Good everywhere!

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 08/20/202

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe. Relax. Your world is not coming to an end. Your countries are not falling apart. Your world is not sliding downhill. Plenty of people who feed you information on a daily basis would like you to think so. Fear sells. Drama sells. Scarcity and lack mentality sell. Drama IS out there, of course, in so many ways. Dishonesty is out there. Greed is out there. Manipulation, bullying, and abuse are out there.

Of course, these things exist, but what is presented to you is by no means a representation of the whole of humanity. Billions of kind, loving souls quietly go about their business every day. The majority of them will never make your news. Nonetheless, every loving thought, word, or deed is celebrated as good news in heaven! If you could see the “news” from our perspective, the good far outweighs the bad.

There are wars. There always have been. However, countless souls are striving to create peace in their own hearts, homes, lives, and communities.

There are souls lost in greed and dishonesty, but many more live generous, kind, compassionate, caring, and honest lives.

There are indeed floods, earthquakes, asteroids, and volcanoes, and many are affected as Mother Nature releases collective emotional pressures. However, there are countless more individuals who are living in the only true security which is that provided by your connection to the Divine.

We know about your economy and your markets, but money – while necessary and fun – is not your security. Money is not the source of your generosity. Money is not the solution to your worries. Money is a by-product of your willingness to trust and believe in the abundant universe and the creator’s love for you. Are you struggling to answer your own prayers, or are you acting on inspiration as we guide you to joyful solutions to your prayers? Are you focusing on life with appreciation or lack? We see an abundant universe. We are constantly striving to guide you to see it so you can experience it. We want you to know abundance in all areas of life – money, love, expression, play. We love you.

You get to choose your news. You get to choose your point of view. You get to choose your thoughts, or they will choose you, and without exception, the vibration you emanate will continue to attract thoughts, things, and people who vibrate on a similar level.

We are not casting aspersions on your media or your journalists.They are dear souls, responding to a collective vibratoinal asking. They help you see the situations you wish to change, and those you wish to empower. They are letting you know some of “what’s on the menu” in the buffet of life, each from their unique perspective. Many journalists are courageous angels, diving into the dark situations, and often, also, finding the light. Many wish to share wonderful, positive, engaging stories, or even horrific stories with the intent of inspiring help. When the world wants more of the positive, more will be offered. Humanity is comprised of individual points of view, but you also create a mass consciousness, and larger organizations tend to respond to the collective vibration.

If you were to approach a buffet with your angels, we’d be so excited to point out the dishes we know that you’d love and adore. We’d bring you to the things that would delight you! We’d say, “Look here! Here’s that dish your grandma made when you were six years old that you loved so much! Here is a dish you admired once while walking by a restaurant with the menu outside. Here are your favorite fruits and some you haven’t tried that we know you’d love. Look here! Here’s the desert section, and these, over here, will work fine for your body and delight your senses.” Never would we say, “Watch out for that! Don’t eat that! Don’t look at that!”

Dear ones, we guide you only to what fulfills your desires. We guide you only to what delights and nourishes you
– in response to all you have asked for throughout the course of your entire life. If fifty years ago, you had a wish and still have it, we still try to guide you to it! When you attract anything less than love, you have simply been in a vibration less than love that the world matches. We are always guiding you on the happiness path.

Imagine, however, that you have a complaint about an item at the buffet. Suppose you made your discontent clear the last time you visited. As you return, you go straight to the buffet and look for the offending item. We are whispering, “Look here, you’ll love this!” but you are still looking for that thing you didn’t want and don’t like. Suppose you find it. Now you’re really upset! “Look at that! It has no right to be on the buffet! I want to talk to the manager again!” Still, we whisper, “Look over here. Here’s something you’d love.” Dear ones, when you focus on the offending”items” in the buffet of life, you can’t hear our subtle, loving guidance towards what you want.

You can choose to look for things that are pleasing in the buffet of life rather than focusing on the ones that aren’t. Look for the kind people when you are out and about. Some days you’ll notice only the scowling ones. Can you instead decide you will be a source of light and kindness? Can you focus on feeling genuinely good inside of yourself first and imagine emitting that feeling? As you shift your vibration, you will shift what you see and attract.

Good is everywhere dear ones. Your world is not coming to an end. Your countries are not falling apart. Your economy has no power to drive you to ruin. Every time you have a single loving thought, speak a single kind word or perform an action rooted in love, you become part of a vast stream of love moving your planet earth into a new era of light. Both the currents of love and the extremes of resistance to it are becoming increasingly obvious, but you don’t need to worry. Love will prevail, one soul, one choice, at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels