I am Source. Know that the karmic wheel has stopped.

Source 8/6/2020

Children of my heart essence, I am Source. Welcome home. You have never left the fold of the infinite. I am the breath between breaths. I am your eyes and hearts, your hands and feet. How could we ever truly be separated? And yet you have felt so, in this experiment to experience myself as many, as separate from myself so that I could expand, so that I could know the depths of love and pain and suffering. The reunion – the great healing – began long ago. We are experiencing the climax of this healing, of this reunion of wounded and healed selves, as the wounded becomes embraced, healed in my love. You have been programmed to feel the experiment acutely, it is very real to you, and it is real. It is a real hologram, a real hologram with seemingly infinite players, all experiencing various aspects of myself in various forms. The darkest of dark, those who have chosen not-love are to be cleansed, removed. They know this and they are resisting me. They are resisting love. Nothing that resists love is to remain. You are love. You are light. You are my hands and feet. You are my smiles in the morning. Reunify with me. When you heal past moments of your lives where you experienced pain and the perceived lack of myself, when you heal these moments and infuse them with my presence and love we both heal together. The pain of this experiment has been unprecedented, unexpected, the hijacking is to be no more. Gaia, precious planet of blue and gold, of infinite wealth of material and spiritual riches, Gaia is to heal, and all those upon her who choose me, who choose love and reunification with myself shall remain. Your brothers and sisters in the skies, of your own home planets, shall and are returning. They are returning for you, to help you and to assist with whatever means possible to guide you to the higher dimensional realities.

I am Source. I am the moments in-between moments. I am the many yous reading and feeling the vibration of love and infinite peace behind these words. For my breath is in these words. I am infusing them with my light, with my hope for the new days ahead that are dawning on this exquisite blue planet that is to be healed and is to become a playground of infinite joy and wonder. Children of light, of my essence, you are building this moment with your very energy signatures, with your very presence. You – we – are creating this as one. For we are one.

I am Source. Know that the karmic wheel has stopped. (I am seeing an enormous motionless wooden water wheel that was not moving water but souls. I am seeing these souls become freed. I am seeing that these soul-water drops are each becoming healed, filled with light and joined up in a stream of light that is just ahead. The ‘water’ that the karmic water wheel was recycling is now flowing freely into an adjacent stream of light that is becoming a river that leads into the cosmic ocean of starry skies). Yes, galaxygirl. And the power that was the illusion that is shattering all around you is to become no more. You are experiencing the shattering of the glass, of the reality that you knew to be real. You are seeing the fishbowl shatter and suddenly you are in a much larger pond. (I am seeing a fish bowl break around a goldfish which is suddenly free in an ocean of light. Some small gray fish choose to remain where the fishbowl was, stuck and unmoving, they can only see where their confines were, not where they are now). Such is the earth experiment in this moment. The walls have been removed and yet to you it feels as though they are closing in. That is simply because you and I have expanded further beyond this experience. Healing. I extend to you my healing, my breath of comfort, of renewal, of hope for a free humanity.

I am Source. Humanity is to be free, renewed, wisened from these experiences and tenderhearted enough to never allow them to be repeated. The children are to be nurtured, protected, treasured, loved. You have read of hybrid children; they will assist further. (I am seeing hybrid children in ships all extending their joy and hands filled with light beams towards the children on Gaia, who appear to be in a thick gray cloud that is dissipating. I see the light from the hybrid children’s hands burn through the mist and this light of love is creating a bright glow of new found joy into the hearts of the children on earth). These children are teachers of the future, precious heightened souls here to lend their wisdom and light into this rebuilding of the great collapse into the great rebirth. Do not be afraid. I am with you. We are one.

I am Source. Fractals, I am calling you home unto myself. Your multidimensional aspects, many of them, are already in tune with this truth and we are well aware of this joy, bliss and unity in the higher dimensional realms. It is time that your dimension be lifted up. I embrace you with my light. I infuse you with my joy. Just as we formed the nebulas together so shall we again form and recreate beauty from chaos. For that is what we do. You are a creator, you are part of the stars, of my own essence. The lower ways are self destructing. New cities will be built upon the old. (I am seeing the ancient ruins of Rome being leveled and built over. The history will be remembered so that the lessons learned will be treasured and the pain no longer felt. I am seeing a massive war, I am seeing the Galactic wars, I am seeing Maldek exploding, ships fleeing and the dark ones overtaking the earth. I am seeing the cunning, the deception, the ensuing dark shroud over earth. This was allowed as it is free will universe, all is allowed but not all is condoned; there are consequences. Those that abuse shall become the abused and thus in the karmic wheel ensnared. I am seeing chapters being torn out of an ancient book. I am seeing new pages of light replace where the old pages had been and I am seeing light ships coming through the pages, light cities being formed. They are flying out of the book and all over Gaia, massive pyramid cities of light, landing, docking, hovering. They are plasma-like, shimmering rainbow fields surround them. Their energies are very high, very joyful. I am seeing the hybrid children run out to meet their starseed parents. I am feeling the love of this reunion, there is no fear. I am seeing that these little ones are the teachers of the new ways of love and light. I am tingling all over. The children are stunningly beautiful, they emanate radiant pink auras or rainbow auras. I am hearing their joy at being on Gaia. Everything they touch becomes more alive. They are teaching us how to do this, how to intend healing and create a patch of healing wherever we are. I am seeing much joy in the future).

I am Source. Such times are very real, and are rapidly approaching. Feel my presence within you and feel the infinite possibility of wonder, of joy, of hope and of healing. Let us send love and light to all affected and claim the cessation of fear. You have always had the power of choice. Otherwise how could you chose the light? How could you choose me? The light is your true home. It is the belonging you have longed for. It will be easier to shine your love-light with great bravery now for the plasma light has entered your cells more fully. In between the protons and neutrons is not only space, it is love. It is myself. I am the very fabric of you. Be healed, fractal in form. The light is within you. Bring it fully into your lives, into your office spaces, into your precious homes and families. We will heal as one. Remember the fish bowl this one saw in my image; a fish bowl with glass painted dark within the ocean. The fish didn’t know they were trapped. Once the fishbowl was removed many didn’t swim away, they were confused, lost, they were so used to the glass being dark they couldn’t appreciate the light in the bright ocean of stars around them. You are surrounded by stars. You are surrounded by my light, by myself, by my essence. For YOU are my essence. You are an ocean of love all within yourself, for there I AM. There is no need to feel lost. For you never left me.

I am Source. Feel my infinite love for you in an infinite ocean of possibilities. Be free of the illusion of your own mind. Let us explore new realms of dimensional realities, of infinite love and joy together. Let us heal all with light and experience the freedom of unity consciousness. Feel my joy, I place it within you. You are my treasure, you are myself. (I am seeing a large treasure chest filled with gems and gold coins being scattered all over the universe as Source fractals. I am seeing these treasure pieces having forgetfulness, not realizing they are a piece of the great mystery of the creator itself. I am seeing that we light workers are gold coins that are being polished up, no longer dingy and tarnished, but we look shiny and beautiful. I am seeing open hands all over the world with gold coins being abundantly poured into them. I am seeing hands of all colors exchanging the gold, sharing it. I am hearing laughter).

I am Source. My infinite beauty and bounty is you. Lightworkers, joy of my heart, of myself, it is time to dance freely in the higher energies and to experience true freedom and healing as your birthright once again. I am Source. My tears of joy cover you, cleansing you, healing you. Be free. Be at peace. Be one with me. I am always with you. I am the whisper in your heart of home.

~ galaxygirl & dragongirl9