How Does A Medbed/Celestial Chamber Work?

Jared Rand explains, i copy pasted a fast transcript, sorry for mistakes, doing my best to serve the ones that have no time :”what happens is that the physical form,the body lays in the bed in the chamber and a melatonin acceleration in the brain from the pineal is accelerated so that the person goes into a deep sleep the DNA chart genetic makeup is scanned on the body it begins to identify and we’re talking about a perfect body if you will a better choice of words but you’re looking at a device we’ll analyze and evaluate the medic Andreea(?) and the total structure of the human form human feel once it does that 

it then depicts and I’ll give you an 

example body has memory that the DNA 

carries memory and it doesn’t matter if 

you are missing all four of your limbs 

your missing organs that essence that 

energy field is still there and it is in 

the DNA so what happens is the halo 

flows over the body it will before it 

does that and it’s and it’s completely 

analyzed the human form it will then 

literally identify all the anomalies 

everything you can do a full realization 

or you can tailor it depending on the 

anomalies in the human form so let’s 

just take a full randomization for 

instance what will happen as and now 

there’s no pain in this there’s no 

cutting or anything so the body is 

completely unviolated and what happens 

is is that as this begins the process 

the process takes about three to 

three-and-a-half minutes okay and what 

will happen is is that the plasma energy 

field which the body is made up of and 

frequencies to form a solid mass 

appearing solid it will pass over and as 

it goes over the body it regenerates 

from the memory through the DNA from the 

medic Andreea cell structure of that 

body and it is almost like a time field 

and that goes into reverse eliminating 

any of the AB de mal ”tis of that 

particular human form and so the limbs 

are regenerated in the memory frequency 

the organs are regenerated without and 

at the same time erasing the DNA memory 

so as this happens the implants for 

example defibrillators hip implants leg 

knees metal implants are atomized 

they’re eliminated as if they did not 

exist and it’s kind of a difficult thing 

to explain but it forms a radiant field 

around these areas of anomalies and 

reverses the process of elimination and 

reinstates the real form that was there 

in the beginning now it will also 

reverse the aging process we can do it 

all the way down to a very young age but 

it is mostly controlled to the age of 35 

and it will reverse the aging process of 

the body when it is complete any 

diseases anything that’s invaded that 

form and frequency is eliminated as if 

it never existed and when it is 

completed it does a scan to make sure 

that everything is nominal it’s working 

in functioning well and the patient 

wakes up and they are the memory of what 

has occurred is gone and they wake up as 

if they have no clue what has transpired 

until we show them the mirror they look 

in America and they’re able to 

understand of course they have been they 

sit down with a group of people who have 

been trained to discuss with them before 

the process and the responsibilities 

that are taken on after the process 

so this is a this is not a a earth 

technology ”.