We’re all about your projects to improve this, and manifest a better world. -Saint Germain-

Saint Germain update by Ngari on 25.08 

Dear friends and brothers. I have so much to tell you today. Initially, that the RV will be given in the next few days.  
Stay calm because that’s it! I know they’re ready and they’ve been waiting for it a long time. But the time has come. We’re all about your projects to improve this, and manifest a better world. And I want you to know that we will be by your side to help you in whatever we can. Don’t be afraid for they will be oriented and never alone.
President Trump is well ahead of Nesara’s implantation in America. Sadly it’s not like this in all 209 countries that signed Gesara. It’s true that we were hoping that other nations would hurry up so that that law would already be operational throughout the Earth’s globe. But I won’t cheat on you. It’s not like that. There are still a lot of people who benefit from the old SWIFT system and don’t want to implement the Quantum Financial System, most of the Cabal’s droughts. Because the leaders of those satanic families have already been arrested, prosecuted and some prosecuted. What they see are clones that now work for the Light. There have been more than 180 thousand court orders across the planet, not just in America. The timeline keeps up.
Because on September 8, the T5 will begin to the general public. The new restored Republic will be announced on August 31, with all that entails. The QFS, or Quantum Financial System is already working and has nothing to do with the dying SWIFT Financial System of the Cabal, which on day 31, will ultimately cease to exist. The banking already knows and is taking its steps to make it so. Finally, money taken from town now returns to the people.
Sooner or later, all countries will enter Gesara law. And all the Earth, as well as its citizens, will live in peace, love and abundance for all. There will be no queues or anything like that. Every citizen will have their digital account, powered by their own DNA. No one else will have access to their account.
Its implementation will be according to every nothing sovereign nation, but we are doing our best to make sure that we enter at once. That will mark the beginning of the New Golden Age. You’re all invited. Believe it or not, that’s all real.
Nesara / Gesara come to remove everything that is low vibration on the planet. No more wars, no more hunger, no violence, no disease. Believe or not, it will be heaven on earth. And everyone can help our light workers. They are creating that new world and they know what believing is creating. They use the quantum tools we’ve left them for the last 50 years. They are all co-creators.
I’m your brother and friend Saint Germain.

By María Cecilia Ngari