Your light is impacting the whole.

Archangel Uriel 11/4/2020

Greetings beloved humanity. This is Archangel Uriel. This one has been surprised to have been thinking of me as we have not knowingly connected within this incarnation before. You will find that past relationships, alliances and spiritual causes unite within these end of times. These are times of new beginnings upon your Gaia. Joys are to become expected. Currently fear is the expected experience and we see this heavy layer of fear is dissipating in this now. (I am seeing a thick smog around earth with pinpoints of light coming up through the fog from deep within). You are like these small pinpoints of light that affect the All around it. The light cannot be stopped. Your light shines out into the cosmos much farther than you could imagine. Your light is impacting the whole. I Uriel am proud to be of service to Humanity in this time of tumultuous change where confusion seems to surpass wisdom. It is not the case. Inner wisdom is such to be received not searched for. Humanity must look within for there will deep nurturing take place.

I am Archangel Uriel. You are deeply held within the eye of the beholder. You will come to understand that all that you see around you are extensions of the vastness of consciousness that makes up all things. In truth the all is affected by itself for the All is One. When the out-of-balance occurs as the light stretches further into experience, when this occurs and there is disharmony it opens a way for more negative of the same vibration to enter. Know this. Portals are being closed. Exits are being strictly locked down. The light has won.

I Archangel Uriel work mostly with the red ray. It is symbolically linked with the base chakra where one is compelled to serve. We archangels are serving you in this moment as we have been for many eons. We wish to ask the Archangelic Collective to join in a positive meditation of rainbow light. For when one focuses on the blending of the energies and intentions with the light of the rainbow, all is in balance, perfectly, an apt example of balance and love, of harmony and connection. Because of this power those that would wish to create dissension have utilized this symbol for their own purposes. It need not be divisive. In Nova Gaia there is no room for division. It is a realm of unity consciousness where the chakras are expanded and clear, where all truths are seen keenly. We invite the Archangelic Collective to serve with us in this now moment of clearing and energetic upgrade.

We are the Archangelic Collective. We are stationed around various portal points upon your planet in this now, each offering our preferred ray of light. (I am seeing angels surrounding Gaia at key Ley lines and energy points, at earth’s chakra points, offering their color to amplify the earth’s energetic balance). We wish for you to feel the balance of the rainbow energies. For only those who are at peace with themselves are able to see with clear sight. There is so much current stress and strife within your world view of what is and what is not. Humanity must be redeemed from its own self judgement and perception of lack. There is no lack. There is plenty. To see this as so is to see with the ascended vision that is being offered to you now. (I am seeing pillars of light filled with rainbow hues saturate the bodies of the light workers). Do not let the outer chaos disturb your inner sanctuary. All is well. We are the Archangelic Collective. We serve the light, ever, only, always, we honor the light in all forms. We are near you. We love you. We offer you our rainbow light of balance, furthering your crystallization transformation. We are the Archangelic Collective.

I am Uriel. I guard many of you. You are well watched over. Rainbow frequencies of harmony and balance will become the new norm for they proliferate in Nova Gaia, whose beauty is unmatched, unparalleled. You are worthy inhabitants of her form. Her flora and fauna are balanced. Her societies will be as well, creating a perfect example in the universe of the power of the light, the supreme love of Archangel Gaia to allow and to become the planetary example for the All, of one whose supreme compassion and love propelled her higher within the dimensional realms than ever thought possible. Peace and joy, brothers and sisters. Feel these energies and be at peace and be in joy. I am Uriel.

~ galaxygirl