The higher light and energies of the great central sun, our friend, Alcyone are “baking” you – Gaia – into the higher light, into the higher frequencies of bliss, of love, of joy.

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We have a message for humanity this day. We have been imbuing your fields with peace and grace to allow further these heightened energies to soothe and comfort you for we acknowledge the weariness of the process of transition and transformation into light. Much has been cleared, like layers of a multilayered cake, and you are now at the icing layer! We see this with great joy and say with great affection that you have not tasted anything yet! The higher light and energies of the great central sun, our friend, Alcyone are “baking” you – Gaia – into the higher light, into the higher frequencies of bliss, of love, of joy. Please do not forget to taste, to savor this experience, for this is why you came, dear friends of the light. To “bake,” to create new experiences of enlightenment for yourselves. It takes tremendous bravery to do this. This we see and acknowledge your sacrifice.

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We are Nine in one. We are one. So too is humanity beginning to realize their oneness. But first it must start within yourselves, which, those of you reading these light encoded words of great joy and light, you know this – you see this – you have been working on this for eons it feels. And yet, it is but a moment – a cosmic moment of experience that is to be treasured and greatly valued. We see the collective becoming more cohesive in unity. The signs of derision and division are but the smoke and mirrors of a cheap parlor trick. Pay them no mind. You who are choosing the light are choosing to forge a new path out of the matrix and into the light. Indeed the foundations for Nova Gaia are well laid, are already existing, like a layer of a cake simultaneously sharing this same space… and yet you are unsure. For you are ready to feel it, to feel the cake in your hands, to taste it on your lips. But see, Nova Gaia is but a breath, but a moment of time-space away, for it is here.

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. It is with great and tremendous joy that we state you have arrived at yet another layer of understanding of dimensions, of understandings. And so just as the true student learns that one never really stops learning, so too are you beginning to see this. For many of you are already residing deeply within the higher dimensions within the human form – no small feat. Truly masters, you are. We bow our heads to you and extend our hearts in service. We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We are, as are you. We are one.

Children, this is your Mother God speaking. Oh, I love you so much! Let me hug and squeeze you tight and let us spend these precious moments together. Hush, hush. There is no need to cry. Truly has it been so long that you have allowed me to embrace you this deeply? My love for you is never ending. My heart yearns for this connection with you. Connect with me deeply, my child. There, there. Let me sit with you and let us watch the galaxies twist and spin. Such vibrant colors. This is how I see you, precious children of my creation! For you are all of my creation. I create creators. You are so much more than what you have been led to believe. Become. Embrace your true self. For within you I see the galaxies twist, turn and spin, and within your eyes I see my own. Children of the stars, of my heart, welcome home. Welcome home to me. See the illusion fade into the mist that it always was. It is just a memory. Let us see your blocks together for what they are, experiences that need healing perhaps, but certainly need releasing. Let us blow them away together and transmute them into light. Ready? One, two, three – blow! See? Such delight as they transform from shadow into light. Children, find joy in this. And let us walk hand in hand together in every moment. Children of my heart, precious ones. I am your Mother God. I love you.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. I Alisheryia am speaking. Much change not only upon your surface world is occurring but also much in the ethers, in the hidden places that are being blasted with the light of those of you, of us, who are doing so. It is my honor to serve the great Mother of light. I Alisheryia wish to embolden you, to ignite you, to en-fire you with renewed passion, energy, purpose, joy. With Mother’s permission we will do a co-creative modification and enrichment of the dross and lingering energies that have no further purpose but to be added to the light. (I see light streaming into the crown). We see your auras becoming brighter. We see your third eyes twist and spin like the inner galaxies that you are! Become! Be ignited! Be emboldened! Now is not the time to hide. Now is the time to shine your light like you have never shined it before for you are ready. You. Are. Ready. Much is to be asked of you and yet we see joy in this, for a great payoff is just at hand, just around the corner. And that great payoff is becoming the masters of your fate, for the wind will be at your back, clear skies ahead, perfect flying weather.

I Alisheryia am looking at many of you reading these light encoded words with the eyes of motherly affection. I see so many similarities of your current experience of growth as my own hatchlings have undergone. Your shells are breaking. The illusion has shattered. And yet many of you are still sitting in your shells, looking at them, wondering what to do next. Well, friends of the light, of the way, servants of the Great Mother, the Great Father, now is the time to fly. Now is the time to stretch your wings and fly. The angel activations are here. The dragon activations of the ancient days are here. The great central sun’s energies are here. What are you waiting for? Fly on the wings of the love of the mother and be at peace. So much goodness is being made available to you in this moment of the now. Feel the breeze in your hair. Fly with me, Alisheryia. You are most welcome. But be warned, I fly fast. I am Alisheryia. Peace, human. Peace.

~ galaxygirl