I Am All That, I Am.

Far from wanting to ‘show off’ , here is one example of the many amazing manifestations are happening in my reality these days as i practice ‘ I Am All That, I Am’ in my nows.These manifestations are more of what my eyes and all senses can see or sense,more of the 5 main senses of our 3d reality than anything else.I know there are many others taking place in the higher dimensions and i also know this is also the warm up for what is coming.Mother God in recent post said that this has never been witnessed previously that for so long some evolved souls got permission to interfere into Humanity’s evolution.

So to make this blog as short as possible here is a little story,of ”focusing on my peanut butter” as i like to say often,the small things in life that i enjoy each and every day.

Yesterday i felt the need to dance ,yes ,i am dancing each and every day doing a small step here and a small ballet spinning over there during my walks and yet this time it was one of these needs to truly listen to some loud beats and dance non stop…it must be something from my past DJ and Dancer 20+ year career life, I don’t know about you ,me i still love beats and Kids they seem to love it too as i continue further here.
I chose not to go repair my bike that had a flat tyre and instead to walk in the busiest of all streets in Antwerp city on a ‘Black Friday Day’.
People rushing in and out of the shops with their hands filled with bags and happy faces that is quite a spectacle to see already, i consider this a manifestation of abundance and prosperity all around me.So walking down this street (Meir ),i hear some music and not just music there was a strong baseline and OMG there it was!Some Fat Speakers ‘’landed’’ in the street with DJS playing at floor 3 outdoors while people on level 0 walking in all directions almost without noticing the loud music, some even feeling disturbed about it.
So,I am like, hey i didn’t dance for quite a while now (actually the day before we had a concert with a small crowd where i danced a little during our performance),the last time i did that on loud music was in London at Morning Glory last summer and since then i always thought :wouldn’t be nice that we bring the party in the streets having everybody dancing toxic free? So i stat moving all by myself in the middle of the crowd, some kids start looking, some try to imitate me, some faces start to smile from old ladies to men and women too.And i just keep on doing it, becoming one with the music, dancing like nobody is looking around meant even caring about those words and energies that come out of the mouths of people that somehow do not appreciate what is that i am doing while i keep on repeating to myself within:I Am the Love,I AM the Light.I keep on dancing invoquing more of the Light of God to come and bless this place as a portal with all the codes for Joy,Peace,Abundance,Prosperity,Freedom,Well Being,Love,Wisdom,Ascension,Bliss,Compassion and Forgiveness and Transformation.Some more people dare to start dancing and smile at a distance from me.3 young girls dance along in front their mothers, i felt this was a present from St.Nichols as he has shared from previous channeling here.More kids are joining from age 3 to age 10.All running and walking and playing all around.More people start to notice, some pull out their iPhones and start filming.I keep on dancing and making wider moves, just as i would do if people were not around me with a big smile on my face as i become witness of the manifestation taking place right in front of me as a direct consequence of my action.Police are passing by once a while.I love the police!they are Angels assisting to keep order and justice and freedom.One guy is dancing in front of his can of beer.And i am like ,ok i am thirsty, i need water.I stop dancing and get out of the place and walk down the street.100 meters further, there is a singer performing on a moving chair, she sings oldies songs of the 30’s and 40’s,amazing voice ,she is surrounded by people that follow her.I drop in one of the local restaurants and give myself a nice treat or 2 (hehehe) of raw vegan chocolate and black forest cakes and a nice glass of water.I get out of the place feeling refreshed and decide to go down to the party zone again.Time is 19+ streets is darker and less busy, the zone in front of the DJS is empty(to my surprise),people are just walking up and down.And then as i am ready to make some last dancing steps before going to bed, i meet a friend, a friend that we have been doing sacred work together in past.We invoque the light together this time, we know it is not coincidence we are meeting each other.We start to dance ,we both want to celebrate and express our joy for getting to meet each other and/or just be the joy in the now.More people join us.A group of kids from 13-16 make their circle, one of them is amazing dancer, wow what a show!!!thank you Saint Nichols.More kids of younger age from 2-8 are joining, the place start to get busy again, just in 20 minutes.The organiser comes up to me and tells me :Thank you, keep on dancing, can i offer you a beer??? i smile back and say:no thank you, a glass of water is welcome.He is like, are you sure???i made all this, please have what you want!!!please drink of me!i reply:yes, i ll have a glass of water please, thank you!
They bring me a glass of water and as i keep on dancing and doing some more spinning we are not circled by families and all sorts of people watching with smile in their faces, must about about 500 in total or even more.The party outdoors just manifested.All Glory to Christ and God and Company of Heaven and Angels and Ascended Masters and Archangers.I Am All That, i Am.Thank you, thank you thank you!

Picture :Me DJing for ecstatic dance event in Antwerp City.