All goes well on earth. Many misconceptions are being righted and many new minds are awakening to the true reality. -AA Michael via Sharon-

Archangel Michael Group

Week 79 Message

October 23 2022

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

All goes well on earth. Many misconceptions are being righted and many new minds are awakening to the true reality. As this continues those who are more advanced see more of who or what lurks around them and are better able to deal with the darkness which has infested our beautiful planet.

This week’s task is one of partially self enhancement however preparation for the final ascension. We ask you to visualize yourself wrapping energetic tendrils of Light around the 5D grid. If you do not practice this anyhow it is best to begin as this better aligns you with the 5D and casts away that which no longer serves you.

Visualize yourself in your light body, with many cords reaching to the higher vibratory grid. See your friends, your lovers, your family, strangers engaging in this act as well. Strengthening your connection to earth’s grid will help you and others upon earth and will help the earth to continue her ascension as both you and she bring in the higher energies of love.

This is a good practice for daily meditation.

In preparation for Samhaim, this should be continued for a few weeks until All Saints Day comes upon us. Smudging and clearing of homes should help to protect the children during this dark time.

Me: Yes, I saw a black blob squiggle across my lap yesterday, Michael.

Michael: Indeed. Do not attract these things, Sharon but learn how to repel them.

Me: I’m not in my best mood right now and I’m sure the drugs I’m using aren’t helping.

Michael: How can you buoy your mood every day?

Me: Go look at the fall colours. Oh yeah, what was that. Something just moved by my right eye. I see all kinds of movement around here.

Michael: To sit in the beautiful nature and focus on the stunning coloured trees – God gives so much and for so many it goes unseen.

Me: I know; the colours have been phenomenal this year. They’re never lost on me. I love it.

Michael: Anything that buoys your heart, my dear. Anything. You are dealing with others’ perceptions of you again as weak and in need of help and again, you call on what you learned from your parents in order to support you. Thank them again for being controlling, manipulative and for being so condescending. You see these people immediately as they present themselves to you. They are hard to disguise.

Me: I don’t need help. I have all the help I want. Ivo just tells me what the gist of the doctor’s appointment will amount to that day. I’m prepared for everything.

Michael: I stand in awe of his love for you.

Me: So do I! LOL Thank you Michael.

Michael: Adieu Sharon. You are the hands and the mouth I no longer have with the people of earth. I bow in thankfulness for your work.

Me: Likewise.

Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega