Hold on to your hats,big announcement coming(predicted before the elections)

According to my sources a big announcement is coming in the next days,predicted before the elections,we are about to find out very soon!I invite you to stay centered and open in receiving the energies in prayer and meditation as much as you can in these coming days,keeping your vibration high and aligned with your Higher Self with the intention of the best timeline of Ascension for all living beings and The Highest Good For All-Nikos-ps.tomorrow is my b’day,i expect only GOodness coming forward however this shows up!!!

Federation of Light :

Yes. The Announcement is to come.

In the time frame you suggested?

Yes. Does that satisfy?

Oh! How I wish it did. It simply amps up my trepidation! Yet, to be honest, I’d rather this was your answer, than saying ‘things have changed’, type thing!

We are on course and ready to set sail.

Okeydokey! … … … Now what?


The Final Battle:

As the day of the US elections draws near, there are important astrological configurations taking place. The first one is the Jupiter-Saturn synod (heliocentric conjunction) on November 2nd at 6:52 pm UTC. Jupiter-Saturn synod will effectively trigger the Age of Aquarius for all Solar system beyond lunar orbit. At that moment, a massive operation of the Ashtar Command will commence and it will require a complete reorganization of all Ashtar Command fleet beyond lunar orbit.