Are you in pain right now? Here is something for you.

If you are in pain right now that you can’t really explain, here is something that may assist you in this now that i just shared with a brother :

Divine has many ways to bring the best in our lives and well if there are little or bigger pains along the way is only working for the best seen in the longer perspective…i come to realize this many times, since i have been in intense pains due to Ascension process for many years…nobody to understand me around for many years, just me and my Higher Self / Light Beings communicating with me and letting me know: ALL IS WELL.

And right now i totally get what this means for the next waves of Awakening process…only difference for the next waves is that the process is much much faster and more intense now (solar flares=incoming light accelerated intensified) but this time for all of you that go through this there is somebody around fully equipped to inner stand what you go through :

I AM one of those that gets this. fully. truly.

And just like i did it i consider each and every ONE amongst you equally capable of doing it in your own way, within your own guidance from within.

Truly. all is well.

Truly. this too will pass.

Truly. you are doing awesome.


PS.If you ever need a 1:1 guidance you know where to find me.

It’s the reason we do retreats and bring more conscious awareness to what is taking place within. To prepare you for what is coming. Better prepared, less pain, less struggle, more joy.

In this now moment I offer 1:1 retreats online and also offer the possibility for you to come over to Greece and stay around for 3-7 days including accomodation and Vegan Organic Meals twice a day.

You get an impression of what this is all about by checking out the pictures i share , pics speak for themselves.

For extra information feel free to send email , being clear about the reasons and intentions you contact me🙏