All on Earth are Angels-AA Michael-

Steve Beckow

Did you know that all of us born here on Earth in this generation are angelics?

Why is this? What purpose does it serve? What do we do with that knowledge?

Archangel Michael responds.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2020. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: Now you have said there are 144 archangels. (1) And yet on another occasion you mentioned that there were billions of those sparks of lights being birthed to this day and I asked were you talking about the Seraphim or all the angels and you said you were talking about all the angels if you take it as a very large group. So am I correct in thinking that the archangels are not a very large group but angels themselves, or I guess angelics, are a very large group. Is that correct?

AAM: Yes and no. So now I’m going to tease you because you have this expression upon the planet (I’ve already had this conversation with the channel and she has been shaking her head as well so it is an answer for both of you), you have this expression upon the planet of, “how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin?” And yes, there is an infinite number. So think of that.

Now, when I have said (and I have said it calmly but incompletely) there are 144 of us in what you would think of as the archangelic realm, for example, each of us would have, not just a thousand but 100,000 expressions of how we can be known and manifest throughout the Omniverse.

So what you are doing, Dear Heart, is trying to count us the way that you would count heads on a bus. It does not work that way! So our numbers are small and our number is massive.

Steve: It’s going to be hard for me to try and understand that.

AAM: You’ve had occasions when I have manifested to you as a man in the street. (2) Would you say that was not me?

Steve: No, of course not!

AAM: But that was but one of my faces.

Steve: The Mother said that there is not one being – human, starseed, hybrid or earth keeper – that is not one of my angelic beings. Did she mean that we were all born as angels in the first instance?

AAM: Yes, that is correct.

And at this interception moment of ascension and shift, all present upon the planet, from what has been judged as the most egregious to the most saintly, are angelics.

Steve: Angelics… So not angels but all the angelic kingdom. So there are many more angels than archangels, obviously.

AAM: Yes, there are.

Steve: And billions of angels?

AAM: Yes, you can think of billions of angels.

Steve: Gosh, when are we going to hear about this? We need to know more about this!

AAM: We could talk, and we certainly have talked a great deal about the angelic realms as you well know (as both of you know). But think of it in this way. The Mother gives this as an indicator and as a reminder to the humans of who they really are.

But one of the reasons we have not spent, especially recently, a great deal of time talking about the angelic kingdoms (which we could have this course for the next several centuries on) but one of the reasons we have not focused there is because there is a … what I will term a denial factor, a very huge and unproductive denial factor in the human race of the beauty, of the importance, of the magnitude of being in human form.

There is this tendency to think, “Oh, I am an angelic” “I am above the humans” “I am grander than…” And “I can ignore my human self and I can ignore my human vessel because I am an angel.”

It is a very strange (from our perspective) mental process but it is a very prevalent one. And so the emphasis during this time of rebirth has been rebirth as human rather than focusing on the angel within, around, above, below… You understand what I say?

Steve: I do. Now when the Mother says you are all angels… She’s not talking about you were born in the beginning as angels. She is talking about no, no, no, right now, you come from the angelic kingdom and agreed to be born… Am I correct in that?

AAM: Yes, but understand. Your initial birth, well particularly for those in the angel kingdom, has been as an angel. Very few simply emerge as a spark of light and stay that way. So the angels in form… you can think of it as a cycle.

So when you’re out of form you very often will take the angelic form. So right now, the full presence, let us put it that way, the full presence of your angelic form both recent and original is anchored fully present within and around your human form.

Steve: What does that mean, “is anchored,” Lord? I don’t understand what that means.

AAM: It means that the awareness, when you choose to acknowledge it, (3) and the, shall we call it, the angelic abilities, are present in the human race, in the individual human form at this time so that the leap into Nova Being is in fact not as great as it might have been in other ages. (4)

Steve: OK. Is there anything we should be doing to take advantage of this situation in the service of the Mother’s Plan?

AAM: Yes. … Listen to what I say, yes, there is a great deal that could be done in terms of assisting the conclusion/next chapter/opening of the Mother’s Plan by familiarizing oneself with their angelic self, with merging and acknowledging that there is no separation between your angelic self and your human self.

Now, what I say – and I need to emphasize this – I’ve used the word “familiarize,” not “be mesmerized by.” And that has been the shortcoming; that has been the weak link, that the humans become (and this is particularly true of the lightworker/loveholder community) enchanted (which is fine) and then mesmerized (which is not fine) with their angelic self and they forget that they have chosen to be in human form and to have the human experience. So very often that mesmerizing makes them move away from rather than merging into their human form. Is that clear?

Steve: Yes that’s clear.


(1) Steve: How many archangels are there?

AAM: You want an actual number? Because do not forget that we are known by many names.

Steve: … A ballpark number.

AAM: Yes, a ballpark would be 144.

Steve: No! Is that all?

AAM: Do you underestimate our abilities, dear heart?

Steve: No, but I thought there were thousands if not millions of you.

AAM: No.

Steve: Well. I’ll be. It will probably take me a month to assimilate that. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 5, 2020.)

(2) Once outside my apartment in Vancouver and once on a street in Portland. He also appeared to me in a lucid dream, on board ship. In the first and last sighting, he looked like Keanu Reeeves with a ponytail.

(3) Like bliss, love, peace, etc., our angelic presence needs to be recognized and acknowledged for it to become fully present within us.

(4) Saints and sages in past eras had to engage in severe austerities to cleanse their consciousness for the experiences that will come almost naturally to us.

Howe many generations have talked to God the Mother as freely as we have?