It is effortless for a 5th dimensional being to utilize the biophysical made available for higher dimensional travel of positive intentions.

Ishlana via GalaxyGirl 10/22/2020

I Ishlana speak. For eons of time we of the Feline Warriors watched, assisted, observed, rescued. We are warriors in the higher realms. We work closely with those of our alliance and are aligned with the light. We serve the light. Much darkness has been in this sector. Little remains and is being removed. Those remaining are creating appearance of maximum chaos but their doom is nigh. For all that have not submitted to the light will be consumed by it, transformed and transmuted into the higher ways. (I am seeing the great Central Sun and a long line of beings escorted to it).

I Ishlana am a fierce warrior princess of the Feline Race. I honor the All with my service, just as you, human warrior of light are doing the same. We are not different. (I am seeing large feline paws with long black claws being lovingly held up to my human hand). Numerous raids have been occurring in the stealth of your night. It is when we fight best for the light illuminates the darkness and all plans are revealed. We are unafraid of all that the dark ones could try to send our way. We are stealthy. We stalk with precision. Our strike is clean and swift. The dark ones refer to us as the feline assassins. We serve the All in our service of removal of dark creatures that hide.

I Ishlana am from the Lyran society, an ancient and sacred place to me and to my people. Some of you are of royal blood of the stars. We navigate by the star maps and by the breath and heartbeat of Gaia. We can read her shifts in electrical fields and feel the presence of our enemy. We serve with our sacrifice, our loyalty to the light and to Mother Gaia. Our planets are sacred to us in our system. (I am seeing several planets of pristine beauty where beings live in harmony with nature. One planet is a brilliant blue, with many blue plants, similar to the Arcturian sky blue pumpkins I have seen before). Gaia must be protected. That is why we all came. (I am seeing purple grapes tightly packed on a healthy green vine. I am being shown that we are all like little grapes from various parts of the vineyard serving the whole, all connected yet from different vantage points of experience. I am seeing star systems are like these grapes and we came from everywhere to serve). Can you see your importance? It is as if a great web of light is threaded between each one. Just as the star grid is held tightly by faith, love and Source-breath, so too are you providing this framework for interstellar healing and interplanetary grace.

I Ishlana, warrior of my tribe and future empress of my homeland wish for those embodied who are awake to the inner light to know that you are infamous in these realms. You are most courageous to come. We all serve in our own way. You may ask us to occasionally patrol your home realm. We can see through your house cats if you have their energy signatures within your home. We can tap into their genetics and utilize their sight for your home surveillance needs. We have been called to the underbelly and we are working side by side with the dragons and the others. The dark bases are being cleaned or scorched out. We are proud of our warrior skills just as you should be proud of your accomplishments while within this form. It is a weaker form than ours physically. We are eager for your DNA to be repaired. We send Lyran activations of light to you now. (I am seeing spirals of silver blue light in double helixes descend into my body. It feels like home, expansive and safe). Lyran energies should be most familiar to you. It is the breath-beat beginning of the human form from long ago. Gaia will feel more at home to you now that additional star gate energies are flowing from your homelands more freely through the portal of your sun. We move through portals. We are easily able to maneuver, just as you will be. It is effortless for a 5th dimensional being to utilize the biophysical made available for higher dimensional travel of positive intentions.

I Ishlana of the feline race offer courage. You are not alone.

~ galaxygirl