LIKE attracts LIKE

I love you ALL so very much.Now,So many times we spoke on this wall about the law of attraction.Like attracts Like.Now i want you to think and feel deeply what i am about to say.I know very well that it is hard for you to send love to those who viewed from your eyes don’t deserve love.Have you ever thought that by choosing to not send love and further along they way by hating those ones ,you are also vibrating the same frequency of hate from your being hence attracting to you not loving situations and wondering while playing the victim to yourself?:”why is this happening to me again?” or blaming it on God saying that HE/SHE is the cause of all that? This HAS to stop for your own sake.Cause as long as you think and feel in terms of separation,separation from your GOD within and separation from one another it will continue knocking on your door.My invitation to you is every time you hear something negative out there,send love not only to the victims and also those who have created it.I guarantee you,the love that is coming back to you will be 1000 times stronger and all negative experiences in your surroundings will vanish if you continue doing this practice for the rest of your life.LOVE attracts LOVE.LIKE attracts LIKE.JOY ATTRACTS JOY.BE THE LOVE AND BE THE JOY.THIS IS YOUR TRUE NATURE.I love you so ALL very much.