Your Kindness Matters | Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young

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April 7, 2022,

So many of you feel like you aren’t important enough to make a difference. We are here to tell you otherwise!

Your conscious choices add to the whole every single time you make them. Simple acts of kindness are something that anyone can do and are so important because they are declarations of who you are and also emit an energy that serves the whole.

Please understand it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Your small acts of kindness ripple out just as large ones do. In fact, consistent small contributions of kindness mean just as much as random grand acts if not more, because they support the shift through their constancy.

We understand in turbulent times it can feel overwhelming and confusing and it can be hard to see yourself as being the change. Please know every time you choose kindness you are paving the way forward and supporting unity and peace on the planet. That is how powerful you are when you allow your heart to lead the way.