11/11 After Math.

Look.We all have been traumatised.There is not one human on the planet that has not been traumatised.
Traumas from this life and also traumas from past lives, on and off this planet.Have you heard the expression:We are made of Stardust?It is all in our DNA.Our DNA is being activated and with it brings more awareness that needs to be seen and acknowledged with disciplined introspection.In other words embracing our own darkness and bring balance with Light that we allow flow through us.The more we allow, like for example with meditation, the easier it becomes and the easier our lives get.We have in our DNA a lot of information originating from other Star systems too, to be precise all of them!!!This is why it is being repeated over and over again it is not about politics or religion or anything out there, it is about the relation one has with the self, it is about self love, it is about knowing the self ,it is about ‘who AM I?’
Our own darkness is not an enemy, it is part of who we are and it needs to be seen and embraced like a child that is very afraid.It needs tenderness and care and patience and love.It needs breathing, it is needs Faith.When one does this, one discovers neutrality within =balance within which then expresses itself in the outer world more and more.Do we want to live on a loving and forgiving and peaceful and abundant planet?We MUST Love and Forgive and find peace within us for the self and all others.No politicians can make us do that.No drugs or toxic substances or mainstream media can do that either.We are born magnificent.And to find our magnificence is about feeling into it.’’IAM a Magnificent Multidimensional Being of Love and Light and Truth.IAM.’’
IAM in big letters because EVERYTHING IAM is of GOD and GOD is everything.
The time of distractions is done.The truth is setting us free.
Free to be part of the much wider galactic family rushing in as we have entered The Age of Aquarius ,The Golden Age of our existence in 5D,6D and 7D.
11/11 energies have done their miracle and even those not aware of what i just wrote have successfully received those energies.Humanity is rising and as Humanity rises ,expect more chaos to be seen in the outer world till its finally balanced at some point when more and more learn to live in peace and Divine Neutrality and Unconditional Love for one another, even with disagreement and differences.
EveryONE is different and so very special.EveryONE plays their role that they have agreed before incarnating.
Let’s appreciate everything and move on in Celebration as Celebration keeps our vibrations high with the intention to be always loving and kind with the self and all others no matter what arises.
Let’s observe less and imagine more what is that we want.What is that I Want?and what gives me joy brings with it The Highest Good for all too.

Nikos Akrivos