Trump is Protecting the St Germain Funds.-Saint Germain through Sharon-

St Germain
Trump is Protecting the St Germain Funds

December 28, 2020

Press Release 1
Press Release 2

Trump is protecting the St Germain funds, folks!

These are the St Germain funds rolling out, folks. Ashtar said they’d roll out on the FISA system and they could be stolen. And you see that when the cabal are creating large documents trying to pass them as law, allocating funding across the world to obviously fill their own pockets back up, more stolen money, and giving the American people $600 per family.

Trump is protecting the St Germain funds. He wants two thousand per person to begin with.

You see the last line, “Much more money is coming.” Take the money. If Trump offers it. Don’t take it if Bill Gates or Kamala Harris offers it. Clearly, it’s not looking like they will.

In Canada, Canadians have received CERB (Canadian Emergency Response Benefit) during this Covid time. That is two thousand dollars per person.

Ashtarr has said that the problem has been getting people to take the money considering they don’t know who to trust, and would prefer to go back to work. But these are the St Germain funds that are being dispensed now.

Trump will either veto or amend the Deep State bill which sends American funding all over the world. It won’t be done. The focus will be on funding Americans now.

Read this press release and see he has mentioned at the very end, “Much more money is coming.” He’s referring to the St Germain funds. There is a lot of money in these funds because of what has been stolen from us, but also there are places around the earth with stores of diamonds, gold and other gems that people are not aware of. Americans are far richer than they know. St Germain is in charge of keeping these gems safe.

I hear, “I am.” (He heard his name)
Me: How are you, St Germain?
StG: I am well. I am glad we have you, Sharon, to remain level headed and calm during this Storm. The Storm only refers to change, that is all. You will undergo great change at this time, beginning in this new year.
I am the champion of the Age of Aquarius, where healing and transformation of a world are already beginning.
You will realize that money has no value. It is simply a means to an end within a physical system that was created to enslave you. It is representative of your personal energies, which are largely undervalued. This will be re-balanced.
However, our task right now is to convince you to receive these monies. You wish to continue working, and some will have to do this, however, the monies are intended to give you free time, and I wish to point out the use of English here, indicating “free” time. You do not have much free time and because of this, and the stress you are under, you are underdeveloped spirits living a material existence.
In days of old, long ago, the people of earth switched to a materialistic mind, moving away from a divine mindset of service to God. I witnessed this, time and time again, through successive lifetimes, and now we are reversing the process. We are giving you enough money. We are also giving you enough time.
Me: What will change people to seeking a more spiritual lifestyle?
StG: Aha! This will be the incoming energies and the guidance you receive from extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional friends, who will come to lead you away from materialism. A breakdown in your western world which will only provide you with the necessities of life is forthcoming, and in experiencing this, many will discover freedom. When you cannot have all you believe you need, you will find that you have all you need anyway.
Me: Yes, I did.
StG: In experiencing the lack that you have now, and seeing the examples of the wealthy and their flaunting of the rich and stylish lifestyle, you feel depressed and lacking. Everyone wants what these people have, because inside you feel it is your birthright. It is. Abundance is your birthright. But it can only be achieved through spiritual means, none other than.
Me: People on earth have achieved a lot of wealth and they weren’t spiritual.
StG: No, however they will not keep their wealth either. We will see to that.
Me: Aha. I sense a huge collapse of the system, rather than minute changes on a day to day basis.
StG: It is coming. It is necessary. It is necessary but all will be provided for.
Me: Of course, the big question is, “When?”
StG: And the answer to that is, “When the majority are ready.” This is a large change and not to be taken lightly. We understand how fragile so many upon earth feel now, with little strength to go on living in this time of turbulence, however understand you are always cared for. You are given what you need. And by this we mean if you are experiencing a lack of perhaps money, then what you need to do is to learn the lesson this lack of money is teaching you. This will restore you to wealth, but under a more balanced attitude towards it.
StG: 2021 will be a time of great change, as 2020 was. You will come to understand that the life you had will change. This is the Age of Aquarius, there are new energies, and with new leaders on your world, what was will never be again.
Rome will fall. The dynasties are falling. True rulers will step up to see you through this. Rulers who can be depended on for benevolence and guidance of the people.
Your world is blessed. America is blessed. All that caused the scourge of the past centuries are no longer powerful. You are being shown who they truly are.
With that, I bid you adieu.
Me: Thank you Saint. Much love from all of us!