Forecast from Our Sources

October 11, 2020 by Steve Beckow

The storm rages outside.  What’s the 20/20 forecast from our sources?

Adamu pointed to the rude shock coming to those who see others as responsible for their ills.

“Those of you who have been watching carefully, those of you who have been using alternative media sources, will know that the last four years of the present Presidency have really been about putting everything in place, preparation for a seismic shift in the political landscape, in what has been happening in American politics, because there has been so much dirty business and all of this is going to be brought to the surface.

“It’s going to be quite a shock for many, for those who have been attached to their other-responsible position. We see what is coming is that, if you [i.e., society at large] stay in the self-responsible timeline, [there will be] a big shock for the other-responsibles, an opportunity for grand awakening and they may take it or they may not.

“It will be interesting.” (1)

When Mike was channeling SaLuSa, he predicted a time of separation many times.  (2) This may be that time.

The Federation of Light also talks about the same “seismic shift.”

Federation of Light: an Announcement is to come soon that is to shock.

Blossom: Ok … deep breath … be bold Blossom … Is this to come BEFORE the elections?

FoL: Indeed, it is. …


B: So is the announcement or the lockdown the start of Phase Two?

FoL: The lockdown. …

We did not say that each Phase would be worse.

B: Well, you said things are to get a lot more Topsy Turvy.

FoL: And they are … yet, perhaps that is just for Phases two and three. (3)

So Phase Four brings a return to calm? And the beginning of the unfoldment of an era of peace and love?  Mike Quinsey thinks it does:

“The future is not yours to see at present but as unlikely it seems you have a glorious future ahead of you. In a manner of speaking you are setting the seeds for it as you go along even if it is not apparent to you. So try to look ahead with the expectation of some very acceptable changes, as slowly but surely the ‘rubbish’ will be swept away and the many positive changes that await you will come into being.” (4)

There you have it in capsule. Rough and stormy seas ahead followed by increasing calm and, gradually, gradually our destination hoves into view. Not our final destination perhaps but the beginning of the more pleasurable side of our Ascension.


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(2) “The battle on Earth would seem far from over, but in reality the Light has established itself sufficiently to create its own path to Ascension. The dark are losing their ability to prevent you from discovering your true Self, and instead of separating you from your Light, will find that it is you who separate from them.” (SaLuSa, April 13, 2009.)

“Keep your sights ever on your upliftment, and know that what is around you will have little effect unless you allow it to be so. The world is slipping into two realities, and the division will take place in accordance with the Law of Attraction.” (SaLuSa, Sept. 7, 2009.)

“As you have been informed a number of times when the vibrations have reached a certain high point, those souls who have been unable to reach the same level will of necessity move to a different path to continue their evolution and those who can continue lifting up, will then go all of the way to Ascension. It is a natural progression that enables you to enjoy complete freedom in a vibration that is so pure that only the truth can exist. Meantime you will gradually change at each stage of upliftment, and progress will be unhindered as previously when you had to experience the presence of those of lower vibrations.” (Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self, May 25, 2018.)

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