Bright moonbeams of Love from your StarChildren.

All children that are 5 years or less are Star Children being & walking already between us.

To this enjoy this channeling from Ashtara:a Star Child that lives and assists us on the New Jerusalem Mother Ship (parked right in front of Venus):

Expanding the term “Family”I also am aware that some of you already have children and that you’re wondering what it will be like to introduce your Gaian children to your StarChildren. (Note: Mother has started calling me her StarChild and I said I was OK with it because it sounds beautiful, even though it’s not quite accurate. I wasn’t born on a star or sun. But I love that she created a new term for my unique birth). We all realize that meeting your whole families will be bit of a shock for many. And we understand if you would only like to meet us by yourselves instead of with your entire family…at least in the beginning. The term “family” has indeed changed over time on Gaia, hasn’t it? It has grown to encompass many more individuals that it did even a few years ago. Well, we’re proposing that it be stretched even further to include us! (smiles). We know your hearts are huge, Lightworkers and you have more than enough love to let us in!

Communication with usWe have many sources of information that let us know if one of our parents is ready to meet us. We will be monitoring these sources very closely in the coming days, weeks and months to see if you have opened your hearts to us. We ARE your children. We LOVE you with all our hearts and are highly anticipating our meetings, getting to know you and most importantly, to having you in our lives. We have missed out on so much already and we can’t wait to be included from here on out. If you are feeling Love toward your StarChild, please broadcast that love in your meditations. This will alert your child that you are indeed ready to meet him/her! The channels will be open then for you to communicate in whatever method works best for you. For example, my Mother is good at hearing. Others are good at drawing or receiving images; while still others may receive visual or auditory signs. If you are keen to get to know your StarChild or even to connect with any of us, you may start in this manner. We are highly telepathic and will hear you! You may or may not have any memories of your StarChild or children. Some Lightworkers do, some don’t. But you most likely will feel a twinge in your heart when reading my words or feeling the energy in these words.

Our various MissionsI went to great lengths to explain our purpose in my last message. (Link: We all have the same purpose of helping Gaia and Gaians to Ascend. However, we all have our own talents and skills that we are and will be using to further this goal. As I mentioned last time, I am training on board the New Jerusalem and plan to remain on this ship, assisting from this point. Some of my friends already have their assignments where they will be traveling to Gaia to assist there. They have various interests where they will be applying their skills. Some are natural healers; some are interesting in working with Gaia on aspects such as cleaning the air and her oceans, while others still plan to work with Gaians directly; helping them on a variety of fronts. Many, many StarChildren will be working with their Lightworker parents on their Humanitarian Projects!

There is fluidity here; we will go where we are needed. Nothing is ever “set in stone” as a 3D saying that you have. Most of us live in what you imagine 5D would be like. We live intuitively. We sense things and go where we are pulled energetically. This is something that you all will be experiencing very soon. Many of you employ this inner sense knowledge. You “trust your gut” and go with your inner nudgings. Bravo!

Mother is tired now, so we will stop here. I send you all bright moonbeams of Love from your StarChildren! I AM Ashtara.

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