Julian Assange Update.WE CAN DO THIS! -Amanda Ellis-

This news was breaking last night and is both a positive step forward but with a sad backdrop also – I am sharing because I really feel our combined efforts are making a difference to bring a balance of justice and correction of wrong doing. Those of you that supported my work I put out regards Julian Assange know that we also touched on Chelsea Manning – I talked in my video about her unwavering loyalty to Julian, her refusal to testify against him and the significant role she played in exposing war crimes and other hidden deeds that Powers that Were wanted to remain hidden. Last night she was released from prison after attempting to take her own life – a judge ordered she be released as “her testimony is no longer needed, in light of which her detention no longer serves any coercive purpose”. Article here: “https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2… And a You Tube Channel I will give a shout out to who is following and supporting both Julian and Chelsea is Graham Elwood at The Political Vigilante https://youtu.be/i_Gkxzfzres – he is feisty and if you are easily offended by some bad language then don’t watch – but personally I like what Graham says on a number of subjects and he is what he says he is – a Vigilante for the Truth….go check him out if so called. And Prayers up for Chelsea that somehow she can recover from years of emotional and mental torture and find some semblance of peace. I pulled some cards for her just now: 6 of Cups – Looking back at the past Judgement Wheel of Fortune – Fate moving her on Strength The Chariot – Forward motion, Positive strides, a powerful movement behind her willing her on Very strong supportive energies around her – let us add to them. As for Julian – the fight goes on…..his cards were: 10 of Swords – Burden too hard to bear 9 of Swords – Stress and Worry Ace of Cups – Very Emotional but also aware of the outpouring of love for him The Tower!! – Something is going to happen unexpectedly Ace of Pentacle – An offer / (possible Pardon?) that is grounded 3 of Cups – REUNION / Celebration Come on we can do this …..keep your prayers and light going for both of them Amanda x