My personal experience with the Law of Attraction.

8 years ago,i remember sitting down on my desk and setting the intentions of how i would like my life to be.This after following a 11 year period where i decided to live a life as much as possible detached from the existing system because of personal experience that showed me that i would be happier if i chose to do always what makes me feel good,in other words walking my talk :Feel More Than Fine for all choices i make in life.In fact i even wrote a small booklet describing the life i had during these 10 years as a Dancer, DJ and Energy Healer living a nomad life in Ibiza during the summer and traveling across the planet in the winter.Of course,little did i notice then that this was a decision that my inner being took as a result of the 9/11 Dramatic Event that took place in New York City.My inner being knew that Humanity’s future was at stake as the true reason behind this was to not allow NESARA/GESARA to be activated releasing Prosperity Funds for Humanity’s evolution in becoming part of the wider Galactic Family.8 years ago,i had no idea about all this last information i just shared with you.8 years ago i felt the truth into Mayan’s prediction of 21 December 2012 and i took action by choosing to live as much as possible close to nature.I knew that the indigenous people are the ones that are the most evolved on our planet because they are the ones most connected to Mother Earth.So i made the decision to walk barefoot for at least 10 minutes touching the grass in city parks or mountains every day wherever i find myself to be.

And so sitting down to write my intentions i got inspired to make a video instead,that i unfortunately don’t have any longer(lost with older mac),where i was describing my personal life,The Ascension process of Humanity and The Financial system serving everyone on the planet along Free Energy Technologies,driving cars that respect Mother Earth and living in eco sustainable communities and even getting at time a little more specific about personal desires and wants like DJing in front of 1000s of people or becoming a father and having a daughter for example.And while all these personal things occured and here is some proof 🙂

things did not happen exactly as i imagined them to happen but indeed so much advanced that it took me some time to recognize that they were the fruit of my thoughts and feeling and intentions.(I did have a 8 year old ‘daughter’ that was already the child of my new girlfriend while i was expecting to get back with my older girlfriend and make a child with her.)

And so coming back to the reason i am writing all this is to share with you the main objective of my intentions was Ascension.Yes,i truly thought it will be all fluffy and butterflies and ease and grace and flow ,it felt so in any case and while witnessing the unfolding all around me,i realized that there is more to the picture that what my main 5 physical senses could perceive.The objective was and always is smooth Ascension for myself and all living beings.I knew that there was inner work to do with more intensity while also not forgetting that we are all here for the purpose of joy.Living a Feel More Than Fine lifestyle is all about it.And demonstrating this to all around me through my example became my path of action as i realized that we are not leaving this planet and that we collectively as humanity took the decision as souls to Ascend all of us (the big majority in our physical bodies,many leaving their bodies). Now, of course can me and you affect free will or make others get into this perspective?no,we can’t.Because Free Will is the God given birth right for every person on Earth.But then isn’t that Divine Mother has decreed that Ascension moves forward and Mother Earth has already ascended?Isn’t that myself along many others have already done the work to transition the planet during these last 8 years through intense cleaning of traumas of this life and past lives?yes,it is.So what is that we collectively observe right now?Covid 19 and the dismantling of the old matrix.Could i see specifically how would this occur 8 years ago?No,i couldn’t and yet when i focus on the end result of my intentions i see each and every day signs around me that prove that this is indeed Victory of Light.I did not know the way to get there,all i knew is to do the very thing that felt good in the moment,that felt more than fine each moment of my days,something that i keep on doing at all times.My physical eyes can not see everything,my inner GPS tells me what feels good or not, even if it is walking down the streets not wearing a mask to be a wayshower for the many that there is nothing to be afraid of.Or to dare to be outside more than ever before,especially during ”lockdown” period,IAM SOVEREIGN,IAM.Now many will say how can you dare to not respect other people’s health and not wear a mask and unfortunately i can not explain to them that i never wear one because my Aura is so powerful working along with so many Light Beings that i trust and have faith to that Well Being and Love and Abundance of all things flows to me at all times knowing fully wherever i go,whatever i do with whoever i do it with,they are ALL also there assisting me,protecting me,inspiring me,uplifting me,acknowledging me and having fun with me.I can only be the example and more forward with conviction that i create my own reality at all times demonstrating through my action how I THRIVE in my life unfolding with ease,grace and flow with much less physical effort and unconditional alignement with Source that feels good always:Feel More Than Fine.

Yes i thought we were going to Ascend and meet with our Galactic Families and move on on our Ascension process towards 6D,7D,8D in the 300-1000 years following where no money is needed and where we have amazing creative abilities.Did this manifest yet?no.Yet,it starts to show up and it begins ALSO with everyone on the planet getting abundant and prosperous as this is an important phase of our Ascension.We can not burn up the steps while at the same time the steps are being created by Universal Consciousness that responds to the collective’s attraction field.Many scenarios and timelines that make it even unpredictable for all Light Beings in the higher realms who have a much clearer picture of what is occuring.

We know that there has been an agenda behind the scenes that was intended to be used against Humanity and that now is being used to awaken the sleeping masses.Will all sleeping masses wake up?Yes,because death is knocking on the door and there needs to be choice between fear or Love,between feeling hate or feeling good.This is what is occuring before our eyes for all to see.And how is that i choose to live life?

I choose to be in the world but not of it.

I choose to feel more than fine no matter what occurs around me,molding the clay of what is that i want to see manifest,imagining more and observing less.

I choose to see All Children being Safe and Sound all across the planet.

I choose Basic Universal Income for all,i choose to see in my mind’s eye what Freedom will do in people’s lives.

I choose to support Free Energy inventions and Awesome Mobility and Creation of Eco Sustainable Communities leading to The Venus Project being implemented in accordance with Cosmic Law before seeing manifest The Light Cities.

I choose Celestial Chambers that brings an end to all diseases.

I choose to see the cleaning of oceans and rivers and reforestation of lands

I choose laughter and camaraderie among all human beings same way the elves work with one another from a place of undontional love.(Watch FATMAN with Mel Gibson 🙂

I choose Galactic Contact

I Choose Clarity,Safety,Security,Abundance,Prosperity,Joy and Sacred Partnership with the self and all others on a loving and forgiving planet that works for all!

What i choose become now the goals of Feel More Than Fine in this upcoming decade and i am eager to begin the works!!!

How this will be manifest i don’t know and i know by choosing to feel more than fine always i make my contribution to the success of what my Higher Self/IAM Presence which is one and the same with the IAM Presence of every person on Earth and of Mother Father God.Maybe you don’t agree with me and that’s more than fine,i accept you in our differences and i allow you to be in your belief as i know WE ARE ONE and WWG1WGA.

Let the prosperity funds arrive!Let us us begin!!!

Let NESARA/GESARA become known!

Let us enjoy this process of uplifting one another,i help you and you help another and so on.Let us make the Ascension Journey smooth for each and everyone so it is firmly grounded in the planet as per request of Lord Ashtar representing Millions of Galactic Fleets parked on the higher orbits of our dear planet.

That is Feel More Than Fine’s main goal about to be tangibly manifest.

I can not tell you how,i can only show you once it is done.

I create my own reality.

Create yours and remember to include The Highest Good for All and Do No Harm as this is the only rule in The Golden Age of Aquarius that we have already entered.

Much Love


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ps.This Block is dedicated to my dear Grand Mother Alexandra that passed away or better words Ascended without her physical body this past week,as she has told me was her choice 6 months ago.I Love You Grandma!