Lucid Dreaming Becomes More Real Than Ever.

I don’t know about you,for me these past months i am experiencing intense lucid dreams that feel more real than ever.In the past i had similar experiences in different moments of my life and yet now this is ever increasing and of course this feels awesome!I wake up in the morning and taking the feeling of what i experienced in my lucid dream all throughout the day.It is really a good place to be!How did i get to this?A few years ago,i have begun reading about how to reach lucid dreaming to become aware of it while i am sleeping and i have been sending this intention every night just before i go to bed.Not always being succesful at it (being aware that i am dreaming while i dream) and yet always waking up and having an intense memory of what took place.My lucid dreaming took me in places where i truly manifested what i wished for from creation of a beautiful eco-sustainable community in Ibiza to having a party in an hover car with Georges Michael to Angelic work i have been doing in war torn areas for children and abused women to teleporting myself from the elevator of the 4 floors building where my parents live in Greece to some metro station in Berlin or some similar city (that was last night’s dream!).And i come to wonder:We are already as a planet and depending of what we choose to believe on 5D,6D,7D.Is this it?Is this the beginning of having tangible experience truly feeling it without having to go anywhere physically?and i am like :”hey,wait a minute!!!this is why i am here for!i came to ascend within my physical body,living young 1000 years and more if i wish so and i am also here to truly experience physically all that i wish to experience.I Am a Universal Angel doing all the work and having fun too in other dimensions and also living here physically experiencing the unfolding of being a 5th,6h,7th dimensional being vibrating out,emanating out the pure Christed Love and Light that i know IAM,witnessing the miracles taking place all around me from small to very big manifestations.And so everything that i imagine,it already happened,some of this i already have experienced it in lucid dreaming state and this means to me that i am also about to experience it physically too!!! ” and you will reply :”Nikos,wait a minute what about Georges Michael?do you say that the ‘dead’ are coming back physically?” and i will reply:i feel happy about it so to me the answer is yes!After all 1000 years living physically is many years to experience things!Can you imagine how much is to shift about with all the celestial chambers?all the new ways of traveling? with all 8 billion people realizing that each and everyONE of them is also a Universal Angel?We can’t even begin to imagine so far,our brains are being accustomed to the energies too and this is a gradual process from totally erasing the reptilian part of our brain to get a complete Angelic Brain with 24 strans of DNA fully activated within us.Boom!Ascension Beauty!Don’t you just love to be here???

I Celebrate!