you know deep within, you cannot experience true self-love until you accept that you fear certain segments of humanity because of your actions, not the actions of others.

Dear Ones,

It is time for you to accept those unlike you.

Of course, you respond that you already do. That you love those different from you despite rhetoric to the opposite. We beg to differ. For deep within you is the sense that you remain better or worse than others. That your race, sexual identity, financial status, or belief patterns are right or wrong within your view of society.

Even though you cannot shift such feelings with wishes, you can do so by opening your heart to the differences. Rather than determining that those not like you are either better or worse, we implore you to interact with someone not like you to determine if they fit your vision of right or wrong.

Perhaps that last thought does not feel possible for you believe that those unlike you in gender, age, race, sexual orientation, political, financial, or religious beliefs, etc. may not wish to interact with you. Such is to be expected given the fear and hate promoted throughout earth societies. But you now have the opportunity, maybe even the need, to experience the differences.

You have experienced earth lives within every race, age, sexual orientation, religion, etc. that exists upon the earth. For prior to claiming your god/goddess role, you needed to experience all major aspects of earth life.

Those aspects of earth humanity that now bother you are more about you than others. For those aspects are those you have yet to claim or acknowledge.

So it is for those dramatic dislikes or fears of yours that have recently surfaced.

For you are viewing aspects of yourself in one or more earth lives that you have not accepted or denied. A bit like playing peek-a-boo with yourself. Once you accept that part of your earth history, such will no longer impact your beliefs or your life.

The inability to accept someone – even if they are seemingly different from you – is the fear of exposing yourself instead of fearing them.

How do you begin to love that which you now fear? We do not have an answer for you other than suggesting you explore information about that fear or group. Perhaps you will wish to read about that group or understand their reasoning through interaction or observation. There are numerous resources available for you throughout the Internet, libraries, societies, and social interactions.

It is not that you must bring everyone into your home, but instead that it is time for you to heal those wounds that encourage you to fear certain actions or beliefs.

What part of your preparation for your current earth life have you ignored or pretended did not exist?

Such is not a failure, but instead a teaching moment for yourself and all earth entities. What part of you fears a particular group and why? And then, how do you neutralize that fear? This is the phase you are currently experiencing.

So it is many pieces that are not necessarily comfortable for you will begin to display themselves. Like someone knocking on your front door – louder and louder until you answer.

Many of you question how you achieved 5D or beyond status with this deeply hidden truth. This piece is that hidden mystery you avoided for eons throughout all dimensions and frequencies because you were filled with such deep shame about this piece you were unable to clear it until now.

But whether you address this piece does not shift your trajectory nor need to love yourself.

Perhaps you will sense what this piece is by exploring why you dislike a particular group. Or, you will receive messages in your dream or wake state.

Loving all does not mean loving all who believe, look, or function as do you. Even though you have always known such, you felt that somehow you were above that particular piece. That such would disappear without you addressing it.

Even though this self-loathing clearing will be much easier than any of your other clearings, step one is to acknowledge your way is not the only or the right way. Step two is to learn more about the opposing view. And step three is to know deep within you that such is no longer a “hot” button for you.

Some of you will proclaim that you have left society, so it does not matter. Even if you have decided to exit society, holding that small kernel of hate or dislike will slow your discovery process in 5D or beyond.

The next few days will likely create scenarios to help you discover your deepest social fear or need. It is your choice if you wish to address it and how. You will not revert to 3D if you do not do so, you will merely reduce your self-love for this is a self-loathing piece you have hidden from yourself.

Perhaps you would like us to provide you with a magic wand to remove that piece. Instead, we offer encouragement that exploring this self-loathing piece will not destroy you, but will free you of the fears that promote love limitations instead of the acceptance of all. Something you desperately wish to experience now that you have walked across the 5D Rubicon.

For you know deep within, you cannot experience true self-love until you accept that you fear certain segments of humanity because of your actions, not the actions of others. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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