Stop Demonizing President Obama Please

I do not speak of much politics here and yet i know for sure that Obama works for the Light.This post is something i totally resonate with.Like or not,i know what i know in my heart.


A reader asked me to ask Michael about Pres. Obama. I grumbled back that I didn’t want to ask Archangel Michael about something he’s commented on so many times in the past. (1)

But I relented and did ask him about Pres. Obama. And he made the same comments as he has in the past.

Folks, the New World Order thoroughly neutralized Pres. Obama as a President. Now, when their sins are being revealed, they’re floating memes that Obama was the mastermind of everything that occurred. (2)

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t render Pres. Obama more or less powerless and then paint him as the mastermind and guiding hand. The Deep State are covering up their own crimes by blaming them on Obama and lightworkers are swallowing the bait.

And, hey, Michelle Obama is not a transgender. Please stop the “Mike” memes.

Lightworkers in taking up memes like these are just adding to the chaos, in my opinion. And serving the cabal’s agenda of deflecting responsibility from themselves.

If Pres. Obama is guity of any crime, let him be charged; let him have his day in court before an uncorrupted judge based on credible evidence. Until then, he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

And the same for Pope Francis. These three people (the Obamas and Pope Francis) have their work to do for the Light and we’re getting in their way by responding to (A) memes probably originally floated by those who really did the crimes in question and (B) evidence in many cases fabricated by them. (3)

We as a society and as lightworkers are attacking members of our own team.   We’re about as polarized (cabal strategy: divide and conquer) as I can imagine us being. All of this, in my view, has to stop if we’re to succeed in changing planetary management.

Steve: The wave of criticism of Pres. Obama is like a tsunami. What is going on, Lord? Why is there such a total attempt to blame everything on him when he was neutralized during his presidency?

Archangel Michael: Well, first of all many of those who are making these claims are simply trying to find a scapegoat and to demonize someone who in fact has brought a great deal of light, love, and change to your planet.

It is a very reactionary situation that you are observing and I do encourage you to be the observer and not the participant. As I have said many times you’re not to engage in politics, sweet one.

[But how do I report on current events and not “engage in politics”? What a tightrope!]

So what they are doing is simply demonizing someone in order to discredit. It is a situation truly of radical white supremacy [i.e., racism].

Steve: And who are the people who are doing it? It looks like it’s on Trump’s side and the Democrats… It looks like the one thing that all can agree on is to demonize Obama.

AAM: No, that is not the case. Yes, there is a great deal of misinformation that does come out of what you can call the Trump party and that is correct.

But there is a great deal of misinformation that is being written under the guise of being Republican or Democrat but in fact is simply coming from these radical [racist] elements.

Steve: What about the January 5, 2017 meeting where Obama was portrayed as setting up the whole FISA affair by calling it fair game to attack Trump?

AAM: It is untruth. It is constructed truth.

Steve: You mean the January 5, 2017 meeting never took place?

AAM: There was a meeting on that day but what took place has been misrepresented and again, sweet one, you’re becoming engaged in political intrigue which is distracting you from the true process of Ascension. …

There are so many deep layers to this intrigue that you would spend all of your time and all of your energy attempting to seek out the truth. And that is not, beloved one, where we guide you [to go].

Steve: Ok. Thank you, Lord. Michelle Obama is repeatedly being outed as a transgender. Is she a transgender?

AAM: [Laughs]  No, she is not. But you see this energy to simply discredit, to demonize, and to tear down what has been good?

Steve: Yes. Is Pope Francis guilty of crimes that [XXX] has charged him with?

AAM: No, he is not.

Steve: The list of crimes that they’re attributing to him continues to grow. Is any of it true?

AAM: There are very few perfect situations and, as you well know, that is particularly true within the Vatican and in the history of the Vatican.

But the list of charges against this individual has been manufactured, sweet one. Again, it is this effort to provide so much disinformation that they are demonizing those who, in fact, have been hopeful leaders, of one sort or another, to the population. (4)


(1) I ordinarily do not make my private readings available for others’ questions.  There isn’t the time for it.

(2) Yes, I know Q is participating in #Obamagate. I don’t agree with Q on the matter.

(3) The cabal created a false birth certificate and then “revealed” their “discovery” (and killed the hospital administrator whose evidence could implicate them).

They created a false university card and doctored a town-hall video to have the President say he was born in Kenya. Several of these fakes we lightworkers have fallen for.

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 13, 2020.