I feel i am reaching momentum in many differents areas and subjects in life and i feel that this momentum is also happening collectively,otherwise we wouldn’t have experienced what we we have experienced in 2020.I feel full appreciation for what this past year brought in my life personally and collectively.I do not subscribe with those who feel that this past year was the worst ever.One has always the choice to choose and see the GOodness in all things any given moment.And let’s speak about Momentum.Momentum towards a positive outcome is felt more intensely after being in alignement with Higher Self.In other words after doing the inner work in meditation for about 20′ we can deliberately choose the thoughts we like most and feel ourselves into this,into each and every moment.Do i want a new car?i feel myself driving it right and i am thankful right now for it.Do i want a new house?i feel myself living into and i am thankful for it right now.Do i want a new lover?i feel myself being with this lover and i am thankful right now.Do i want a loving and forgiving planet that works for all?i feel myself into it and i am thankful right now about it.Do i want laughter?joy?ease?grace?flow?abundance?prosperity?clarity?safety?security?love?fun?What is that i want?i feel into what i want and i am thankful for it right now and by doing that i build more momentum towards each subject.Does this mean that it will manifest right now?it could i have reached the vibrational state to do so.And if it doesn’t it is by the way i feel any given moment that i am guided towards attracting more of what i want.It does not matter how big or small that is,what matters is what i feel in relation to it.If i feel resistance,then i need to allow and allowing happens with taking it ease,relaxing,taking a nap or meditate.So to come back to momentum,i feel that right now,since we have been calling the energies with intention for the highest good for all and on behalf of all,these energies are building the collective’s momentum to be ready to receive more of what we have been asking for.Ok,not everyone is ready for it,yet those who are in this deep knowing, are blessed to enjoy the fruits of their work as a feeling that builds up and builds up within.Every day more and more.Every day feeling more joy and more love and more momentum to live happily aver after.

So my wish is for each and everyone of you is to appreciate more what is and be eager more of what is coming every moment so we build even more momentum towards a planet that works for all.

Much Love!