Donate to YourSelf! How? Fund a Celestial Chamber

Do you know someone who’s sick? Battling a dis-ease? A dear friend or family member? Or how about you? Are you physically suffering with worry and stress about what the heck is happening to your body?

It’s a given–we ALL desire perfect health with no aches, pains, cancers, dis-ease, pain and most of all, living stress-free without the fear that comes with aging. Who wouldn’t want that?

Interested? We have a way for the body and mind to be just that, healthy and full of vitality, and it’s called the Celestial Chamber (CC). The CC provides a complete re-atomization of the human biological form; everything is made new to a level of flawlessness and optimal health. The CC will end all human suffering, enabling quality of life in a human body that is physically, mentally, and emotionally 100% healthy! No longer susceptible to dis-ease or aging. And the CC will be provided at no cost to everyone.

We’ve got the schematics, the team, the locations, we have every single plan required to build the CC from decades of preparing for exactly this time. But what are we missing? The funds to get going!! Please understand, this is not one of the 6000 technologies that have been withheld from the people of Earth, but rather a technology that is light years ahead of what has become known as a ‘med bed.’ The CC re-atomizes the body to a state of perfection, any age you desire, in just 3 minutes.

Can you see how IT IS TIME! Yes! It is way overdue to get the CC out to everyone!

Funds will first be used to acquire a Base Camp in the western U.S. to forward the action to get going. Then assemble the team, build the lab, and start manufacturing. With your assistance, we can manifest the plans we’ve had in place for over 40 years. NOW is the time. This is our goal, this is our mission, and we came are here to do this. NOTHING is more important.

We appreciate your GENEROSITY and SUPPORT and encourage you to share this far and wide. Contact LifeLight at for more info.