Be Neo,Create Your Own Timelines.

Thoughts magnetize more thoughts like multiplying smiths fighting with Neo.But Neo neutralizes them by finding the zero point within that feels good aligned with source knowing he is The ONE and where there is unlimited Love and Joy state and so he flies above them all.Neo masters reality because he has mastered his thoughts and feelings at all times and no external thoughts can affect him,this is what the media is trying to do with all,keep the control over you with restrictions,are you going to let this happen?or are you in control of your own thoughts and feelings at all times?setting yourself free is your personal event.You are Your own personal Jesus and Your own Savior.And to cross the bridge one needs to do the work to know He/She is The need to ‘fight’ with thoughts,just allow through breathing going within for at least 15-20′ to clear up the mind and fly and whenever thoughts appear that do not feel good get back in there or have a cat nap even for 5′.Now if one chooses to watches TV all day long this gets harder and harder.