The special forces are cleaning up this region from the contamination by the Darkness.

Grand Duchess, Anastasia Romanova via Erena Velazquez | April 8, 2022

April 8, 2022

Good morning,,

I am Grand Duchess, Anastasia Romanova, the youngest daughter of the last Russian Tzar Nikolas ll, cruelly executed by Khazarian Mafia’s puppets Yakov Yourovsky and his minions in 1918 in Ekaterinburg.

My parents, my brother, 3 sisters, me and four of our helpers were shot and brutally stabbed to death. After killing us, the executers used a gasoline and sulphuric acid to mutilate our remains, so that no one could ever recognize them. They even stripped us, in order to remove the jewels sewn inside the clothes, and then they dumped our bodies into a mine shaft.

Also, they used the grenades to break our corps into pieces. This burial was not satisfactory to them, so they moved us to a new location, and again burned our bodies with acid and gasoline. These monsters put all of the bodies in one grave and a couple bodies got buried in a different grave. They never felt any remorse about our execution.

During power taken by the Bolsheviks in Russia, my parents wanted to escape to Europe. My father Tzar Nikolas ll never had an interest to be a ruler, he just wanted to protect his family. The politics and power didn’t excite his soul. During Romanov dynasty ruling, Russia was rich and powerful, where even the golden coins were freely circulating as money.

There were rumors about my escape alive, which never were truthful, I was killed with the rest of my family. I was only seventeen. The Bolshevik’s Revolution was a revenge against Russia by Khazarian mafia. These monsters together with Vladimir Lenin and others starved to death and killed 200 millions of Russian population. They never forget that Russians stand up against them in the past. What is happening right now in Ukraine, it’s related to saving the Russian speaking people from a genocide.

Same ones, who killed us, for 8 years have been killing the civilians including women and children. Someone needed to step in and help these innocent people to be saved. The special forces are cleaning up this region from the contamination by the Darkness.

My family’s execution was unspeakable event, which it should never happen. The children should not be carrying out the responsibility, who their parents are, as they deserve to occupy the selected vessels, as long they want. It’s up to humanity to end this dark era by removing the evil from the power positions, transforming your societies and making sure that children are never abused or killed ever again. Thank you Universal Channel

Please, receive my Blessings
Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanova

Channeled by Erena Velazquez