Your planet is on the threshold, the brink of a shift to an entirely new reality. ✨✨✨✨

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Parallel Realities

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December 15, 2021, via email

We are here; we continue to reach out. We are aware that at these times you are more receptive. So it is our intention and invitation to offer you the opportunity to remember who you truly are. You are a star being, a member of the galactic family having a three dimensional human experience.

You are here in this dimension to be a receiver of energy and information. You are here to anchor a new reality by your conscious focus and understanding. There is much contact being made from the galaxy to this planet. It is always the signal searching for the receiver. There are those awakening and realizing they are receivers.

Your internet serves to share these messages received by others who are now in contact with those from other dimensions or timelines. Of course the goal is that all humans realize their ability for this contact and this energy exchange.

We sense great anticipation within you when we share this. You are a visionary, you are a receiver, these are ideas, concepts, understandings that you hold and embrace as truth.

You and many bright ones like you are remembering the many other realities of harmony, love and equality in which you have participated and experienced. This planet is an extreme contrast to what you know and remember.

It has been a great mystery to you why others can not embrace this kind of harmony and equality. Your planet is on the threshold, the brink of a shift to an entirely new reality. We would like to give you more information on this shift that is now taking place on planet earth.

First let us share that there are always several realities, several outcomes waiting to manifest in just your personal lives. Humans are beginning to realize and recognize the fascinating unfoldment of your science of physics, quantum physics. It is a language and concept that most people cannot allow their mind to even consider because it pushes against so many of their sacred beliefs.

It feels that if they embrace this idea of multi-realities going on at all times, they might lose their mental hold on what they think is reality. That feels frightening, too unstable; there is always resistance where there is fear.

Allow yourself in the coming days to explore what some of your other possible realities might be. You can make this awareness a small view of just your day and how it might be played out in other parallel realities. What choices await? What events unfold? What fears are there? What hopes? What dreams?

You /others are broadcasting energy in the form of your thoughts, your emotions and your beliefs at all times. As you send the energy forth several realities are always possible. The reality that manifests is the one on which you have focused more of your energy.

We can feel you struggle a bit with this information. Let us give you this; your reality feels and looks solid and permanent. This is only one aspect of the illusion upon which you are operating. It is just one level of awareness gathering all your beliefs, all your knowing, focused on the one level or reality that you can sense, feel, touch, taste and see; this is what you have known up until now.

As you awaken and those beliefs begin to soften, your knowing expands to include other awarenesses; you begin to realize that the reality in which you are focused is only one of many realities simultaneously existing in the same place, the same time, the same space. And with all those other realities co-existing there are parallel possibilities that can unfold.

Your reality is not as solid as you would like to think. It is actually very fluid, very flowing, very malleable. Each energetic exchange in one reality brings a new wave or ripple that goes out affecting the other realities in some way.

Every living being is affecting this experience and reality. The collective consciousness of all humans is calling forth, inviting and creating the reality that everyone is witnessing and experiencing. The more attention, the more energy or focus given to a certain outcome will guarantee it will manifest fully in this physical realm. Most humans do not realize their personal power in creating what is occurring in the daily events.

Most global events seem too big, too overwhelming or too distant for you to have any effect on or to claim any responsibility for that manifestation. Yet we are inviting you to realize that no matter what is occurring in the third dimension you have contributed to that outcome or event in some manner.

Now understanding that truth, we invite you to step into your magnificent power as a multidimensional divine being here on this planet at this time to invite, create and call forth a new reality.

If multi-parallel realities are available at all times, for goodness sake, what would you like to experience? How would you begin to use your thoughts, words, emotions and focus, and most important of all, your imagination, to allow another parallel reality to come forth in your experience.

Practice this skill in your personal life. Imagine that there are always several realities that are possible. Which one is manifesting for you now? What were your thoughts, fears and worries that might have called this forth?

Pretend that there are several parallel realities awaiting your invitation. Allow yourself to feel, sense and experience these possibilities. Make this process as real for yourself as possible. If you want to be a successful writer, imagine yourself being acknowledged for the wonderful book you have written. Notice how you feel, notice any emotions that arise for you in this process.

Allow yourself to play in this parallel reality often. Make it as real as possible for yourself. Be in a state of gratitude, notice how the universe supports and assists you in this creation. Allow yourself to make this reality outrageous.

Be gentle and be kind with yourself as you explore other possible opportunities. Investigate what dreams did you have as a youth? Investigate what would have happened if you had made a different decision at some crossroads of your life? What would you be doing?

Allow yourself to imagine living that dream now as if it were your true experience. Expand the possibilities, allow yourself to play with these ideas of creating or stepping into a parallel existence.

Expand your consciousness to imagine a different parallel reality for your planet. Allow yourself to feel that, experience that, read about it in your newspapers. We believe you are getting the idea of who you are in this wonderful shift that is happening here on your planet.

We realize we have given you much information in this message. We realize that on some level you know the truth of what we share. We know these ideas press against your long held beliefs of what is true.

Relax into these possibilities, play with these concepts, allow yourself to see or script the other realities in your personal life. Then expand to the other realities for your planet, Remember this is a game of awakening. Be at Peace, Beloved the ‘team’

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