About Politics & Defending President Trump.

I never got interested in politics to be honest and yet in this moment i feel it is more important than ever to share with all of you the reason i do this along so many incredible Digital Soldiers of Love bringing Light to what needs to be seen by all.

Why is that i support Trump in my blogs?

Not only because of inner knowingness and also because of tangible channelings i resonate with :

1.Prime Creator ,you can listen here latest message channeled by Susie Beiler after subscribing to her website :https://creationtemple.com/channeling-videos/

2.Ashtar :https://feelmorethanfine.eu/ashtar-people-love-trump-and-love-is-winning-he-will-win/

3.A Teenager says it all :

If you’re liberal, can’t stand Trump and can’t fathom why people will vote for him – this is why.

Much Love