Please enjoy your journey.

We would like to speak today of the intensified energy field that your planet has entered. You are experiencing this as ‘incoming energies’. Many who are empathic or otherwise quite sensitive are struggling with this.

Perhaps the best thing we can do for you today is to offer you yet one more different image to work with.

Firstly, the image you have of incoming intensified energy is just an image. The reality is more accurately described as energy that you are entering. This is compounded by your individual and collective opening up to energy that seems to surround you. We say ‘seems’ because it is actually the greater field of which you are a part. You are becoming awake and aware of new things, new vibrations.

Some of these, as we have said above, are quite a bit more intense than what you are accustomed to. This will continue to be your experience. It is a part of what you have signed on for and of that which you have named ‘ascension’. Therefore we say, it will be of benefit to you to find a way to navigate these changes in the easiest way possible.

Now, as we have pointed out, and we admit to using the image ourselves just now, you think of this as intense and uncomfortable energy that you are newly encountering. We propose that you decide to, and then learn to, think about this in a new way.

As we said, you are the ones entering the new, and even becoming the new by raising your own vibrations and opening to the awareness of that. It is something that cannot be avoided given the destination you have chosen. So what can you do?

This energy is a field phenomenon. A field is rather like a sea or an ocean. Now what happens if one enters a sea and struggles against the experience? One sinks, do they not? What happens if one relaxes, lays back, and determines to enjoy the feeling? One floats, correct? And this is infinitely more enjoyable.

Now, we have said this before several times in our past messages. But even though it was just as true then, the change had not yet reached this magnitude. Well, now it has. So we advise that you fling your mental arms open wide, and feel the deliciousness of what you are entering. Feel yourselves adjusting to this new vibration that you are in and that you are becoming. You are becoming that which you have desired. Keep that in mind, as well.

This is not something that is being done to you. It is something that is being done for you. And the truth is that it is also something that you are doing. Keep in mind that there is, as we have been at pains to stress, no separation. You have infinite possibilities of things to learn, but your greatest lesson and opportunity lies in the remembrance of that. No separation. No separation. I am that. Tat twam asi. It is a field. It is only a viewpoint that you are seeing it all from. And you are free to choose a different viewpoint whenever you like, as often as you like.

Please enjoy your journey.

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