Celestial Chambers

In the not so distant future and without making any prophecy here because it is always about when the collective of humanity is ready, i have strong reasons to believe this taking place before the end of 2021, we will be able to eradicate any disease from the body in less than 3 minutes.Imagines that X has diabetes or parkinson or being affected by a virus.
X will go to one of our Centers located worldwide where advanced light technology is used for healing without need to make any open surgery.This technology called Med-beds or Celestial Chambers has been one of our main focuses for over 3 years and i am happy to announce that very soon we will be able to begin with the manufacturing and distribution of this technology.When i speak of those things there are some who reply that we do indeed have this technology and it is first and foremost our body, we are born perfect and it is up to each and everyone to do their work and evolve smoothly.Belonging myself in this category, it is very true.And what i am speaking of here is of all the elder people that are the ones that had the most difficult lives from my perspective and who are in the process of awakening right now for example.Or for all those who never practiced meditation and who are also evolving and who also want to ascend within their physical bodies and live longer lives or for any younger generations who also are not aware of the inner path of discovery.They are our sisters and brothers that need an extra push to make it through the eye of the needle.And those of us who are already awake are here to take them on the other side of the bridge.
And so to come back to the Celestial Chambers among many other technologies that are coming to the forefront as we speak ,such as for example Free Energy Inventions in all kind and shapes from numerous genius minds working in their garage for many many years, when X wants to receive a healing, X goes for a scanning into it(celestial chamber) ,it will balance and bring harmony to all organs, it will create new organs if some are missing and if X wants to be rejuvenated and go back from 89 to say 29 years, they have free will to do so.
Now, can you imagines the possibilities of only this technology in the way our society functions?It is not invasive and it works with nature.There is no nano-technology involved here,no vaccins etc.,we just the use of pure Light for creating Excellent Health.
Now, imagines that each and everyone will be able to have one of those in their homes,through the use of replicator technology.

And now you will ask, why we don’t already have this?because this technology can be available only when the collective is ready and decided to comply with the Universal law ‘’do no harm to self, others or a thing’’.
How can the collective get ready?by more of us going within in our sacred space and ask and envision that taking place.
WE envision as many as possible sisters and brothers living on the planet right now connected to their God within and receiving the answers to be of service for their highest good and the highest good for all.We allow, we allow, we allow.