Trump Winner=Light Has Won.

Before anything,please know that what i post here has nothing to do with supporting politicians and it has to do everything about sharing the wonderful news that The Light Has Won and all see is the gradual manifestation of this fact into 3D World,which is btw is no more 3D,we have evolved further than that.Collectively we are in 4D and many already know how it feels to be on 5D,6D and 7D.

And so these links confirm what i know already in my heart for quite some now.

1.The One Who Has Been President Shall Carry On-Saint Germain via James-

2.Ashtar: People love Trump, and love is winning.He Will Win.

3.Elections & Disclosure -Prime Creator via Susie Beiler-

4.Key people must be removed in order for the Light to prevail. :

”Sharon: In four years, when Trump has served his term, what will happen then? He’s not going to be eligible to be re-elected.
Ivo: Others will step up to serve after him. Others who are willing to be transparent and heavily audited, because earthlings will not trust that readily. They will be very wary of new politicians because they were so fooled the first time. They will not allow it again. Out of this mistrust will be born a new system of transparency. There will be watchdog groups that will report to the people. You are seeing the beginnings of this now, as new social media reporters emerge, those aligned with the Light.”