Comments about Basic Universal Income in Europe on my FB wall.

It is quite interesting the level of resistance coming out there when i post messages about Basic Universal Income, i can only share here the conversation and you can be the observer and decide for yourselves.


Ximena i dont know if ppl want that

Nikos AkrivosX IAM just dropping the seeds that know they lead to #Thehighestgoodforall. Don’t shoot the messenger!I can only thank you for dropping your comment so I can now express this through my Higher Self : BUI is a basic human right,for some it may not be desirable ,just ask the many who don’t have an income at all.Not just here in Europe(check all the homeless all across to begin) but also around the planet.Go check in Zimbambwe to see how people live,go check in Senegal and see there are children and artists in the streets begging for money.Go to Ibiza and you will see that too:how many peopel have been homeless in ibiza?can you tell me that?IAM speaking in the name of those.They are not on FB and they have no voices.The collective has free will to decide and i can tell you already in the end of the day Divine Will is in control here.Not me,not you and not any governments out there.God has the final word acting through our Higher Selves for the highest good for all.If some are aligned or not with their truth,well that is just creating resistance which is the prime reason of disease.The hard or easy way one has free will to choose.And yes i do understand the fear of some for having their lives being controlled by AI…that is low dimensional thinking.The financial systems are changing as we speak to serve all.There is purging on all levels whether you see it or not,it is happening.This is about facilatating our collective’s Ascension process ,check NESARA and GESARA that supposed to happen in 2001. 3d world war begun then and 20 years after we are witnessing all truths come out.Be the observer,enjoy your organic pop corn and do your best to send your love and compassion to those who don’t have as much as you do.I can not fix anything by myself and i did not come to the planet for that.Together we can with intention #ChristCentered in #SelfLove for #TheHighestgoodforall#FeelMoreThanFine.

Ximena i agrée as a momentary solving for now, do you think or do you like to b a permanent solution ?

Nikos it is not a just solution to me.It is basic human right.It is about making people’s lives easy so no-one needs to work for a living.Instead do what one really likes to do and that includes working if one desires.It covers basic needs and one is free to choose what is their next level of service they want to be on.All Humans are here to serve one another.One does not need to worry about making a living then they are also able to take more time for self love and do their spiritual work to KNOW how to align with source and from there everything will flow.So yes it is coming and it will stay till money is no longer needed when we have all technologies that can create all we desire or even when we by ourselves can manifest and precipitate all we desire.We incarnated here for the purpose of joy and camaraderie and unity and love that’s all it matters in the end.When we used to make our parties at homes in Ibiza did anyone care about how much has or not Ximena? no we did not,all were equal because the vibe was abundant…and yet toxic at many levels…so the goal is to create the same vibe globally in a 100% eco sustainable regenerative environment (Mother Earth) and World that works for all ,being aware of our power as God Being Creators.And So Be It.


Ralph Casper Why not look into creating this for yourself? No government needed as they will create a lot of rules again in order for people to be granted this freedom’..

Nikos because that can be seen only from a selfish point of view from one perspective…I co-create and speak of something that works for #thehighestgoodforall.It is not about me or about you.Me IAM creating already all the time all that I WANT.It is about facilitating the lives of those who don’t know how to do that because they did not do yet the inner work.AS everything else it comes first from within.From another perspective yes,serving the self first is what matters.We can not help another if we don’t learn to help ourself first.And because I know how to do that I now think of ALL others.

Marco This is how to attract stupid people to the NWO NEVER accept this you will accept slavery

be independent be free

Nikos that is what ‘they’ are trying to convince people about…i always say to each to use your own discernment ,there is vast abundance and prosperity of all that is needed to help each and everyone and the financial systems are changing.Check what they don’t want you to see : GESARA / is happening.This is the awakening process.It is not about the money,it is about Smoothing our Ascension process.