Celebrating Liberation (with details)

Elohim via Tarashtan

Good day to you all.

It’s a very exciting time on Earth, and for all conscious beings in this universe. We are very happy about your liberation, and full of enthusiastic celebration.

Celebration is an inner state before it becomes an outer one. You have a few more steps to take before you celebrate on Earth; but in the inner realms the celebrations have already begun.

That is the gist of our message for you today: Hurray!

Now we would like to add a few details about the nature of your liberation.

The outer aspect of Earth’s liberation is that an oppressive global regime, hostile to humanity, is dissolving: as higher energies pour in to revitalize, heal and purify the planet and all forms of life upon it. An ancient order of deceit, subversion, domination and humiliation comes now to its natural end.


The inner aspect of this process is a liberation of consciousness. The consciousness of Gaia, the planetary being, is being liberated. The consciousness of humanity – along with that of all other species – is being liberated. And the consciousness of individuals, including yourself, is being liberated.

Now what you will do with your new freedom – as a human collective and as an individual – is entirely up to you. That is what freedom means.

There are a couple of details about this that we wish to bring to your attention today.

The first detail is about the consequences of past thought and action, and the great momentum of individual and collective consciousness. Usually individuals and collectives have to work through all the consequences of their choices in order to gain the power to make genuinely new choices and create new types of experience for themselves. Most of you are intimately familiar with the force of these requirements.

However, this is a very special time in this universe, and special rules have come into play. Everything arising from what has been thought and done – across the entire universe – is rapidly resolving, leading to a vast culmination: a universal re-set. Under these special conditions, all collectives and all individuals are free to release everything they have committed to, and all of the consequences that bind them to particular kinds of experience. We could put this differently, and say that time is speeding up, so that what previously took millennia to work through can now be done in minutes.

Within this special detail is another important detail: a special case within a special case. One of the choices available to you is to hold your existing choices and commitments, and continue to experience the same kinds of things that you are familiar with. Our re-set universe will allow for that! This is a paradoxical reflection of your unlimited power as a living exponent of God.

We want you to be aware of this scenario, because there is still some pressure on you not to evolve, not to expand, and not to realize and exercise the full scope of your freedom. Few of you wish to continue to suffer as much as you have in the past; but many of you look forward to suffering less. Some of you don’t yet appreciate that unmitigated joy is an option! We don’t wish to tell you how to set your sights, but we do want you to understand that the possibilities are infinite. We encourage you to use your imagination.

For example, many of you presently think of money as medium of oppression or enslavement that can be flipped over to a medium of free choice or free will. And that is certainly true! But humanity does not need to renew its fascination with money in order to realize its freedom. Money is not a necessary vehicle of liberation. Indeed, a gorgeous new version of Earth will appear without money – or any fixed rules of exchange – to accommodate those who are up for that. By the same token, those who wish to experience a free and fair economy and financial system – a motivation that is very easy to understand – will get to experience that.

We can say the same kinds of things about justice and health. Those who have suffered and witnessed gross injustice might understandably seek a world in which justice is fair and reliable. Those with debilitating physical and mental illnesses, or their loved ones, might understandably seek a world in which health is protected and healing is advanced.

But some of you might be more interested in experiencing another kind of world: in which there is no concept of justice because no-one ever harms or exploits anyone else; no school of healing because no-one is ever sick or injured; and no word for honesty because no-one can imagine speaking anything but the self-evident truth.

Choices, choices, choices!

It’s all good. And it’s all up to you.

We are the Elohim.

– Tarashtan-