Mother Mary on the upcoming prosperity and liberation of the planet

September 2, 2019
Linda Li

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today to give you a short update. The Divine has been working on the economic aspect of the ascension. There are greedy forces which are still fully functional, causing a great deal of inequality and suffering throughout the planet. The reason that this force is still in place is because there are forces and energies which need to be removed, and we, the Divine, still have to take steps to do so. In other words, timing is everything. We have waited for the perfect Divine timing, and now that Divine timing has arrived. We, the Divine have deployed our light workers throughout the entire planet, and there are light workers whose sole purpose is to remove these greedy forces.

These spiritual warriors have been called , and deployed in such a Divine blueprint that they can catch the greedy energies in a heart beat. What an amazing design.

The Divine has been literally working on this for the last couple of months or so, and now we have taken the first step. We have deployed our best of the best light workers to get rid of the greedy energy which is so prevalent on the planet. Their time is due. We are done waiting. The Divine is done with persuasion. Now is time for action. We need to move on and the planet and humanity need prosperity and economic liberation. We are here and we are ready.

I love you dear ones. In the upcoming days and weeks, the Divine is going to focus on the liberation of the economic aspects of the planet. Our light workers are ready. They are in place. Together, with help from the Divine and the company of heaven, we will remove the greedy forces from the planet. We are going to liberate the economic slaves and bring prosperity and abundance to our light workers and humanity. We have had enough. It is time. Let’s work together dear heart. Let’s bring the planet the liberation she deserves, and let’s liberate our brothers and sisters. Let the entire planet celebrate, celebrate the prosperity and celebrate the oneness. It is time. Let’s do this together dear heart. I am Mother Mary. I love you. So it is.