Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Sleep Disturbances

December 17, 2020,

Sleep disturbances are a common experience due to the transformational times you are participating in. This can occur for a few different reasons.

Some energetic shifts require you to be awake but still in order to receive them. This is not unlike some brain surgeries you see where the patient needs to be awake during the procedure. It is designed for you to receive and assimilate the changes in ways that best support your health and wellness.

Some planetary alignments and shifts can have a stimulating effect on you energetically, making it difficult to sleep or stay asleep. If you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, it can be very helpful to use that time to meditate. This will help you relax, as well as having the added benefit of the meditation having a similar effect on the body as sleep.

Sometimes your soul wakes you up at night if you have not been making enough time for deeper contemplation or spiritual connection. This can be rectified by prioritizing your prayer or meditation practices during the day.

Another thing we wish for you to be aware of is if you are feeling tired from a lack of sleep, you can simply ask your guides and helpers to infuse you with energy so you can be functional during the day.

Your dream time may also be very active right now when you do sleep, bringing up issues you have struggled with in past, resulting in a less than restful sleep. Many of you are wrapping up old themes and unresolved relationships in your dreams. This allows you to be far more efficient because you are in a non-resistant state while you sleep. It also allows you to take care of old issues in your sleep state. Most of you find this to be far more preferable than having to face them again in real life.

And sometimes you are working while you sleep, assisting the collective on service missions you do not have a conscious awareness of. You can also be connecting to higher realms to gain new knowledge and insights to assist you on your journey. We affectionately refer to this as night school.

We understand there is so much going on all at once it can feel overwhelming, especially if your sleep is being disturbed. Please understand it all has great purpose for you and is serving you in your evolutionary journey. Prioritize good self care and remember you can always ask for our assistance if you need some extra support.