emergence of freedom and prosperity for all, underway now.
Two things to contemplate in resurrecting your Self: 1) who you are as an infinite being of God, unchangeable in your essence and birthright; 2) how you are choosing to act and be in the difficult conditions of Surface Earth, and how you can choose to be anew – even as those conditions continue to present.

…I have often wondered why sincere lightworkers are not protected from the dark energies whose purpose is to disrupt their life’s purpose. ie. bringing light and understanding to others. I read with some dismay of Sheldon’s [Sheldon Nidle PAO] recent attack which sent him back to hospital with a suspected stroke. Colleen suspected an external dark force attack (and not the first). These were my immediate thoughts too.
My question is WHY…. WHEN A LIFETIME OF DEVOTED SERVICE TO INCREASING THE LIGHT here on earth, is allowed to be interfered with by the possible use of high frequency devices in the hands of evil? Your message (#11 What’s Happening Now) answers my question to some extent but not completely. My reference is directed at ‘off planet’ devices being used to bring down the best of the best of humanity.
Perhaps our Angelic and Galactic friends can answer that question. God bless, R.
What an understandable rally cry for the return of True Reality, where good actions immediately create measurably good returns. The full answer to this low-dimensional quandary includes many contributing components, including the words and emanations I have already offered within this message.
Unfolding events in the arising reality are dependant on constantly fluctuating impact factors including:
Life PlanContractsAgreementsFree Will ChoicePersonal AscensionCollective RealityProphecy FulfillmentKarmic BalancingDivine DispensationAnd More
A conscious way to help and join the beloved souls fulfilling our shared Mission to restore the Light of God on Earth – especially while transcending difficult circumstances including enduring attack – is simple yet powerful. Go within with the purity of sincerity to find and transform where you still harbour the effects of pain and suffering. Feel and release your own pain and patterns into the Violet Fire for transmutation and transformation. You can do it. You were born for this.
Serving alongside you,
I Am Archangel Michael
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(Channeled by Christine Burk, 10 November 2018. WhoNeedsLight, Dr. Kathryn E. May, Founder. Please include channel and full message when reprinting. No mechanical voice recordings. This Story Ends in Glory!)