The Wave Begins: Strong week ahead, Global activations.

Content is light-encoded to assist your journey.

Blessings Beloveds ~ Can you feel the wave beginning to crest?  The upcoming waves of reality-shifting light are the strongest light levels of our process so far. This is a passage to rewrite HUstory: Master your own new narrative, internally and externally. You may feel tension, anxiety, bliss, clearing, freedom, all of the above … we are transforming. The old realities are being shaken by the higher vibration penetrating these realms. Flips in the collective narrative, revelations and positive sleight-of-hand plot twists are anticipated. Lucid dreams and visions may reflect the clearing of collective subconscious, overwriting of distortions, and revelation of organic realities. This is a very stimulating light. Use the tools in the Revelation Wave Ebook when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. CMEs, Solar flares and flashing activity are increasing in intensity. On a physical level, it appears as Solar flaring and plasma. In the etheric, these are influxes of light codes and frequencies; information to change our DNA, and our consciousness, so we may have a brand new experience. Allow yourself to pause, feel, release and realign. This is your Divinity returning to an active state of Presence. This wave changes our perception, inviting us to lift the self-imposed veils. New realities step forth. Bliss states are heightened as open hearts feel the truth of Divine Love and compassion. Self-realization overrides the separation of the old realities. Zero point states allow us access to who we are becoming, rather than just who we have been. Meditate on Zero Point within the Heart often. Expect rapid personal shifts during this auspicious and Sacred passage. As always, starseeds embody and anchor the New, and show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension. Global Ceremony: Welcoming the Light as One We hold unified ceremony throughout this passage. Join in wherever you are on this beautiful planet, and assist in amplifying the collective revelation of Ascension in this Now. Revelation Wave Gateway: December 12 – January 20
Cosmic activity heightened, Lightbody and DNA transformations, Heart openings, reality-shifting experiences, Revelation on many levels. December 12 -14: Global Grid & Gateway opening.
Everything past this influx initiation point will be transformational for many. Simply your schedule, allow the light to change you. Plan to be outside – or at least offline – as much as possible for these three days. Unify with our Sedona collective December 12-14. Offline, just like the SUNday Unity Meditations, with special focus each day 8am-9am PST. We will have a live group in Sedona. Saturday December 12
12-12 Gate activation and meditation- 8AM PST/9AM MST SUNday December 13
8AM PST/9AM MST SUNday Unity Meditation Monday, December 14
8AM PST/9AM MST – Solar Eclipse Ceremony/ Revelation Code Activation Solar Eclipse & New Moon
Monday December 14: Eclipse peak at 8:13AM PST Solstice Peak: Monday December 21 at 2:02AM PST
Bright Jupiter-Saturn alignment in the night sky Revelation Wave Amplification
Intensifies with the December 29 Full Moon – January 20
  Reveal your True Heart: Choose your experience wisely. Log off and go within. The light is already affecting the grids, our hearts, our DNA, and our consciousness. Perhaps you have noticed the intensity growing over the last week. Mental, emotional, and physical detox is in progress. Tips and recommendations are in the free ebook. These consciousness-shifting light codes ignite our Crystalline DNA and perception of realities. It requires our conscious focus. Integrate, rest, hydrate, unplug often, connect with the Solar flashing and flaring activity, and give yourself the gift of Ascension – Now. My Annual Private Time Mid-December to Mid-January is a heightened spiritual passage for most. For me, this is when deep transformation occurs, and when I receive what will unfold for the following year. This wave brings the strongest transformational frequencies we have seen; a true shift in perception and what it means to be embodied as spirit in form. Integrating the new light and embodiment will need our attention. It has been a busy year, and we all deserve to enjoy, celebrate and receive this new light with ease and grace. I will be stepping away from online activities for a few weeks after the 12-12 eclipse events are complete. The newsletter will be our weekly point of contact, and I look forward to sharing the experience with you. From the Divine field of Love and Unity Consciousness, let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! In Love, Light and Service,

The Revelation Wave Ebook