Do What You Can To Raise Your Frequency – Prime Creator

Father Mother God talks  through Channel Susie Beiler about different themes that are so important in this timeline of our existence  such as:

-Hollow Earth

-Ascension Symptoms

-Change of Bodies after Ascension.

-New Technologies


-Mastery of The Physical Body

-Food and Drinks Will Be More Pure after the collective shift.Stay Hydrated.Have Clean Food.

-Develop a relation with our physical being to bring the joy maintaining a high frequency (which i personally call Feel More Than Fine 🙂

-What Is God?The Highest Energies of Love and Light.An Expanded way of Being.The Ultimate Expansion.

-Channels of Receptivity.

-Releasing Implants and Programs.

-We Are At 88% of Critical Mass

-Ask In Our Meditations Our Brothers and Sisters To Awaken To Their Truth.This is not manipulation,we ask without attachment.

-Patience.We move along quite quickly.

-Many Systems are Destructive.Each Thought and Action contributes to Heaven On Earth or The Old Paradigm we wish to leave.

-Money:Bless The Currency That Flows To Us.Currency is an energy of flow.Offering blessing to this flow.

-Acceptance and Gratitude are Keys for our Ascension.