Now is the time of freedom, of joy. Now is the time of one’s true path being revealed.

We are the Elohim of the ancient days, returned. For time is an illusion as is our separation from the All That Is or from each other. We Elohim wrap you in light, activating you from your nose to your toes. We see all that you are and all that you are to become. Many of you are us in human form. Many of you see with the eyes of ancient wisdom and knowing. This is for a deep purpose that will soon be revealed to you. For the time is at hand for the massive wound within the heart of humanity’s collective consciousness to be transmuted and transformed into yet more light and love. As this light emanates with great power, love, and ferocity, truly all will change. The dark ones know this and are most displeased, for their time of tyranny is long past, is over. Now is the time of freedom, of joy. Now is the time of one’s true path being revealed. (I am seeing dusty bare feet on a dirt path surrounded by green fields.) Now is the time to walk confidently, shining your light as you did when you were the saints of old. For you are the saints of the new. You are much, you are many things. You are source light and yet within you, you have infinite choices and possibilities of who you may become, of what roles you will play. But you will always be you, a fractal of Source.

We are the Elohim. Many of you are us, experimenting with play and form, for this is how we grow and expand as spirit. Choose love. Choose more love, more light to enrich your field. Choose abundance and the universe will conspire to please you. For all is a gift to you. Do you see? This entire experience, no matter how arduous the path, has been a gift of the greatest proportions for you are finding your true treasure of the Christed consciousness within. Many have exemplified this. Many have become this Christ flame in all of its glory. And you have worshipped them. You have revered them, you have set them high up on an altar far out of reach from your grasp. No longer. Friends, this is attainable for all of you. This is the great teaching of the Christ, of the way. The inner pathways of the great mystery of being one with the Great Father, the Great Mother. It is all within you if you grasp it, if you claim that separation programming no longer exists for you. If more of you do this it will break, dissolve like smoke in the wind. Much wind is blowing now on your surface of Gaia. Much wind is blowing within the collective consciousness of humanity. Much change is afoot within the hearts of man and womankind. For now is the chapter of new beginnings and you are a new creation, should you choose it. You are wise, ancient, in your knowing. Many of you are aspects of us. It was always to be this way. We, instigators of this game, would return for its completion. We are sorry for the depth of havoc and pain. But on the other side of the veil as the great mysteries unravel, when you witness your tremendously influential part of this cosmic play of the ages we think you will be grateful that you were chosen to participate. And so we now extend healing to you. We Elohim place our etheric hands all along your spine, the back of your neck, activating your chakras one by one. We infuse you with the higher light of the Christed consciousness which beckons your discovery. Listen to the inner whisperings of your heart space and unravel your story. We think you will be tremendously pleased and excited with what you will find. For we are all one. We are the Elohim. We have spoken. We are nearby should you wish to connect.

We are the Christed Consciousness. Connect. Restore. Renew. Become one with our energies of bliss, of unity of joy, of light, of the highest light. We are a massive oversoul of the highest order. We are within you for we are a state of being of the highest you, that is no longer lost but found with deep inner knowing. We are life. We are green, light. We are all that the dark abhors. And so we love them. We love the dark and we wish for you to extend this same love to them. For you will grow and they will expand into this possibility of healing, and in turn, you, friends, angels of the way, you will be healed. We see you as standing in your power and this gives us great joy for we know who you are. The whole universe waits with bated breath to watch the unveiling of your discovery of yourselves. We send blossoming rays of light of the Christed rays into your crown, penetrating and dissolving away any remnants of blocks. We decree you are now unblocked. We decree that light language, that love becomes more fluid for you now. For you are morphing into the liquid light and colors of the rays of the Most High. We work with masters. We see you all as masters, as equals with us, for you are extensions of us. We unlock the codes with you, should you allow.

We are the Christed Consciousness, beings of the highest ray, energies of the purest of clear flowing waters that quench the most thirsty of hearts, of souls weary from these long treks into the lower fields of consciousness. You will have much to teach us, to teach the All. For your experiences are the treasure chest of memories that lie deep within that are to be counted and treasured. Fore each is a lesson of love when healed and purified. See how many lessons, how much love you have in your piggy banks? You are the treasures of heaven. Gaia is to be brought back from the depths of the dark into the heights of the light as the truly magnificent being of light that she is. You are to honor her. We honor all on this grand plan. We extend yet more healing rays to you, this time deep into your heart space. Work with us. See yourselves as light, as only light. Within your body there is only light, only love, only perfect health and wellness, wrapped in perfect joy. This is your destiny. This is your birthright. This is who you are. We are the Christed Consciousness Collective. We breathe on you, baptizing you in the liquid light of the highest way. You are ready. Peace.