Free Will and Divine Will

How do i know that my will is aligned with Divine Will?

The answer is simple:how i feel in every now defines how close my will is to Divine will.And the fastest train to be totally aware of how i feel is either getting a nap if i really feel tired or/and getting into meditation for about 15-20 calming the mind and getting into the spaciousness as Source Energy Being.Many paths to go here from doing simple breathing techniques to participating in mass meditations it all works.That is the beauty of our current times.Even the so called pandemic is actually a blessing and a messenger as to take the time to go within,reflect and release resistance.Resistance is the cause of all sicknesses and diseases.The global pandemic proves the global resistance of allowing the changes to happen with ease and grace.We came here for the purpose of joy,this is the way i prefer to see and this is the way that anyone has the free will choice to see the world,this is what i know Source/God/Universe wants for me,for us.

And so to feel the joy emanating from within,authentically without the need of any exterior stimuli allows me to know that my free will choice in every now is aligned with Divine Will.This is what i intend 24/7.Intention to feel joyful from within out to be in celebration from within out is what alings my Will with Divine Will.Simple.All i need to do out of free will choice is to intend to be The Joy that i know IAM.

Nikos Akrivos